battleborn attikus

ssfjustin (Ssfjustin) June 20, 2019, 11:04am #1. +50 Damage. Hitting characters that move around a lot like Deande and Caldarius was tough though. Keep moving, flank your enemies. Hey guys, if you haven’t seen it, I put a new link in this post, the thread is by Gun Rabies, he is an attikus player with some pretty awesome insight on why Attikus has flaws. I have played him with healers on my team and without healers on my team. ATTIKUS REVIEW. Otherwise, he is fine to me. I am not the best player in the world. Attikus from Battleborn.

i hope this will improve your ways with Attikus. 70 second cooldown. Laborer. 19,958 C.R. Attikus is a tank of a Battleborn. His ult with the knock up is amazing in team fights and is only really beaten by El Dragons ability to CC the whole team. lol. His running melee is little bit of a gap closer to help you catch people but i see where people are having an issue securing kills with him since he is very slow. One that can coordinate and control the battlefield allowing Attikus to pop into battle and mess everything up. Shayne and Aurox, I didn’t have as much of a problem with. This page was last modified on 27 April 2016, at 11:29. Win a match on each Tempest map at least once ("Echelon", "The Saboteur", and "The Heliophage"). This was a really tough match up. A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe's very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands. Completing the optional objectives awards "Ops Points," which serve two functions. o.O. Hedronic Eruption scorches the earth, dealing damage over time to enemies in its area of effect. The hook for Thrall Rebellion (and presumably the other four "Story Operations" DLC packs in the pipeline) is an almost modular missions structure. (doing it now actually). 2: 1109: May 26, 2016 Wishful thinking. While most of the included story missions have built-in replayability, it's small stuff like randomized challenges and the differences that come from tackling it with one of the many characters.
I can’t tell if its his poor design or the fact that he is not suitable for the incursion map. But now I'm looking more forward to the other four Story Ops releasing so we can have that same solid gameplay with even more variety. The map is more Borderlands-ian than most Battleborn areas, with multiple paths leading to each choke point. If you can land a pounce and hit someone towards a wall, then yes, expect to see some good damage - but to actually confirm the kill when they run off is nearly impossible. Topic Replies Views Activity; About the Attikus category. All his life, Attikus has been told what to do, shoved into the deepest mines of Tempest, and kept down. But dont forget that he has amazing health regen. Thats pretty much it, stay mobile. @Battleborn @jauxking… ",, Destroy MX.Deadeyes with melee attacks X/3, If the rally beacon is destroyed, it does. He just gets shredded early game by being so big and so slow. Make use of his pounce attack to get face to face with enemies, then keep the electric punches flying. Greatest warrior among the Jennerit underclass – the Thralls. Battleborn. Is part of The Jennerit Imperium Faction. +30% Movement Speed. Battleborn has been plagued with issues since its launch, from poor PC performance to a rapidly decreasing base of players causing long wait times to get into a game. I will also add that I must agree with fyrefox45, Attikus does get shredded up a lot early game because he lacks any of the health regen that he can gain from his helix or from gear, he is huge, he is slow, and lacks really high health for his size. : Rendain is defeated, and his Heliophage destroyed.

Arc stays on the opponent and damages him overtime, it is your most important skill ise it as often as possible. Maybe it is a learning curve even though Gearbox labeled him as easy who knows.

Full Tier List BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL), More character plays and analyzing. But that’s just my opinion. +3 Seconds Slow Duration. I’d try to pop one off if I could sneak around someone, is it worth it? For five bucks, it's an easy recommendation. I believe in the first video I posted going 13-2, both deaths were from Galilea. If anything, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion whets my appetite for more like this. I've run through the mission more than ten times in the few days it has been available. Pounce gives Attikus life steal on all damage dealt for a short time. One of the hardest things to do when reviewing a character and selecting a tier is to not have any bias, no matter how badly things are going for them.
We destroyed both sentries), and like all my other matches, it was with randoms and my brother.

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