aupe local 44 bargaining update

Mr. Perry addresses our concerns directly with management at the table. M��9=K8���࠺��J�4��-��"���br���7uUџ��I^�Ս��/�&y�2O�RR��p�$�z�����?��{��v�����`}?-�r�˹����@L���&��^y9�"�~��E��#�P����5U ��� h�bbd``b`: $�X[A��@�MH0{ �[ " $+ b��$ނ���bk&�0|�"�`��K��\ ��!�b``���Ϩ� � gK endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 248 0 obj <>stream - This works to ensure consistent messaging as well as leaving negotiations in the hand of a qualified expert. Click.

Most notably, almost every item you identified during our “Bargaining SURVEY 2017” as being a key issue to you, has yet to receive any significant dialogue or consideration from the employer. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact a member of your Bargaining Team. Knowledge is Power! Elected Bargaining Team members negotiate points of discussion through the AUPEs Lead Representative (Dale Perry). In Solidarity, Ray Walmsley. We are also pleased to inform you that the PSP Board has approved an assessment report that reveals a much-improved funded position of the PSPP, and has approved a variable rate reduction between 1.4 and 1.9 per cent, based on an annual income threshold of $55,300, which means more money in your pocket. In our ongoing effort to remain steadfast in our approach and commitment to advancing the agenda of the membership with the employer, your Bargaining Team discussed next steps in relation to the ESA. Your bargaining committee: Your bargaining committee is committed to keeping you informed throughout the entire bargaining process. For example, currently there is no terminology defining “bullying” or outlining the protection of basic rights within our agreement. �- k��&;�S���k�}�Q>�{88�����8� �g�gm��ٱ�����?��)����n���m��䍇A�U���͛���>���_6"���_\�ᤄ�q^�}��|�a�׾��Qk5����T%�� �-��#x��:�����+|����%��q�W This “all-or-none” approach did very little in the way of addressing the hurdles we have yet to overcome. The Employer’s monetary package includes zero wage increases for two years, with a “wage re-opener” in the third year. H�\�͊�0��y�9��b��? INTRODUCTION TO YOUR UNION AVAILABLE ONLINE ALSO, BASIC CONFLICT MANAGEMENT (requires Intro to your Union), CONTRACT INTERPRETATION  (requires Intro to your Union), INTRODUCTION TO OH&S (requires Intro to your Union), FOUNDATIONS FOR UNION STEWARDS  (requires Intro to your Union,  Basic Conflict Management, Contract Interpretation,  and  Intro to OH&S -  also must be nominated steward), FACEBOOK FOR UNION ACTIVISTS (requires Intro to your Union Take your union activism to Facebook). Exact dates are determined by the AUPE educational training schedule. Member ID (6 digits) Please provide your member ID number. Thus far both parties have been able to agree completely with the sign off of 26 articles relating to language, most of which deal with gender neutrality, as well as some minor housekeeping items. At this time, there are still a number of outstanding issues requiring discussion. The committee has asked for many changes and additions to the collective agreement. Without explanation or rationale…this too was refused by our employer. Contact AUPE Membership Services to obtain your AUPE member number. What is being bargained if monetary items appear “off the table”? © 2020 aupelocal050. An ESA is a required step in the negotiation process for us at this time. An Essential Services Agreement is the required step in the negotiating process when it appears that discussion may not be mutually engaging. Nursing staff at Calgary’s Carewest seniors facilities will hold a series of rallies to back up their efforts to secure a fair collective agreement. No, it is only a required step in the Bargaining process when it “appears” to the Bargaining Team that meaningful discussion are not taking place, or dialogue is breaking down. CALL 1-800-232-7284 TO REGISTER or click here for ONLINE COURSE REGISTRATION.. All union courses are eligible for Time Off for Union Business including all shift differentials, and your expenses are covered if you must travel ! We are the AUPE Health Care Sector, General Support Services Local 058 Local 058 consists of 3 Chapters: Claresholm (Chapter 008) Lethbridge (Chapter 016) Medicine Hat (Chapter 015) We represent all AUPE General Support Services (GSS) members in these geographical areas. �4W�P23T�Nr��YJ�

COLD LAKE – Seniors care workers at Points West Living (PWL) Cold Lake ratified a first collective agreement June 22, ending an employer lockout that began Dec. 16. Though we are looking forward to future dialogue and discussion with the AGLC Management Bargaining Team, we are sensing a consistent melody from the employer emerging regarding negotiations that need to be communicated to you now. (It should not go without mention to you that without a definition on these terms, employees could be left vulnerable and at risk without the educational direction your Agreement provides). Within Alberta Health Services we … A number of concerns (that were not monetary) were identified during the survey that are being argued on the membership’s behalf as well.

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