best lil wayne songs

We don't know what be goin cause we so blunted from treesAnd we'll be round ya all day til we "400 Degreez". Jay-Z (Day 8)23. Of course it does. It's beautiful, this blend of technology and the void; the image often comes to mind when I hear the otherworldly synth beeps that lead into Lil Wayne's "Lollipop.". Another one of Lil Wayne’s more introspective songs in which samples “Once” by Ann Swanepoel. Even being locked away in prison didn't stop Wayne, not to mention the over the phone freestyle from Rykers Island on the song Light Up by Drake. It's this version that went beyond proving Wayne's brilliance to lay the blueprint for so many ensuing trends in pop music. Before the birth of Lolipop, Go DJ was Lil Wayne’s most successful song. For about 4 minutes, Lil Wayne goes on a lyrical rampage. "6 Foot 7 Foot" feat. You catch my girl legs open, better smash thatDon't be surprised if she ask where the cash at. It also boasts a classic Drake hook from his early days and culminates with one of Wayne’s most prophetic lyrics of all time: “We gon be all right if we put Drake on every hoooook.”. 1. As another critic once said of the subject in question, the world may never know. Detail (Day 43)93. and Lil Wayne (Day 359)84. It’s Lil Wayne at a young age, honestly and candidly addressing his falling-out with former labelmates – and he’s still on the label. Required fields are marked *. It’s got the best hook of any song they’ve made together – and probably the best hook of the era – and it features some of their most vintage verses. They float against the stars, painting weightless vapor trails, dipping and diving in balletic sine waves. Lil Wayne has continued to push boundaries even releasing cross-genre tracks like ‘Drop the World’. "Shooter" feat. "Wasted" (Day 288)66. The sentiment of the song applied to Wayne quite literally, and “Feed me rappers or feed me beats” would be the mantra of his career-defining run. "Rich As Fuck" feat. "I'm So Paid" – Akon feat. Kanye was poised to release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Drake was getting bigger by the day. On Carter III, he’d do this while also going pop in the biggest ways, getting weird on songs like “Phone Home” and taking on personas in songs like “Dr. “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” is so big, its reputation will probably outlive the feud that eventually undid their collaborative partnership. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne (Day 231)53. "Women Lie, Men Lie" – Yo Gotti feat. It opens up with the bombastic and melodramatic “3 Peat’,” as Wayne runs his victory lap throughout the rest of the album.

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