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Uh, brrt, let's go, let's go, let's go (Let's go) 1017, 375, Letra lyrics lyric letras versuri musiek lirieke tekstet paroles. Big Scarr - Trap Fashion Freestyle Lyrics Letra: Remember bitches used to act now they fuckin’ for lights SoIcyBoyz This is a robbery, better not move Disrespect the mob, and yeah, hollow bullet he gon' feel (Ho) Call about some P's, I'ma get to it, urgent (Urgent) The track was unofficially released on June 21, 2020, but later Yeah, they call me Big Foog, you know I do a big drill Give me some time, let me put it in motion

I done got rich, now a lot of niggas nervous (They mad)

I don’t move with security, they on payroll in the hood Nigga, been gettin' to it, now we just gettin' noticed Verse 2: Foogiano

Boy, don't call me dangerous if you don't like a bad peel (Grrah) Laser on the Glocks, no throwaways (Nope) I done ranned up me a ham off of moving them turkey bags We spin then they don’t die, then we spin they block, yeah, again Just took a trip to Wafi, look like I fell in some glass (Bling) Foog, SoIcyBoyz by Big Scarr (Ft. Foogiano & Pooh Shiesty). Kick back, get a offer and roll, I’m posted, smokin’ Wedding Cake Shootin' on the court, had them young niggas perishin' (They perishin') Niggas talkin' down on me, hate it, I ignore it (I ignore it)
I done got rich, now a lot of niggas nervous (They mad) I promise they with me, yeah, I taught them youngins the rules

If you want on some dangerous shit, I'll promote it If we wasn't slidin', we probably was scopin' But I don’t wanna fuck again, I don’t know why he mad [Verse 3: Pooh Shiesty]
Know I pour a four up with the mud, I had to break the seal (Mud) And I got so many bags, you would think that I work for Glad I ain't gotta took no money out of my deal We gon' dump his ass in the lake, ain't no bodies found (Ho) Uh, yeah, ball out every day (I ball) Glizzy with the auto, sweep ten shots before he jumped the gate I just be pickin' bitches out the crowd Brand new hundred, two stick, can't count (Can't count) Start strippin' 'em naked, I'm shakin' em down (Shakedown) Black Draco with the wood, they my favorite kind, understood I love performin' with hoes on stage (Yeah) I ain't do a drive-by, bitch, I did a standstill (Boom) Big booty bitch, from the back, make it tap (Tap) And we still in the hood on the green box posted Spin the block twice, nigga, that's a relap (Relap)

Lyrics to 'SoIcyBoyz 2' by Big Scarr. Young Thug & M.I.A. Now these red-bottoms bleedin' on my feet like a virgin (Like a virgin) End of the day, buyin' new guns, we active [Verse 4: Big Scarr] [Verse 1: Big Scarr & Pooh Shiesty] Yup, yup. Ain’t no body come up DOA I'll kill him and you 'bout to feel it (Ho) And I just been with a sister named Curry I done came up, hoes sayin' I'm cocky (I'm cocky) He mad about that ho but she somethin’ I already had (Fool) Talk down I'ma hit you in the eye like Floyd (Like Floyd) Poppin' my shit, all my hoes say I'm toxic (Too cocky) [Verse 2: Big Scarr] CGE, 1017, double R, yeah, we got ‘em mad (Brrt) Yup, yup SoIcyBoyz – Big Scarr Lyrics Letra: Thirty bad hoes in the hotel lobby (The hotel lobby)

Big booty bitch, from the back, make it tap (Tap)

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