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Directed by Neil Jordan, the film centers on an ex-convict (Best Actor nominee Bob Hoskins) who gets a job from a former employer (Caine) driving a beautiful call-girl (Cathy Tyson) from client to client. The 1946 version was what is called a “television play” which was released under the banner “TV movie” or at least is called that today; and the 1950 movie was described as being “the same source as the TV movie. .wpdt-c .wpDataTablesWrapper table.has-columns-hidden tr.row-detail > td { Starring Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, Barbara Hershey, Lloyd Nolan, Maureen O’Sullivan, Daniel Stern, Max von Sydow, Dianne Wiest. Their plan: create a traffic jam with some fancy cars. Once again, thanks for moving the comments. A sweaty, deep-south melodrama for Hollywood heavyweight director Otto Preminger, Caine played a racist speculator trying to diddle sharecroppers out of their land. However, the 80s turned out to be the best decade of Michael Caine’s career thus far, as he starred in some notable films such as ‘Educating Rita’ and ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’. Clive Owen stars as a man who is tasked with traveling across the war-torn country with a refugee who is pregnant. Caine, as her raddled manager Ray Say, is fine – until, that is, he is elevated to magnificence with Ray’s astounding onstage meltdown, belting out It’s Over and shouting obscenities at an unimpressed talent scout. Oscar snubs - the 20 greatest ever - ranked! Shortly afterwards however, he was told he needed to change it as there was already an actor by that name.

Caine made the most of the opportunity, though, in full damn-your-eyes mode. Is it The Italian Job or Harry Brown? }

Caine stars as an English cat burglar who enlists the help of a beautiful Eurasian dancer (Shirley MacLaine) to pull off the perfect heist. In 2027, women have become infertile and the world is in chaos. RELATED: 10 Best Jude Law Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes. Biopics trashed by families, friends and fans - ranked! Caine wouldn’t work with just anybody, you know: Nolan already had three features under his belt, and had directed Al Pacino. Screenplay by John Huston and Gladys Hill, based on the novella by Rudyard Kipling. When they find themselves in the faraway land of Kafiristan, Dravot is mistaken for a deity by the natives and treated like royalty. Caine gives one of his best late-career performances in this electrifying adaptation of Grahame Greene’s novel. SHARE. The greatest Scottish indie bands - ranked! If one film shows that Caine really knew how to handle military grade weaponry, it’s this: a re-run by Robert Aldrich of his own hit movie The Dirty Dozen, about a British unit cut down fighting the Japanese in the Pacific islands. The greatest pop music dance crazes - ranked! Caine won his second Oscar (for best supporting actor) for this Lasse Hallström adaptation of John Irving’s novel; he plays the ether-addicted orphanage director (and secret abortionist) Wilbur Larch. ALFIE (1966) Directed by Lewis Gilbert. It was never released in cinemas in the year it was finished, so the only official release the film was ever provided was a straight to video release in 2001. Somebody should be “writing that down” as he usually avoids these controversies unless I feign a direct attack on his action and super heroes/his sci-fi idols/or his slashers! Starring Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Ulla Jacobsson, James Booth. With The Honorary Consul, Caine had proved he could do Graham Greene, and the mood of compromise and self-reproach that it entailed. Like “Dirty Harry” that same year, “Get Carter” presented extreme violence and bloodshed in a way that had rarely been seen before thanks to relaxed censorship codes. Inception. While visiting a museum she encounters a handsome stranger and follows him back to his apartment for some extramarital fun. Perhaps that explains why this Berlin-set spy game is a touch stodgier than its predecessor: Harry Palmer should be lighter on his feet than 007. A somewhat forgotten entry in Joseph Losey’s canon, very much in the Antonioni style – lush, chilly interiors, moody set pieces and quizzical meditations on sex and the creative process. Christopher Nolan’s ancestor worship has given Caine a late-career fillip. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)AA Best Picture NomAA Best Supp Actor Win Hey Bob….thanks for dragging these comments from the Attenborough page to the Caine page….you are the man. Arguably Christopher Nolan’s most famous film is the mind-boggling Inception. From Niall Horan's toast to Russell Crowe’s jockstrap: celebrity auction items - ranked! Caine clearly liked the two-hander format, chalking up a string of impressive examples over the years, but this is the first, and one of the best. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Caine teamed with another British legend, Sean Connery for this fantastic adventure film. No doubt feeling the pace of keeping a leading-man career going into its second decade, Caine’s participation in this Neil Simon ensemble piece was one of his first attempts to diversify. While Caine has excellent villainous traits, his performance couldn’t save a film destined for a disastrous response. The action sequences as inventive and grounded with Cuaron thrusting the viewer in the midst of all the chaos. It was perhaps inevitable that Caine would show up in Mike Myers’ 60s-spy spoof: he plays Nigel, Austin and Evil’s dad, who is still the bum-pinching dinosaur of yore. Its negative critical response is partially impacted by the fact that so few people have actually seen the film. Known for his distinctive Cockney accent, the 87-year-old is still going strong, and continues to be cast in roles that span a variety of genres. But Caine coming on board this Batman origins film was a real coup for the director, as well as re-engaging interest of a new generation of filmgoers for the actor. font-size:12px; Hey Bob….Glad Sir Michael has over 200 comments here. His highest rated movie is. Caine plays the head of the space program. Here are Michael Caine's best movies according to IMDb. The Prestige is a mystery thriller set in the 1800s that follows two magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) whose intense rivalry turns deadly as the years go on. The Dark Knight Rises continued to show that Nolan was willing to get very ambitious with this series. Allen, who also appears as a man afraid of dying, contended for directing this crowdpleaser, which was also nominated for Best Picture. Trigger warnings very much required nowadays. Characteristically for Caine, collaboration brings out his absolute best. His first few roles were in classic films such as Alfie, The Ipcress File, and Zulu. It was never released in cinemas in the year it was finished, so the only official release the film was ever provided was a straight to video release in 2001. The film follows three close sisters living in New York City and dealing with various relationship problems that they don't necessarily confide to each other about. See more ideas about Michael, Movie stars, Actors. RELATED: 10 Best Michael Caine Movies, According To IMDb. An unlikely subject for a film: a carload of grumpy old men taking the ashes of their dead friend to be scattered in Margate. Want to know the best Michael Caine movies? The movie is another ambitious project from Nolan in terms of visuals and storytelling. Whether you enjoy him as a ladies man in Alfie or as a wise confidant in Batman Begins, there is no doubt about it, Michael Caine knows how to act. Caine and Sean Connery make a winning combination in John Huston’s splendidly entertaining adventure yarn. He earned his first Oscar nomination as Best Actor just two years later for “Alfie” (1966), playing a devil-may-care ladies man who starts to face the consequences of his actions. James Bond on film – 007's best and worst movies - ranked! This could easily have been a disaster, but Caine absolutely nails it as Scrooge; his customary total commitment to a role undeterred by the presence of Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest. It's also a thrill to see these two immensely talented thespians spar on the big screen with such a fun story at the center. I am probably one of the few people on Earth who not only saw The Swarm at the theater but also Beyond the Poseidon Adventure  at the theater. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. A “good movie” Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score is 60.00. This late-career entry casts Caine as a retired orchestra conductor vacationing in the Alps with his daughter (Rachel Weisz) and his best friend (Harvey Keitel), a fading film director. One of the first signs that Caine was aiming for something bigger. It makes for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Yet Caine provides the dramatic center as a kind, conflicted man who cares for his “princes of Maine” while sniffing ether and sleeping with the nurses. Caine’s career was at a low-ish ebb in the mid-90s, but this ensemble noir from Bob “Five Easy Pieces” Rafelson stands out. On some level Caine seems totally out of place, but that actually suits the bonkers material.

“Alfie” helped turn Caine into a star, capitalizing on the world-weariness lurking beneath his easy charm and crackling wit. By the mid-80s Caine was firmly established as a top-notch ensemble player.

The two-time Oscar winner shows no signs of slowing down, amassing dozens of credits in the span of over 50 years. Shockingly scary, surprisingly funny, and sexy as hell, the film proves Brian De Palma isn’t just a great Hitchcock admirer, but a master in his own right. Directed by Herbert Ross. Greenlighting a sequel to The Ipcress File was as easy as winking, and hiring Goldfinger’s director, Guy Hamilton, showed which way the producers wanted to go. Caine’s first major film role came in this historical epic about the 1879 siege of Rorke’s Drift during the Anglo-Zulu War, in which 150 sick or wounded British soldiers successfully held off 4,000 Zulu warriors. After some disappointing films, this was Batman's return to the big screen. Rank the movies anyway you want.

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