beat down: fists of vengeance walkthrough

], "A mysterious ghost led me to a Blue Dwemer key in the ruins of Alftand. Secondary quest Target There is a tunnel behind the Aetherium shard leading to a room full of spiders and a dead Synod mage. He can either take a subtle approach by sneaking around and knocking out the guards (or killing them with a suppressed weapon), or he can take a direct route and attack the guards head on. Lester then locates Stretch, through his phone signal, at the B.J. This guide exists because I realized that if I wanted the kind of complete Fallout 2 guide that I envisioned, it pretty much meant writing it myself. Protagonist(s) Now make a run for it through the secret passage which will take you to a Quen Place of power. The other two contain Staff recovered from Irkingthand and Rising Dawn. However this time the Ghost will change into a Snow Elf Shade and attack you. Travel to Mzulft. ], Objective 230: Find the hidden artifact in Alftand, Objective 310: A sealed blue door blocks the way, continue following your other leads, Objective 311: Try the Blue Dwemer key on the locked door in Irkngthand, Objective 312: Find a use for the Blue Dwemer key, Objective 320: A sealed green door blocks the way, continue following your other leads, Objective 321: Try the Green Dwemer key on the second locked door in Irkngthand, Objective 322: Find a use for the Green Dwemer key, Objective 325: Locate the artifact in Irkngthand, "What have I seen these past days? Trevor asks Franklin about Stretch, a long time imprisoned Chamberlain Gangster Families OG, had begun associating with a rival gang, the Ballas, while incarcerated in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary and, after being released (and after Stretch ironically killed D due to D setting up Franklin and Lamar for a previous grievance), had attempted to get Franklin and Lamar killed by the Ballas by luring them into a trap (fortunately they were saved by Trevor who had accompanied him). Various stages of the ensuing battle require that the player provide backup to certain characters. Trevor arrives at the cliff and informs Weston that they have enough time left for some (off-screen) "one-on-one time". With Weston's death, the trio's loose ends have all been tied up. Location(s) ], Objective 202: Talk to Urag again and give him the 3 odd Dwemer books, Objective 203: Read Urag's copy of Dwemer History and Culture, Objective 205: Read Urag's copy of The Falmer: A Study, [Technical Stage - Trigger scene between Urag and Ertzebet], Objective 207: Look for the Synod mage at Mzulft, [Technical Stage - Enable Synod corpse, key and chest in Mzulft. Soon enough you will see a cutscene where a strange ritual takes place, now you need to ask the Druid on what is going on. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor talking after killing Devin Weston, GTA 5 - Ending C Final Mission 3 - The Third Way (Deathwish), The Third Way (Deathwish) Mission Walkthrough, GTA 5 - Final Mission Ending C - The Third Way (Deathwish) First Person Gold Guide - PS4, GTA 5 PC - Ending C Final Mission 3 - The Third Way (Deathwish), Taking Weston to an unknown location to organize his death. Return to Calcelmo after reading the book. Deeper in again a door will block your passage, here the green Dwemer Curator's Key you had to charge in Xrib will be needed. However, some split up and Michael kills Stretch easily before either killing or escaping the Ballas and informing Franklin that Stretch is dead and is not a problem any more (to which Franklin comments that they were never friends since he has screwed them from the start). He is found surrounded by bodyguards as well as his son Tao in a motorcade of vehicles leaving the Pacific Bluffs Country Club. Welcome to my Fallout 2 guide/walkthrough. The Visage

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