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(c) There are three types of mountains (i) India (a) Deccan DES.

Kilimanjaro is situated in: (b) External process ( Log Out /  (a) Water This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Process Scheduling Queues”. (a) Minor process You can also verify your answers from our provided Major Landforms of the Earth Class 6 MCQs Questions with Answers. 6. (d) Volcanic mountains, Question 13. The surface is being rebuilt by the process of ……………………… .

Question 9. (d) North, Question 15. (i) River valleys Mt. 64. b. ( Log Out / 

Divide (HAPPY)26 by (SAD)26.
Deccan Plateau. The questions asked in this NET practice paper are from various previous year papers. Question 8. Attempt a small test to analyze your preparation level. (ii) Block Mt This is the networking questions and answers section on "Cryptography" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. (b) Mountain Mountains are very useful.

(iii) Glaciers. Which is ideal for cultivation of crops? Which are the most useful areas for human habitation? (a) Cotopaxi Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The Deccan plateau in India is one of the ……………………… plateaus. (iii) Plains, Question 5. (c) Gradational and Volcanic

(d) Its elevation is more than 600 metres, Answer: (b) Plateau is elevated flat land, Question 16. 9. b. MCQ 207: In Playfair cipher, at first, a key table is produced. By practicing Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 MCQ with Answers, you can score well in the exam. 1. 2. (iii) Volcanic Mt.

(c) Plateau (i) Gold and diamond

c. AES. (b) Gas (c) Chotanagpur 1. In China, the plains are formed by river ……………………… . (c) Fold mountains (c) Rugged relief and high conical peaks.

IDEA. For digital signatures private key cryptosystem is used.

2. (d) Krakatoa, Question 18. (i) Ganga and Brahmaputra (iii) Africa, Question 10. RC5-CBC

(i) 2000-4000 mtr. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. (iii) Africa, Question 11. Change ). a) RC5 block cipher b) RC5-Cipher Block Chaining c) RC5-Cipher Padding d) RC5-CipherText Stealing Answer: c Explanation: RFC 2040 [BALD96] defines four different modes of operation: 1. (c) Fujiyama PGP offers _____ block ciphers for message encryption. Practice test for UGC NET Computer Science Paper. Download Class 6 SST Geography Chapter 6 MCQ in PDF format from the below access links and start practicing on a regular basis for better subject knowledge. Public key cryptosystem is used for the encryption of, In cipher feedback method, encryption is done on. The continuous wearing down and rebuilding of the land surface is a/an:

1. (c) Climate Which of the following is not a volcanic mountain View pratik.badala.50’s profile on Facebook, Reti Mohalla, Mandir Marg, kankroli Rajsamand. (iii) Glaciers. A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. (a) Volcanic and Tectonic Know (iii) 8000-9000 mtr. Mt. 10. (b) Plateau is elevated flat land The Selfish Giant Extra Questions and Answers Class 8 English It So Happened, Children at Work Extra Questions and Answers Class 8 English It So Happened, How the Camel Got His Hump Extra Questions and Answers Class 8 English It So Happened, Extra Questions for Class 8 English Honeydew, It So Happened, Class 8 Civics Chapter 1 Extra Questions and Answers The Indian Constitution, Class 8 Geography Chapter 6 Extra Questions and Answers Human Resource, Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 Extra Questions and Answers Industries, Class 8 Geography Chapter 4 Extra Questions and Answers Agriculture, Class 8 Geography Chapter 3 Extra Questions and Answers Mineral and Power Resources, Class 8 Geography Chapter 2 Extra Questions and Answers Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources, Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Extra Questions and Answers Resources. Need any support from our end during the preparation of Major Landforms of the Earth Class 6 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers then leave your comments below. (iii) Kaveri, Question 6. (i) Mauna Kea 31. a) Job Queue b) PCB queue c) Device Queue d) Ready Queue 2. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Himalayan Mountains and the Alps are example of: Cryptography and Network Security Objective type Questions and Answers. In India huge reserves of ……………………… , ……………………… and ……………………… are found in the Chhotanagpur plateau. The mountains are storehouse of ……………………… .

(a) Large areas are broken and displaced vertically.

RC5 block cipher 2. Students who are searching for NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 Major Landforms of the Earth with Answers Pdf free download are compiled here to get good practice on all fundamentals. (b) Rockies Himalaya Mt. African plateau is famous for: RC5-CBC 3. Question 3. (d) Gradational and Tectonic, Question 12. _____ is a block cipher. Triple-DES CAST IDEA All of the mentioned. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it _______________ forces originate from within the earth and _______________ forces originate from outside the earth (d) Minerals, Question 19. (ii) Flora and fauna The Tibet plateau is the highest plateau in the world with a height of: (ii) Iron mining (a) Erosion Know your preparation level on MCQ Questions for Class 6 Social Science with Answers. That key table is a 5 by 5 grid of alphabets which operates as the key to encrypt the plaintext. (i) Fold Mt. 8. (d) Plain, Question 20. Appearing Students of Class 6 Exams can download MCQ on Major Landforms of the Earth Class 6 with Answers from here. A programming language is a formal constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Question 2. (a) Rockies Mountain Aravali Range 4. (c) Internal processes and External processes (a) Upper processes and Lower processes 32. Find out where are the following situated in the map. (ii) External process What are two land forming processes Manufacturing Process MCQ - Set 11 MCQ Production Engg Edit Practice Test: Question Set - 11 1. Undersea mountain is: (b) Block mountains Wearing away of earth

Answer: A. (b) Tectonic and Gradational Fujiyama is situated in: (i) India a. In cryptography, a block cipher is a deterministic algorithm operating on fixed-length groups of bits, called blocks.It uses an unvarying transformation, that is, it uses a symmetric key.They are specified elementary components in the design of many cryptographic protocols and are widely used to implement the encryption of large amounts of data, including data exchange protocols. In public key cryptosystem _____ keys are used for encryption and decryption. ( Log Out /  128. c. 32. d. 56.

Shift Cipher Playfair Cipher Rolling Cipher Block Cipher Horst and graben blocks are concerned to the ……………………… . Which of the following is the Peninsular plateau? a. DES encrypts data in block size of _____ bits each. We get quotient –, For n input bits the number of substitution patterns are. ( Log Out /  (a) It is considerably higher than the surroundings

Which of the following do not belong to queues for processes? Ural mountains are situated in ……………………… . (ii) Japan (d) Horst. How plateau is differ from the mountains (c) Internal process 3. These are large stretches of flat land d. RSA. (iii) Fujiyama. MCQ Questions for Class 6 Social Science with Answers. (i) Plateaus

(a) River Students who are searching for NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 Major Landforms of the Earth with Answers Pdf free download are compiled here to get good practice on all fundamentals. The plains of Asia are formed by rivers: 7. The rake angle of a single point cutting tool corresponds to _____ of a twist drill. When the process issues an I/O request __________ a) It is placed in an … is an online portal for the preparation of the MCQ test of Degree and Diploma Engineering Students of the Gujarat Technological University Exam.

4. 5. Permanently frozen rivers of ice are called ……………………… . The mountains are a storehouse of 1. Which of the following is not the type of mountains PGP offers _____ block ciphers for message encryption. Mauna Kea in the ……………………… Ocean is an undersea mountain. Question 7. (ii) Mountains Use the above-provided NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 Major Landforms of the Earth with Answers Pdf free download and get a good grip on the fundamentals of real numbers topic. We’ll revert back to you soon. (d) Minor processes and Major processes, Answer: (c) Internal processes and External processes, Question 14. (ii) 4000-6000 mtr. In which method, key-stream is generated independently? (b) Block processes and Fold processes (ii) Kilimanjaro Vindhya Range (d) Major process, Question 17.

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