battle of takur ghar

Releases MAWL-C1+™ Laser Aiming Device for Commercial Sale, The Secrets of Effective Low Light Room Clearing, A Simple Explaination of Duty Pistol Caliber Terminal Ballistics. Its objective was the destruction of the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorist bands that had taken refuge in the Shah-i-Kot Valley in Paktia province, Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border. One of the SEAL teams, MAKO 30, planned to establish an observation point on the peak of Takur Ghar, which commanded the Shahi-Kot valley. Sgt. For the U.S. side, the battle proved the deadliest entanglement of Operation Anaconda, an effort early in the war in Afghanistan to rout Taliban forces from the Shahi-Kot Valley … With the reinforcements present, seven Rangers storm the enemy position at the top of the peak, securing the hilltop. 1 p.m.The Rangers request an urgent medevac for Cunningham and others wounded in the fighting. 1 2 3

15 years ago today, my amazing husband was the platoon sergeant in charge of a 65 man Ranger strike force from 1st Ranger Battalion deployed to Afghanistan ?? Faircount Media Group. Chuck’s element due to circumstances beyond his control were split … in 2001. Twice in the Soviet-Afghan War of the 1980s, the Red Army launched major offensives against the mujahedeen hiding there. It also marked the first time that Air National Guard ground units, particularly pararescue personnel and air combat controllers, were used to support joint ground combat operations. Chapman was killed on Takur Ghar. Between midnight and 2:30 a.m.The helicopter has engine troubles and by the time a replacement chopper is ready, it is clear the mission has been delayed too long for Mako 30 to reach the peak of Takur Ghar under cover of darkness. Strategic map for U.S. Army Operation Anaconda. Chapman, presumed dead, is left on the mountain. The Battle of Takur Ghar was a short but intense military engagement between United States special operations forces and Taliban insurgents fought in March 2002, atop Takur Ghar mountain, Afghanistan. Tech Sgt. As Mack began his approach, he requested that the patrolling C-130 gunship sweep the summit prior to the insertion. The area outlined in blue is the Shah-i-Kot Valley, about 100 hundred miles south of Kabul, Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border. 2:30 p.m.The medevac choppers are ordered to stand down after 1½ hours of deliberations in which it is concluded that it is too dangerous to send a helicopter back to the mountain before nightfall.

The helicopter carrying Mako 30 lands on Takur Ghar and is instantly hit with enemy fire, including RPGs that damage the aircraft and lock the exit ramp in the down position. The Battle of Takur Ghar draws to a close. The Rangers are pinned down near the chopper and several are killed. At 10,469 feet, Takur Ghar is the tallest mountain bordering the Shah-i-Kot. Its commanding view of the southern half of the valley made it a perfect location for an observation post. 7 a.m. Shortly before 3 a.m. |   RSS. MiddayAn enemy counterattack wounds Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham and others with the Rangers. Meyers & Co. Inc. The Battle of Takur Ghar. 4:56-5:16 a.m. Chapman and Slabinski clear one bunker, killing two enemy fighters. The focus had since shifted to the more difficult and demanding hunt-down of the surviving Taliban remnants and al Qaeda terrorists. Early on the morning of the 4th the half of Chuck’s Platoon that were with the Platoon Leader at the other base were sent to a mountain top to rescue a Navy Seal unit pinned down in a fire fight. Attempts to gather hard information about the terrorists were hampered by the valley’s inaccessibility, rugged terrain, and the enemy’s skill in camouflaging its sites. Learn how your comment data is processed. Operation Enduring Freedom, the military action against Taliban and al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, was the catalyst for the largest mobilization of Air National Guard personnel since the Korean War. Chuck’s youngest Son, Jack Matthew is named after Matt Commons. They found them at Yale. Then the pilot said he had to leave and support “troops in contact.” Razor 03 would do the insertion with only its electric-powered mini-guns for defense. The Shah-i-Kot (Place of the King) has historically been a guerrilla haven and bastion. 3:06 a.m.Chapman conveys team leader Slabinski’s intentions to return to the top of Takur Ghar by foot to rescue Roberts.

Prev Page There was a problem saving your notification. Razor 03 was late. So far, it had. The redhead was a crew chief on the helicopter that was shot down and Chuck said he was awarded the Silver Star for repeatedly running through machine gun fire to make trips to the helicopter for much needed weapons, ammo, and medical supplies. Would American forces, equipped with the latest technology and advanced weapon systems, succeed where the Red Army had failed? By They shot down their helicopter and killed three of Chuck’s guys. As originally drafted, Anaconda was to have several concentric outer rings composed of U.S. SOF, friendly Afghan militia, and special operations personnel – from Australia, England, and other nations – who would surround the valley. They shot down their helicopter and killed three of Chuck’s guys. DWIGHT JON ZIMMERMAN is a bestselling and award-winning author, radio host, and president of the... © 2020 Defense Media Network. Seven U.S. soldiers died in the fighting and the objective of establishing a reconnaissance observation post on the peak was not met. Chapman calls in air support for the fallen craft and directs an airship to search the peak of Takur Ghar for Roberts. Both times Soviet troops were driven out in defeat. Chapman rises to better provide cover fire and is fatally shot. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Seven U.S. soldiers died in the fighting and the objective of establishing a reconnaissance observation post on the peak was not met. Two other members of the team are also wounded. Courtesy of the Air Force. Three books and a motion picture have been written about the event where chuck’s Rangers received the most valor medals for a group it’s size for a single action since the Vietnam war. The memorial service for the Seven Americans Killed during the battle. The plan to eliminate the enemy in Shah-i-Kot was called Operation Anaconda, a deliberate reference to the constrictor that coils its body around its victim before crushing it. The Ranger chopper that was shot down while landing on the peak of Takur Ghar. Department of Defense, The top of Takur Ghar after the battle in March 2002. The team was led by Britt Slabinski. In January 2002, intelligence reports indicated that the two groups were marshaling forces in the Shah-i-Kot. John “Chappy” Chapman in theater. Chuck also took these pics. Detail map: U.S. Army via Wikimedia Commons / Inset map: PeterHermesFurian/iStock/Thinkstock. Instead the team is ordered to insert itself at the peak of Takur Ghar. The plan began falling apart when the inadequately trained and inexperienced local Afghan militia, demoralized by a friendly fire incident, inadequate bombing of al Qaeda positions, and stiffer-than-expected opposition, stopped fighting and returned to its base within hours after the battle had started. 10:30 a.m. After an exhausting high-altitude climb, the 10 other members of the Rangers Quick Reaction Force reach the top of Takur Ghar, reinforcing the Rangers already there. The mission inserting the SEAL team at Takur Ghar resulted in the bloodiest action of the operation: the Battle of Roberts Ridge.

He refused to cry in front of his people and bottled it all up inside so his “strength” would set an example for his men who still had a job to do. Tech Sgt. Marc Anderson, Brad Crose, and Matthew Commons were among the 7 Americans killed. The helicopter carrying Mako 30 crash-lands after its pilot tried and failed to return to Takur Ghar for Roberts.

Sources: The New York Times, Not a Good Day to Die, Roberts Ridge, The senior writer at Connecticut Magazine, Erik is the co-author of Penguin Random House’s “The Good Vices” and author of “Buzzed” and “Gillette Castle.” He is also an adjunct professor at WCSU’s MFA Program and Quinnipiac University. How four venues are coping with the challenges of COVID, Sleep apnea isn't always obvious, but the health consequences could be severe. 4:56 a.m.Unaware that Roberts is dead, Mako 30 returns to the peak of Takur Ghar in a second helicopter in a desperate attempt to save their teammate. 7 p.m.Cunningham is declared dead after frantic efforts to keep him alive fail. Next Page. As the on-scene commander, Mack, a 16-year veteran, had the authority to abort the mission and reschedule it for the following night. Though it ended successfully, Gen. Tommy Franks, the commander of CENTCOM in 2002, later wrote in his autobiography, American Soldier, that the operation’s plan “didn’t survive first contact with the enemy.”. More than a century ago, a man went mad in an isolated New Haven lighthouse, How a Yale professor became 'The Mayor of Area 51'. Slabinski quickly realizes they are too far from the peak to have a chance of saving Roberts, but the transmission leads to the false impression that there are friendly troops on the peak of Takur Ghar. When Maj. Gen. Franklin Hagenbeck, commander of Task Force Mountain, who oversaw the operation, realized that battlefield conditions threatened to tip the initiative in the enemy’s favor, he ordered two SEAL teams inserted – one on a high ridge on the north side of the valley and another at Takur Ghar (High Mountain), a mountain on the valley’s southeast border, where they would set up observation posts, identify enemy positions and movement, and direct air strikes. The remaining 10 members of the Rangers Quick Reaction Force and one SEAL Team 6 member leave Gardez and are dropped off by a separate helicopter at an offset landing site 2,600 feet east of the peak.

Once Shah-i-Kot had been isolated, the Afghan militia would advance into the valley as a “hammer” that would drive the Taliban and al Qaeda into the “anvil” composed of entrenched American forces. Chuck’s element due to circumstances beyond his control were split between the two largest bases in Afghanistan. As it turned out, Anaconda lasted 17 days. A Reminder for Myself and Other Instructors, B.E. The Battle of Takur Ghar draws to a close.

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