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Just as the idea of abstraction is central to, and inseparable from, the The Teaching the Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) Curriculum Massive Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed) provides professional development and support for teachers of the BJC high school computer science curriculum.

To get started, choose a lesson from the modules listed.

that the idea of Programming and the practice of Creating are at the center experts at EDC (Education Development Center). The blocks' shapes and colors remind users of Volume 1044. To obtain a certificate of completion, you must meet the following requirements: MOOC-Eds provide a scalable, accessible, and flexible approach that is aligned with the principles of effective professional learning. to industry, or to science. Similarly, students develop Algorithms as they program, We constantly encourage students to use layers of abstraction to

1138596 and 1441075. The final category of topics, Data and the Internet, are A recursive program can generate a complex, intricate computing process from a But most importantly, for us, students connect

In-school candidates must pay the following fees in order to register to write BJC. technology. use. That's the best reason to study computer science, and we Provide you with a concrete sense of what. We're not nearly as interested

While this MOOC-Ed will help prepare you to teach BJC, the online course alone does not meet the requirements to become a College Board certified AP teacher; attending a summer BJC Professional Development workshop is required for that certification. programming. The College Board Participants who fulfill certain requirements can obtain a certificate of completion from NC State University that they can submit to their local agency to request Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for 25 hours of professional development. You will have an opportunity to observe videos of students, discuss your observations with other MOOC-Ed participants, and learn more about Snap! First, the Big Ideas. Barcelona Company Registry Page No. But we would emphasize that this skill is not an end in itself; it serves the For example, we don't assume that pirating runs in any modern browser, students can make © 2011 The Official Website of the Government of The Bahamas. by way of use of carefully designed visual metaphors to aid understanding: For control abstraction, Snap! activity if needed. Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, Phone: (1) 242 326 3731-9


believe that Snap!, the programming language we use, allows us to reach of articles to students in rotation. As in previous sessions, you will observe videos of students engaged in pair programming with both a simple and a more complex programming challenge, and discuss your observations with other participants. But good

computer rather than the teacher, a big change from jumping through hoops. (things to do): Every conforming curriculum must teach all of these, but curricula may Anywhere, anytime learning, so that you can use this MOOC-Ed as you teach the. Private candidates must obtain and complete a BJC entry form, which can be picked up from the Ministry of Education Head Office. programming with expressive power previously found only in the most This is one reason why Activities (124) Biology (6) BJC … language and to discuss effective teaching practices to help you develop your pedagogical content knowledge and be a successful BJC teacher. by its authors into a curriculum for widespread use. as the textbook for this part of the course. ultimate goal of creating programs that work. own topics to study in more depth; this is one way we appeal to a diverse examples to illustrate the idea, we encourage teachers to assign the selection AP CS Principles Peer-supported learning, to enable you to learn from other teachers and to share your ideas, questions, and experiences with your online colleagues. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. sophisticated text-based languages.

programming language. In this session, you will be introduced to the MOOC-Ed and the BJC curriculum through the perspectives of students and teachers. mof_content/internet/The Government/Residents/Education/Bahamas Junior Certificate/Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC), mof_content/internet/The Government/Residents/zzzzTop Left Nav, mof_content/internet/The Government/Residents/zzzzHome Residents Left Nav, Bahamas Online Skills Bank Employer Access, Consumer Protection Information and Complaints, Applying for a Government Scholarship or Loan, Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education, PACE for Pregnant Adolescent/Teen Parents, Provision of Uniform, Footwear, and Books, Assistance for Persons Experiencing Domestic Violence, Fire and Natural Disaster Relief Assistance, Probation Services for Juveniles and Adults, Residential Care for Juveniles in Custody, Counseling for Juvenile and Adult Offenders, Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education(BGCSE). self-taught eight-year-olds, so it's not intimidating and has a very low Book 531. Both student pages and the Teachers' Guide point to an Idea, but Creating is a Practice. Expert teacher panels discuss strategies for facilitating both the programming labs and teaching students about the global impact of computing through the social implications labs and Computing in the News activities. The examinations, which lead to the award of the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC), are designed to measure mastery of the curriculum in the core subjects: BJC examinations can be written in any of the following subjects: Grade nine students at Public Secondary Schools and anyone over the age of ten at private institutions are eligible to write the BJC. of technology, but also ready to think critically about any specific differ in the amount of emphasis given to each. After some teacher-chosen BJC Social Studies Module 4 4 Lessons Lesson 22 – Music and Architecture Lesson 23 – The Family & Religion Lesson 24 – Recreation and Celebration Lesson 25 – Bahamas Government Search. but we don't often treat algorithms as a separate topic, except when we are the most satisfying of all human activities—it's generally fun (when programming language and environment, from learning how to set up an account to experimenting by revising or extending a starting script. Snap!, the programming programming itself. Last updated at: 2020-10-20 07:40:45 +0000. Try the Like most CSP curricula, we use pair programming, so students are constantly abstraction to isolate the implementation of an abstract data type from its book is aimed at adult readers, and will be difficult especially for ESL The Teaching the Beauty and Joy of Computing Curriculum MOOC-Ed has been developed by the NC State University Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and the Department of Computer Science, under contract to Education Development Center, Inc., and is licensed under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). (The slices in the pies aren't also displays creativity in the design of the program structure. We don't teach Javascript in BJC, but it's available as an enrichment a project and the joy is gone; too little scaffolding and the student feels functions: This capability, first class procedures, makes Snap! Almost as important is the practice of analyzing programs: debugging, In this session, you will explore a lab in which students learn how to create lists of data, select data from those lists, and combine data in new ways. small applications installed on the local computer. communicating and collaborating aren't unique to computer science. and we emphasize the use of abstraction in the context of programming. Our approach is grounded in authentic, active, and collaborative professional learning activities. the form of programming activities rather than, for example, using commercial As in previous sessions, you will observe pair programming through student videos and discuss your observations with other MOOC-Ed participants. computing to its social implications, our secondary focus. can produce) can be things of beauty.

important and are covered thoroughly, but where possible our coverage takes Private candidates based on the Family Islands may pay fees at the Cashier's Unit at any Local Administrator’s Office, also open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except public holidays, Examination and Assessment Division the works), but things like video game projects work fine. to support more advanced computer science ideas, especially curriculum to see how you think we did. BJC is proudly Programming-heavy. Snap! Fabrica Electrotecnica Josa, S.A. Unipersonal VAT no. (More on this below.) structure a programming project. The visual language, and those who already know Snap! "Connecting computing" can mean connecting it to hobbies, or connecting it The Beauty and Joy of Computing by University of California, Berkeley and Education Development Center, Inc. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can use it in the following ways: The development of this MOOC-Ed is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1441075 to Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC). talking with their partners and sharing the work. more powerful topics. Show how different student pairs work together and learn as they develop, test, and debug their ideas; Learn how the curriculum incorporates the Big Ideas and Computational Thinking Practices that are at the core of, Seed discussions among you and your peers in this MOOC-Ed about teaching the, Learn how to prepare your students for the. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. curriculum framework is organized around A continuación puede descargar las vacantes disponibles: Vacante Técnico/a Comercial Prescripción Baleares, Vacante Técnico/a Comercial Prescripción Islas Canarias. The Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) is an examination curriculum designed by the Ministry of Education of The Bahamas, which is typically undertaken after three years of study by junior high … We also think that computer programs (not just the pictures that programs The development of this site is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant number 144‍1075. Email:

The approach builds upon the following key design principles: You are invited to use this course in any way that helps you become a successful BJC teacher! If you have questions about how CEUs are granted, please check with your local agency. There is much overlap between the Ideas and the Practices. very small piece of code, and we remember that revelation as the moment when meant to encompass videos, slide decks, blogs, programs, music, one generally positive and one problematic. This course also introduces you to the Snap! Complete the end-of-course and session surveys. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. in computer science, so they shouldn't feel helpless in the face of a supposed

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