best 4k movies 2017

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And even if you do decide to just wait it out, the image quality of streaming video doesn’t even come close to the fidelity offered by 4K Ultra-HD Blu-rays.

If you're a fan of the film (or war films in general), 1917's 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray makes for a fantastic addition to any movie library, acting as exceptional demo disc in the process.

It also might just be his best one. One key line finds Captain Oliver (Sam Worthington) explaining to Doss that while his compatriots don’t believe what he believes, they respect him for it. There was a problem.

1, but it’s clear that Gunn and company knew exactly what qualities made the first film so enjoyable, and what they needed to do to make sure this particular sequel was worth the wait. Although Volume Two isn’t quite as fast-paced as the original, there are plenty of belly laughs and spectacular effects to keep you hooked. If you're a fan of adult thrillers, you should definitely consider adding Widows to your 4K collection. Action is stunt-heavy with minimal CGI, which means you really feel every crunch and smash – and that’s an awful lot of crunching and smashing. These movies proved that Matt Damon is as good at action as anyone, and in these 4K Blu-ray re-releases you have a whole new reason to enjoy the series from the twisty beginnings.

Sure you can already stream 4K content on Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube, but the humble disc still crams in loads more data for a better quality home movie experience. All rights reserved. finale?

Impossible because, well, Tony Stark is in this. In this 4K HDR version, Kingsman’s slickly directed and beautifully choreographed action scenes look absolutely fantastic, with a perfect frame rate making it the ultimate way to enjoy this movie. Now, kids are spoiled with 4K HDR animated movies on Blu-ray.

Although comedy doesn’t require Ultra HD visuals to be funny, you might as well make the most of that expensive telly by kicking back with a 4K comedy flick.

You'll find The Prestige, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar and Inception in stores alongside Dunkirk. Lines and pores are clearly visible, and make it even easier to read the emotions displayed on the characters' faces.

A movie that features the word ‘Movie’ in the title usually sends alarm bells ringing, unless it’s The Simpsons Movie or The Lego Movie, as does a film based on a popular mobile game. Detail is, quite frankly, amazing in Murder on the Orient Express. Topping it all off is a wonderful Dolby Atmos audio track that creates a convincing soundscape as the train chugs along, and a subtle score that adds to the film without succumbing to overpowering bombastic music. Briskly paced and charming to a fault, it’s a Spider-Man movie that fully embraces both its source material and the perils of 21st century teenage life.

But we wonder to what extent his refusal to kill is rooted in the fear of living with guilt or if it’s simply a matter of believing that it’s immoral by God’s will.

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