better left unsaid podcast

(explicating the "meaning of life")01:10:23 Poetry should be read aloud01:11:53 Faith, love, and participatory knowledge01:18:23 The Platonic / Aristotelian influence on Christianity01:21:43 How do reverse-engineer other points of view (such as what it's like to be someone in the 1200s)01:32:13 The relationship between "reason" and "love"01:47:43 The skepticism toward wisdom institutions and the birth of narcissism01:49:43 The way Vervaeke uses the word "God" (God as affording transcendence)01:54:53 The language of myth is lost but we retain the grammar02:00:43 Where are we going with the "meaning crisis"?

Several times in the past 50 years, I’ve heard the old adage, “Some things are better left unsaid!” It means that some thoughts SHOULD NOT BE VOCALIZED…usually because it could offend listeners or get the speaker in trouble. } NeoRythym), and other EM-stimulation devices0:36:01 Particular brain regions associated with intelligence (Parietofrontal integration theory)0:46:50 The correlates of IQ on life outcomes0:47:47 Psychometric tests of character / morality0:49:16 RAPM test (pause and see what you guess)0:53:24 Path length's between regions and why they matter0:57:36 The famous Finn et al 2015 study, and groundbreaking studies that have been published since1:04:12 IQ genes aren't deterministic but probabilistic 1:05:14 Do children have the average IQ of their parents?1:06:46 Can brain damage increase IQ? 6 (Comfort Levels), Better Left Unsaid Ep. Buddhism vs Christianity02:49:35 Is Nihilism negative to the psyche, or salutary?02:50:00 What could "free will" mean, possibly?

‘Let the ACTION tell the story’ was one minor change that I recommended to my dear friend Darren LaCroix, CSP, WCPS when I worked with him on his World Championship speech back in 2001. Curt is a unique voice in the podcast space. This episode we explore death and ask all the right questions regarding necrophilia. Visit that site if you'd like to contribute to getting the film distributed (in 2020) and seeing more conversations like this. The Better Left Unsaid Podcast is a comical podcast with unique sports banter and unheard of/ridiculous stories.. 5 Tracks. This doesn't just pertain to work - although I have plenty of work stories - but also for my personal life. A comedy podcast from the NEK. [read more], Mark Brown, CSP ~ World Champion of Public Speaking, Helping Organizations Excel Through Leadership, Performance, and Communication, Ep. Really looking forward to keeping up.-SFTW, These dudes are funny as hell--the episode where they talked about Alex Smith's leg was one of my faves. Today, he has become one of the most popular inspirational speakers in the world. FUNDRAISING. As you tell the story, DO NOT SAY “He scrunched up his face as he looked up at her and said” Instead, MAKE THE FACE, LOOK UP as if you were a 10-year-old looking up his mother, and IN A CHILD’S VOICE, say, “It’s GROSS, mom!” The DESCRIPTION of the scene is better left unsaid. In his original version, as he covers his mouth with his hands, he says, “PLEASE do something with your hands! Better Left Unsaid Podcast.

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