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But he is about to meet a different kind of teacher: Mr. Dussander.

The fact the paperback rights to his debut novel Carrie (though actually the fourth he’d written) was picked up in 1974 by New American Library for $400,000. In 1974, Todd Bowden, a Los Angeles teenager, arrives at the doorstep of elderly German immigrant Arthur Denker, accusing him of being a wanted Nazi war criminal named Kurt Dussander.

Welcome back. Dussander declares that "we are quits". Start by marking “Apt Pupil” as Want to Read: Error rating book. I really just didn't want to read another word about a messed up kid, a Nazi as an old man, and especially the terrible things they were doing. A vagrant recognizes Todd as the last person seen with several of the homeless victims, and notifies the police. Todd Bowden is a paper boy/high school student who discovers his neighbor, Kurt Dussander, is a wanted Nazi war criminal. | After receiving the item, cancel the purchase within. Despite the link between them, Dussander and Todd are not immediately aware of each other's exploits. It's so good that i'm literally shook. I remember reading this story as an ensign in the Navy, pregnant with my first child.

The creepy part is that Todd has no intention of turning Dussander in..he just wants more and more information out of him. The story was adapted into the 1998 film.

Todd knows all about Dussander's dark past. Dussander thinks that he might be beholden to the boy, until Todd begins having horrible nightmares about what he is being told and his grades take a nose dive. Eventually, Todd becomes in danger of failing several courses. Both left me reeling and in deep thought, for very different reasons. With great effort, Todd is able to sufficiently improve his schoolwork. This book is pure evil, but I truly enjoyed it. Please note, the image is for illustrative purposes only, actual book cover, binding and edition may vary. Your draft-resisters are called cowards and ‘peaceniks.’ For refusing to follow orders they are either put in jails or scourged from the country. Turning to another of my Stephen King novellas, I wanted to see about the hype this story has received over the years, as I fit it into my reading experience.

He summons Todd, who buries the body and cleans up the crime scene before finally calling an ambulance. Together they are just plain evil as they egg each other on through varying degrees of wrongness. Dussander declares that "we are quits.". worldofbooks08 has no other items for sale. Apt Pupil - Ebook written by Stephen King. Jimi Boyle says there is only one scene...there is the cat and the bird, now I am at the point when the old guy is getting a dog.

Well pleased . Meanwhile, a police detective named Richler, accompanied by Weiskopf, interviews Todd and is not so easily convinced.

Apt Pupil consists of 30 chapters, many of which are headed by a month. But he is about to meet a different kind of teacher: Mr. Dussander. I really enjoyed his other books in this collection. He goes on to say that the banker who bought them for Dussander went to jail for murdering his wife a year after he purchased them. French brings up their previous conversation, but the real Victor Bowden obviously doesn't recall their meeting, even saying that he'd never meddle in his son's family's affairs. "Apt Pupil" is a novella written by Stephen King and published in his 1982 collection Different Seasons.

French becomes suspicious and checks Todd's old report cards, finding that they have been tampered with.

A few days later, Heisel realizes that Denker is Dussander, the commandant of the camp where his wife and daughters died in the gas chambers and Heisel himself was enslaved. He even references Andy Dufresne by name — he remembers the name because "it sounds a little like mine." This was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (and insane)!

I had read this short story when it first came out in one of King's collection of short stories, but had forgotten it until now. After Weiskopf leaves, Dussander steals some drugs from the hospital dispensary and commits suicide. When Dussander's identity is publicly revealed, Todd convinces his parents that he didn't know about Dussander's past. French confronts Todd, who responds by fatally shooting him. Keeps you interested all the way through ! Helpful. “Your own politicians make our Dr. Goebbels look like a child playing with picture books in a kindergarten. The creepy part is that Todd has no intention of turning Dussander in..he just wants more and more information out of him.

After finishing his third novel, The Shining, he popped out Apt Pupil in another marathon two-week period. The art of editing is missing in much of modern literature. He wrote a chilling character study, quite masterful.

Few weeks back I read in an article that three out of the four have been turned into motion pictures. Dussander, suffering from his own nightmares, has also taken to killing the homeless for essentially the same reason as Todd, burying the bodies in his basement. We’ll take a look and remove the review if it doesn’t follow our guidelines. He loses his virginity, but finds sex unsatisfying compared to the thrill of murdering local derelicts. Please follow the detailed, Cookies help us deliver our services. Apt Pupil is the story of Todd Bowden, a brilliant kid that somehow finds out that a Nazi war criminal, Kurt Dussander, lives nearby. Todd soon gives Dussander a replica SS Oberleutnants uniform, forcing him to wear it and march on command.

The fact the paperback rights to his debut novel Carrie (though actually the fourth he’d written) was picked up in 1974 by New American Library for $400,000. After some deflection, Dussander admits to it, allowing himself to be extorted as Todd asks many questions about the time running one of the concentration camps. https://stephenking.fandom.com/wiki/Apt_Pupil?oldid=52488. As far as craft goes, it shines with the rest. You can't put down this novella! Few weeks back I read in an article that three out of the four have been turned into motion pictures. Todd is just such a nice kid... only fourteen, and yet somehow he's so fascinated by Nazi death camps that he's able to focus on the operation of the camps and not their output (except to acknowledge that six million is a hell of a number). Todd wants to know more. The New York Times called it "the book that has everything. Disturbed..dark..l couldn't endure it..It is hard to give King one star.

He rationalizes that his failure at sex is because his girlfriend is Jewish. His later novels, somewhere after The Dead Zone, suffer from bloat and could use the editing prowess of a Maxwell Perki.

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This was my first response after reading first few pages. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections. Apt Pupil (1982) is a novella by Stephen King, originally published in the 1982 novella collection Different Seasons, subtitled "Summer of Corruption". And good thing that I did, otherwise my night mare could have continued. I am quite familiar with a number of his stories from discussion; others from film adaptations. Trusted seller, fast delivery and easy returns. It was just too dark for me, so I put it down. Find all information about the book Apt Pupil of Stephen King, about reviews, ratings, description & buy book. Too bad they muffed the film version. An Israeli Nazi hunter named Weiskopf visits Dussander, telling him that he has been found out.

This book, by far, has the best relationship between two protagonists. Over the next several months, Todd visits Dussander daily under the pretext of reading to him, all the while badgering him into revealing the more gruesome details of his atrocities. Now guess where can this story go? Stephen King sure does, and this tense novella shows us and helps us understand it. As his relationship with Dussander continues, Todd also begins to have nightmares and sees his grades slip. Super creepy and entertaining. Of course, there is probably a market for his grocery lists, so there is little impetus to practice the required discipline that would make his novels just that little bit better.

", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Apt_Pupil&oldid=984880776, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kurt Dussander remembers using a "bank in the State of Maine" to purchase stocks under an assumed name. Todd's guidance counselor, Ed French, requests an appointment with the Bowdens. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. A chilling tale that King tells so well.

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