ballistic sentence

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Looks like the ballistics from the two shootings match. BallisticXLR v10.5 BallisticiDLR US BallisticiDLR A4 BallisticPRS v1.13 ReloadingXLR v3.3 Shooting Bag Fill Calculator, Ballistic_XLR End User License Agreement Non-Commercial End User License Agreement: The Ballistic_XLR Workbook and all derivative works available via can be used only for non-commercial, non-government and non-military purposes which are legal. The FBI tested the second one, a .45 caliber automatic, compared its ballistics to crime scene evidence and found no link. Ballistic. suddenly angry, sad, or otherwise overcome with emotion, After failing the test, the ballistic student began to scream and bang her head against the classroom wall. This number is specific to that rifle and load and should be used to calculate accurate trajectory information anytime you use the Hornady 4DOF ®. Ballistic tests have matched the weapons with bullets taken from the bodies of victims. It would be a day or two before they had the ballistics results, but Cathy Riggs seemed convinced it had been the same killer. Examples of Ballistics in a sentence.

55 35 Of course her father went ballistic when he found out she was pregnant and tried to find Josh, but he didn't have any luck. denoting or relating to the flight of projectiles after power has been cut off, moving under their own momentum and the external forces of gravity and air resistance, (of a measurement or measuring instrument) depending on a brief impulse or current that causes a movement related to the quantity to be measured, (of materials) strong enough to resist damage by projectile weapons. I've often said in these posts that the study of ballistics is science, not black magic.

He said agents will cover 24 hours a day for the next three months, as part of a pilot project focusing on tracing the source of guns and the ballistics identification of illegal weapons. The young woman went totally ballistic in her response. He went ballistic whe Similar ballistics tests linked the guns to earlier killings at two bars in Torreon, the capital of northern Coahuila state, he said. 17 people chose this as the best definition of ballistic: Of or connected with ball... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Not only was he more interested in the subtle problems of mastering the how and why of the complex controls and the parallel complexity of starship ballistics, but also the whole matter of the blood purge was distasteful to him because of Lieutenant Nelson. Rifle and ballistic pendulums on the northeast, and the steam boiler house on the northwest portions. In July 2008, less than three weeks after the Heller decision came down, the D.C. Council passed new, supposedly Heller-friendly gun laws -- laws that required gun owners to pass a written exam, register their weapons, submit them to the city police for ballistics testing, and keep them inside their homes. Define ballistic. "The Truth About Forensics," a fine primer on all the reasons to doubt the metaphysical certitude of fingerprinting, fiber analysis and ballistics analysis, among other staples of criminal "evidence.". Drag, point and shoot to hit and eliminate all the tiles and collect points in this simple ball-shooter game. And we were able to do ballistics tests and show that the bullet in the wall came from that gun. Unabridged Susan about me, and they went ballistic. The ballistics technology that police in New York State currently use to analyze those shell casings is of limited value unless they've already recovered the crime gun. One was the determination of the288 velocity of a … Please forget bugaboos about how scientific history must be like ballistics or it's not scientific. ballistic meaning: 1. connected with ballistics 2. to become extremely angry: 3. connected with ballistics. Examples of Ballistic in a sentence. having its motion determined or describable by the laws of exterior. But a rule of thumb might be attacks on a target beyond range of surface-based fires except for ballistic or cruise missiles. Can you double the number of homes on a plot of land without making the residents claustrophobic or the neighbors ballistic?

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