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Thales is constantly improving its systems in response to evolving military requirements.

Starstreak II is an improved version of Starstreak. Things like smoke can stop the gunner from being able to see their target. Inside would be space for a 9-man infantry squad with all kinds of weaponry, carts and bikes.

Thales, Media relations – Land & Naval Defence, UK MOD places new order for Thales’s STARStreak missiles.

[2], The light weight launcher and the launcher which can be moved around by people have been in use since 2000. The BAe missile was called the Thunderbolt. Starstreak has nearly twice the range and a fraction of the flight time, making it harder for the target to deploy countermeasures or counter-fire. This is to protect the gunner.

Thales strengthens its position in Advanced Weapon Systems. Good tracks, will be serviced and checked over prior to collection.

The multi-million pound contract was announced by the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon.

How the darts fare against incoming missiles is unknown, but starstreak has already demonstrated capability against helicopter, fast jet and ground targets.

It is made by Thales Air Defence (first called Shorts Missile Systems), in Belfast.It is also known as Starstreak High Velocity Missile, or Starstreak HVM.After it is launched, the missile travels at about Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound).

The point is that this idea that a specialized AT or ADA vehicle will be there when needed to shoot down aircraft or kill tanks is a bunch of bunk.

We saw during the Olympics last year how important our air defence capability is…, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Philip Dunne MP said: “We saw during the Olympics last year how important our air defence capability is.

Given the high launch velocity of the Starstreak (0-Mach 3 in under a second) it probably still has sufficient accuracy and kinetic energy to prove effective against targets closer than 300m. Thales is developing and delivering complex distributed network architectures and command and control systems to coordinate different types of weapons (including very short range, short range, and extended air defence) and engagement between different types of missiles (STARStreak II, VT1, Aster, etc). I don’t see Starstreak totally replacing Stinger SAMs and Javelin ATGW.

The results were surprising and impressive. Starstreak can penetrate through over 3 feet of RHA armor, and the ability to laze could be tweaked to not just beam ride for it, but also laser guided Hydra-70mm rockets, rangefind in general and target designate for bombs dropped from and guns fired from aircraft (CAS fix). The system can be deployed from a variety of vehicle platforms such as RAPIDRanger – a highly mobile lightweight platform with the options of both Early Warning, Slew to Cue and Command and Control interfaces – or from the tripod-based Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) that is easy to set up and which can provide a rapid deployment capability.

The LIDAR, millimetric radar and thermal seeker of the tank-CIWS would search for targets or threats while the systems on the one-man turret would be used to attack and designate.

With its 25,000 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements.

Thales: a market leader in integrated weapon systems. The Starstreak missile system manufactured by Thales (formerly Shorts Missile Systems) was adopted by the British army as an air defence system in 2000.

Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security and the Aerospace & Transport markets.

One of the more novel features of this system is that it attacks aircraft with three high velocity APHE “darts”. A helmet-mounted sight allows the track commander to aim and shoot his turret’s weaponry without having to duck down inside to press his eye against an optical sight which is usually the rationale for the 2 man turret’s gunner. Over the past few decades there have been numerous attempts to create high-velocity kinetic energy missiles, usually of around 120mm calibre. What other applications might Starstreak be used in?

It is also known as Starstreak High Velocity Missile, or Starstreak HVM.

It is made by Thales Air Defence (first called Shorts Missile Systems), in Belfast.

The three-dart ‘hittile’ configuration maximises lethality and the highly-accurate laser beam riding guidance enables engagement of low-signature targets and is immune to all known countermeasures.

Thales UK employs 7,500 staff based at 35 locations.

Full credit to Mike Sparks of the 1st Tactical Studies Group for alerting me to the recent trials of Starstreak.. The order has been placed to increase STARStreak stocks as part of the Government’s transformation agenda for the Armed Forces, Force 2020, to equip both the Regular and Reserve forces with the STARStreak systems.

These were: In 1984, the British Ministry of Defence gave contracts to British Aerospace (BAe) and Shorts Missile Systems to develop the missile.

It travels at a high speed and so is more likely to be able to hit a faster aircraft.

Today, air defence systems must be highly interoperable and operationally effective.

The systems are complimentary.

This means that Thales were going to focus all their money on the Lightweight Multirole Missile.

This fuze delays the explosion. John Warehand It can also mess around the guidance system.

They have a shelf life of 15 years and a proven record of high reliability.

If you look like a tank and act like a tank you are likely run into a tank and you better damn well be able to kill a tank.“Starstreak” would give us nearly point/shoot and blast capability against both aircraft and enemy tanks as a self-defensive capability far better than relying on a few “tank hunters” or ADA vehicles.Starstreak can penetrate through over 3 feet of RHA armor, and the ability to laze could be tweaked to not just beam ride for it, but also laser guided Hydra-70mm rockets, rangefind in general and target designate for bombs dropped from and guns fired from aircraft (CAS fix). The point is that the 1-man turret doesn’t “smother” the infantry in back by 2 guys who want to be tankers as takes place on the Bradley and will soon take place on the USMC AAAV; the vehicle is commandable by the INFANTRY leader from the back top troop hatch with a decent field of view without safety fears of the turret slamming into him. The amount of training the gunner has can change how useful the missile is. After launch, the missile accelerates to more than Mach 4, making it the fastest short-range surface-to-air missile in the world.

Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers and local partners. Starstreak can be fired from a soldier's shoulder or from the Stormer armoured vehicle.

“HVGM” is what it is, but also for what it does. [2], In the middle of 2007, Thales UK in Northern Ireland said that it had developed Starstreak II.

This CVRT is in extremely good condition, fully restored by owner & now offered for sale due to being surplus to requirements. The tank-CIWS would be mounted behind the troop hatch and be raised up on a stalk for a 360° field of fire. A system such as Starstreak (and tank-CIWS for that matter) would also prove useful mounted on vehicles such as the Tankitas and M8s.

STARStreak is the world’s fastest very-short-range air defence (VSHORAD) missile.

This GSR showed what the missile system needed to have.

[2], In 2012, the Ministry of Defence said that it was going to put a group of Starstreaks on top of an apartment complex in London. Mounting Starstreak on a APC or IFV instead of TOW gives a considerably more capable and versatile system that can kill tanks, jets, armoured helicopters and destroy buildings. However, it stops burning before the missile leaves the tube. Like TOW, Starstreak uses SACLOS guidance.

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