2019 cessna 172 price

A Cessna 172K XP with 210 HP. My sales executive was extremely professional and understood the market and price for my plane. Thank you for your quality customer service and if I purchase another aircraft, AirMart will be my first shopping stop.". I know it doesn’t always come together as seamlessly as my deal did, but I know they have a deep network and they’re currently on the hunt for my next aircraft! ", "The team at AirMart did a great job with my purchase of the Piper Dakota. 5th Last Serial Number Manufactured 1981 Cessna 172 Hawk XP, Low Time, Wheels and EDO 2440B Floats, Aircraft is subject to verification of specifications, logs, times, damage and all equipment listed. That's results! "My experience with AirMart was outstanding. Bob and the AirMart team worked around our schedule and made us feel like we were their most valuable client. Special thanks to Cindy, who graciously worked logistics issues for me and my Son before and during our trip to Lexington; Heather, who was so courteous and knowledgeable about the aircraft ownership/transfer process; and Tom, who proved to be a great wingman/instructor to fly with on a demo and advised me throughout. AirMart made it easy to send pictures and documents, and handled all the buyer hassles.

", "The staff at AirMart made buying my airplane hassle free and easy.

In addition, dealing with AIC Title was smooth and easy.

Thank you, again, for doing such a great job.
They took care of all of the arrangements at the shop for me and Matt, their pilot, flew down from KY to ATL to take me on a test flight! on a tight schedule. I also appreciate the very thorough annual inspection and careful detailing of the aircraft before it was delivered to me. We would definitely use Bob Flannery and AirMart as a buyer or seller of any aircraft in the future.

I never imagined that the process could be that simple. I responded to an AirMart ad and thought their pricing was very fair. Bob and Grant at AirMart were extremely responsive and listened to and addressed my concerns and issues quickly.

Why AirMart?

AirMart will be our first call on our next airplane acquisition!".

Our Experience with AirMart was a good one. I am very happy that I bought it! From the first call to delivery it took just about 10 days, with Grant, Matt, Annie helping every step of the way. Put the renowned payloads of one of our Caravans to work for you. Bravo Airmart!

I highly recommend dealing with AirMart.

I was really impressed the first time I used your company. When I contacted Grant I knew this was one of my final 2 choices.

If you are in the market to buy or sell a plane, do consider contacting Grant Sutherlin at AirMart for first class service.". I enjoy my aircraft very much.

The AirMart team is truly dedicated to and continually practices their business philosophy of: “We work with high quality aircraft and are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service every step of the way.” They didn’t disappoint me though in moving me up to a exceptional 2013 Bonanza G36.

Well done! After I decided that the right aircraft for my mission and budget was a Piper Archer II I scanned the market for almost a year until I found the right one with AirMart. The day we closed I brought my youngest daughter over to go on her first flight. They made it very easy to buy my first plane. Start to finish 3 weeks! If it does, AirMart's number will be the first one I will look up in my

"I have done a few airplane deals with Grant and the AirMart crew over the past 4 years. The aircraft purchase process with AirMart was convenient and streamlined.

No transaction was ever the same – some involved extra research, some required additional pre-buy inspection procedures, and a few required additional documents from the seller.

Heather did a great job and communicated the whole way.

Most importantly is, that when each aircraft arrived at my home airport, the condition was actually better than what I had expected. In every instance the Sales Executives, Office Staff, and Maintenance Crew were very responsive to my frequent inquiries and requests. The transparency and effort AirMart put into marketing this plane made my final decision much easier!

As a restaurateur, I place a great deal of importance on customer service. Visit Special Missions. I really appreciated all the honest answers and immediate attention you gave me when needed. How can you sell a plane (or anything) and not communicate with a potential buyer? Thank you!!! ", “Working with AirMart was a pleasure. All Specifications Subject to Verification Upon Inspecting. This speaks volumes to the integrity of the company. The aircraft that I purchased was looked at extensively by their shop. The process took about 5 weeks from start to finish and he was generous with his time and expertise at all times, including several after hours calls. Thanks, AirMart: your entire team of professionals make it very easy and enjoyable for me to continue with my leisure time hobby of general aviation. Even though we ran into a problem with the bank receiving my IRS transcripts because of COVID 19, he was very patient and help the seller understand the holdup. When the time is right to upgrade my newly acquired flying machine I know where to look first, AirMart.". I have bought and sold many aircraft over the years.

There was some corrosion that was repairable, but was beyond what I was ready to take on as a first-time buyer. They are very competent, have good products, and greatly reduce transactional risks.

I appreciated the attention to detail and their ability to work with me for the best deal. I even got sunburned I was out there so much. At present, Cessna has received orders for more than 43,000 Skyhawk aircraft and all of them have been sent to various operators throughout the world. The response time was amazing. Heather was a professional in every sense, and communication with her was easy - through various texts, phone calls, and e-mails.

Both the Company and Grant and his family have a long-time excellent reputation in the aircraft brokerage community. that I have the certifications and ratings selected above as The AirMart staff was very helpful and kept us up to date on each process all the way to close. I first came across AirMart while window shopping for my next ride. The aircraft was "as advertised" and the acceptance and closing was very smooth and quick.

A week later, we closed on the transaction. "This was my third aircraft purchase but my first Cirrus SR22 purchase.

He and his entire staff are a first class organization who value truth and integrity. Once the purchase decision was finalized, Shelby handled all of the paperwork, and walked me through the process step-by-step. -VHF Navigation Radios IP address:

Few things go exactly as planned, so it was nice working with people who understood that AND had a backup plan ready! I didn't know it, but Adam was still working on making things happen.

Adam went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. I liked how you kept the instruments updated and the Annual Inspection done at Mustang Aviation at reasonable rates. I am certain that coming to AirMart saved me from the stress involved in finding a qualified buyer, making sure they know they are getting a quality plane, Ferry flight back to WI was great and allowed me to get some time to get up to speed w/ the Aspen panel. into pricing you need to make the smartest buying decisions. PS: might see you guys in the spring for something smaller... "I was pleased both buying and selling! Grant and his team were professional, highly responsive, and fun. I can't say enough good things about my experience with AirMart, and Sav's knowledge of the industry and willingness to help and answer all my questions. The plane I purchased was exactly as it was represented in the listing, and Grant made the experience fun and was a pleasure to work with. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted.
I always felt that he had my best interests at heart.

I highly recommend AirMart and the stellar team I worked with including Adam, Grant and Annie, to name a few. I arrived at their location in Lexington, KY and my aircraft was in the hangar. Thanks for all of your collective professionalism. Do I intend to return to AirMart for my next sale/purchase? Every aspect of the transaction either met, or exceeded my expectations. ", "Thanks AirMart for your assistance in the purchase of our new 1979 Piper Dakota! Something should be said in regards to all the ancillary staff that works for Air Mart. I chose the trade-in option and was more than satisfied with the very efficient transactions which involved arranging for a pre-buy inspection, flying the new aircraft to Lexington for a final inspection and detailing, and then AirMart picking up the trade-in at my home airport and delivering my new aircraft to my home airport. They handled all of the heavy lifting and got me what I was looking for from a price standpoint.". I ended up meeting the owner and closing the very next morning. was a bit daunting. When a superb Skylane showed up on the web site, I called Grant immediately.

Most of the experiences have been pretty good. THANK YOU!". N879FZ - 2019 ... You then sold me an airplane that is perfect for my needs at a reasonable price. I will use them again for purchases or sales! Updated 15 hours ago. Adam seemed disappointed, but I felt like it was for me, not because there would be no deal or commission. ", "I really appreciate the effort Jad and Grant put forth in assisting me with the purchase of my first plane. "Cindy and Heather- Thank you for your assistance in my purchase. I've had two very positive experiences with AirMart.

From the first minute of my interaction with the staff I was reassured, comfortable, and upon receipt of my plane, ecstatic.

I will definitely use AirMart again when buying or selling a plane. Thanks for the great service.". I have been a very satisfied AirMart client for the past 15 years; which included buying and selling several aircraft makes and models. from around the web to give you the insights I have to say, I have absolutely no remorse and am actually even happier than I expected to be.

I spent the next 30 minutes looking over the aircraft and afterwards their was a representative was waiting on the sidelines to answer my questions.

What a pleasure it was to work with highly trained professionals.

I don't think you could have done better, and I can't imagine buying an airplane from anyone else.". From my many past years of positive associations with AirMart I am fully convinced the broker fee for their excellent services of advertising, research, scheduling, advice, and documentation is indeed a valuable cost and time savings for me. Many thanks to Heather Hammond and to Tom Ferguson for their competent and pleasant handling of this transaction! Grant helped with the transition into my new Piper Saratoga and also helped me find an extremely knowledgeable CFI to assist with flying it back to California.

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