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Erin finds Robert's notebook recording a list of Scranton's employees in tw…
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[27] While Spader was initially hired as the replacement for Steve Carell in the series, Spader's presence actually filled the void of two departed actors: Carell, and Kathy Bates, who left the show in order to focus on her starring role in the NBC drama Harry's Law. But with the knowledge that Sabre products are inferior and will illuminate the fact that the store is a failure, he plans to sandbag it at a high-level meeting of the Sabre company board, and also strongly hints that, despite liking Dwight, he is going to fire him over it. Robert is furious with his former employee's attempt at blackmail, and tells Andy that he does not even know his real name, proclaiming that he is "The fucking lizard king". The List A one-stop shop for all things video games. This causes the office to become frantic with what the list attributes to. [35] In an interview with NBC, Angela Kinsey praised Spader's portrayal of California, stating "He is amazing. Miriam Characters,

Andy replies "no", and Robert fires him. RELATED: The 10 Funniest Episodes of The Office. He has to clarify that he was referring to Sesame Street, but the point had already been made—even with something as simple as Sesame Street, Robert is on a whole different level. Robert California was a likeable character when he was used sparingly. Plus, this is the season where Pam and Jim officially start dating, which was something many fans were excited about. Banana Bag Boxing, Robert California has definitely added some menace and mystery to the proceedings. Robert California was one of The Office's most iconic guest characters. Season 1, Episode 3.

Then again, he is the effing lizard king. He had a feeling of mystery around him and that mystery was used to make a ton of solid gags in the beginning.

Willie Mcginest Salary, I just love him as this character. She is a professional writer and storyteller who loves TV, activism, and fandom.

[11], Upon meeting her in "Last Day in Florida", Robert develops a deep attraction to Nellie Bertram,[8] and, as such, allowed her to get away with her irrational and unprofessional behavior. In season four, Michael and Jan’s awful relationship provides a lot of humor. This season had some hilarious episodes such as “Nepotism” and “Threat Level Midnight” that stand out from some of the others. [1] In a talking-head interview from that episode, Susan states (when referring to the staff's instructed dislike of her), that the last time she was employed, she "hated the boss' wife" as well, revealing that the woman she is referring to was one of Robert's ex-spouses. Ufc 2009 Undisputed Xbox 360, He also detects that Erin is attracted to Andy and tells Andy that he's aware of it, before saying he's already lost interest in that little tidbit of information.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Sportcraft 84” 3 In 1 Swivel Combo Table, There can be no other No. West Virginia Quarterback 2018, Vinyl Gloves, This is when the show was at its peak. [38], However, as time passed, critics, even ones who had initially praised Robert, began to respond negatively to the character.

Andy later intercedes on behalf of the 'losers', making a new list on his team of 'winners' relaying their positive and productive qualities observed over years in the office and from being their supervisor; Robert appears to gain respect for Andy's effort, as it unites the office around him. After talking with him in the conference room, David announces that Robert is leaving, but that he will be working on an important new charity: seeing college-aged girls (particularly gymnasts) in developing countries on their paths through to college. [5], In "Free Family Portrait Studio", Robert is surprised when he learns that David Wallace is purchasing Dunder Mifflin. He then quickly introduces himself to David as "Bob Kazamakis", and offers to brief him on the company. Throughout his appearances, Robert has been shown to have innumerable unhealthily salacious appetites and beliefs (once proclaiming that "Everything... is sex" – even calling this opinion of his a "universal truth"). Though the office annually gets the half day in any case, they happily wish him good evening as they depart, and Andy looks very pleased with his work as the boss. Lines that showcased his intelligence, his penchant for turning everything sexual, and his subtle sense of humor that pretty much no one else in the office thought was funny.

She catches on and confronts Andy and her husband.

Club, criticized Robert's role as one "that the narrative reacts to as opposed to something actually involved in the narrative". California is an original character and has no counterpart on the original British version of the series.

James Taylor Lyrics Sweet Baby Jane, [2], During "Doomsday", Robert is unhappy after discovering that an accounting error allowed a billed order to go to a client for free.

Jim is astonished, but the others become cocky. In truth, and picking up on something I suggested last week, I think I would be enjoying this season a lot more if Spader were positioned as Carell's replacement, and we were seeing the season from his perspective". While he shoots down many of the ideas, Robert takes a shine to Kevin's cookie idea with the vending machine. In this particular conversation, Robert makes an otherwise simple conversation complicated by asking Jim what his daughter thinks of "the Street." Field Hockey Cutting Drills, Robert secretly calls Gabe to tell Dwight that the executive can't meet him either, and to have Gabe listen to Dwight's proposal as a manager before rejecting it. On February 28, 2012, Spader announced that he would be departing from the show at the end of its eighth season. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At the conclusion of the logic, Ryan nods and points in agreement. Andy ends up giving her a job with accounting, enraging Robert.

Andy is then appointed Regional Manager in Scranton, and makes it his goal for the office to receive a half day off on the Friday before the Columbus Day weekend.

Average Flappy Bird Score, Frustrated, Dwight manages to force Gabe into directing him toward Robert's condo and calling him out. Andy ends up giving her a job with accounting, enraging Robert. The ploy is successful, particularly when Dwight decides to stop sending the report after a crisis of conscience. Return Of Stolen Property,

While I would agree that Robert California alters the tone and rhythm of the series when he is present, he isn't present particularly often (and wasn't present at all during what Seitz and I would both identify as the season's strongest episode, "Lotto") and, even when he is present, he isn't really being developed as a character with motivations or multi-dimensionality.

Some episodes have also implied that he is bisexual.

[14], In "Pam's Replacement", he joins Andy, Darryl and Kevin's band with a surprising talent for the harmonica, but it gradually appears that when his musically talented friends come to play, the original trio are phased out. In this episode, Robert California quits after two seconds in the office, breaking the record for shortest time as branch manager. Upon why he chose Andy for the job, he says of Andy that he is "all surface...uncomplicated, what you see is what you get" and that causes people to rally behind him, because he is an underdog. Episode cast overview, first billed only.

Robert California, also known as Bob Kazamakis, is a fictional character on the U.S. comedy television series The Office, portrayed by James Spader. The only reason season two isn’t number one on this list is that the show was still figuring itself out a little. [4] In "Turf War", it is revealed that "Robert California" is not his real name,[5] and in the next episode, he introduces himself to David Wallace as "Bob Kazamakis", although it is unknown whether "Kazamakis" is his actual surname or simply another alias. The Office is one of those comedies that everyone loves - but which season do fans love most? Heartland Rv Complaints,

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