blues brothers 2000 filming locations

I love sites like this. Also, they were prepared for the church windows across 59 being blown out and their crew had them replaced in time for Sunday morning services.Tom Whittle. This is absolutely not true. |

59 and there was a burned-out gas station where no station had been before.

There was a Curl Up and Dye on N Clark Street. Actually the tunnel was a replica of the old Chicago train tunnels. Thank you for the info and for pointing out my mistake. Right there, there is a sign that says "200 South Wacker". One of my fav things to do is watch classic movies like BB and go and find the scenes as they look today on Google Earth.While I generally enjoy the fun of the hunt, sometimes, things have changed so much that you just cannot do it with Google Earth alone.To that end, I am looking for the scene where Jake and Elwood exit LWD, jump the police car, and then go back to Lower Wacker Drive. ?Where is this place where they jump the police car, then go back down a ramp to underground, between two upper lanes?Does it still exist? They face The Blues Brothers in a Battle of the Bands. [4], The film was originally intended to include Brother Zee Blues (Jim Belushi, brother of John Belushi). Movie Location: B. The truck jump took place around the Dundee Road overpass (over Rt. So the verdict is the aforementioned Wauconda address is erroneous? For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

Was the jail at the very end cook county jail??? Before Cabel can arrest them he has an epiphany brought on by Reverend Cleophus that he should join the band instead of being a police officer - and magically trades in his police uniform for a Blues Brothers black suit, black hat and sunglasses. It is not a replica of the old Chicago train tunnels. Elwood Blues: MovieWeb This marks the first time on-screen that the Blues Brothers Band played with their original keyboardist. Looking E on Hubbard from LaSalle. The tunnel scene is by the lincoln Park zoo Chicago! Solomon Gordon, Henning Baum, Leighanne Esperanzate, Mit Blues Brothers 2000 has a few points in its favor. The band evades capture once more now with Cabel joining them who the police believe they have brainwashed. East 95th Street Bridge, Chicago, , Illinois, USA. The Playlist Global Film Locations. I live on Bang's Lake in Wauconda. It has now been corrected. Vor allem Dan Aykroyd der die Rolle spielt wie eh und je, auch John Goodman sowie der sensationelle J. Evans Bonifant ergänzen die neuen Blues Brothers ungemein.

During the final chase scene through Chicago, we see Jake and Elwood driving their beaten up old Police Car right through the glass doors of the Richard J Daley Center. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. The opening is 99% right. Have the character Lloyd, and the gas tank trucker left before the explosion in the movie? ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and 35 Other Movie Sequels That Took Forever to Hit the Screen (Photos). Directed by Landis, the film stars Aykroyd and John Goodman, with cameo appearances by various musicians. Assuming 53, at this time, never reached as far as Lake Cook Road? Yes No. I'm absolutely amazed ! The Louisiana Gator Boys sind eine Blues Supergroup, die eigens für den Film Blues Brothers 2000 zusammengestellt wurde, um in einem musikalischen Wettstreit gegen die Blues Brothers anzutreten. Jake Blues (John Belushi) and his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) discover that the orphanage where they were raised will be closed down unless the tax on the property can be paid in 11 days. The film is dedicated to John Belushi, Cab Calloway, and John Candy, cast members from the original film who had died … great compilation....seen this movie 28 times at the original chicago theatre, several double n triple features at a time...also was on the corner of dearborn and washington on day of filming siege of city hall. Three members (Steve "The Colonel" Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn and Tom "Bones" Malone) work at a radio station and quickly agree to join, Alan "Mr Fabulous" Rubin (who now works as a funeral director) is forced to join against his will after Elwood insults the Russian mafia (for whom Mr Fabulous has organised a funeral) again, and finally Murphy Dunne joins after his boss at a call center gives him permission. 80's Action Comedy Crime Movie Homes. id love to see the tunnel where they hid out and richard j daley plaza. It is part of the Lincoln Park foot paths that run through the park and it is still in use. Mother Mary Stigmata: They didn't shoot anything that night, were going to shoot the gas station blowing up on Sat. ‘Bill and Ted Face The Music’: The Long-Awaited Third Installment Is A Cheery Delight [Review], 15 January 2020 Inhaltlich gibt’s eigentlich nichts was aus oder fortgeführt werden könnte, aber der Film ... Wir präsentieren euch die ultimative Rangliste – auch wenn ihr natürlich alle wieder anderer Meinung sein werdet! Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles, Ask Me To Find A Filming Location Or To Make A Suggestion, L.A.'s Filming Location Expert's Photostream, (0:00)  Opening Credits Showing The Smokestacks / Gary Works; Gary, Indiana, (0:01)  The Prison / Joliet Correctional Center; 1125 Collins Street, Joliet, (0:09)  The Bridge They Jump / E. 95th Street Bridge; Chicago (Note: This Is A Block East Of S. Chicago Avenue), (0:10)  The Entry To The Orphanage / 18th Street At Normal Avenue, Chicago, (0:17)  The Church / Pilgrim Baptist Church; 3235 E. 91st Street, Chicago, (0:25)  Running The Red Light / S. Cumberland Avenue And W. Talcott Road, Park Ridge, (0:25)  The Light Was Yellow Sir Pullover Location / 729 S. Cumberland Avenue, Park Ridge (Note: The Side Of The House Shown In The Movie Was On Gillick Street), (0:27)  The Intersection Where The Chase Begins As They Make The Left Hand Turn / They Are On Glenlake Avenue Turning Left Or North On Courtland Avenue, Park Ridge, (0:27)  The Crazy Intersection / W. Talcott Road, Courtland Avenue And Devon Avenue, Park Ridge, (0:28)  The Mall / The Old Dixie Square Mall; 15201 S. Dixie Highway, Harvey (Note: The Mall Has Since Been Torn Down), (0:32)  Driving Downtown Chicago / State Street And W. Randolph Street, Chicago, (0:32)  Elwood Parking The Bluesmobile / Behind 315 S. Plymouth Court And Behind 314 S. State Street, Chicago (Note: This Alley Is Still There But The Small Building Where He Parks the Car Is Long Gone.

The Illinois state police arrive, but stand down after Cabel informs them that he is all right and with the band by choice. From the four corners, the camera is on the bridge side with the car driving towards it. [5], The film grossed a little over $14 million in box office sales in North America. Elwood Blues: So, some editing must have taken place??

Like the film on which it based, it was poorly received. 63 cars were used in the scene after Elwood says to the band, "Don't look back." He is picked up by Matara, a friend who works for his former drummer Willie Hall, who wants to help him get back on his feet.

$6,129,615 Besetzung und Stab von Blues Brothers 2000, Regisseur: John Landis. There are two tunnels in that section and this is the Easternmost tunnel. [8] Roger Ebert gave the film 2 stars, saying, "The film is lame comedy surrounded by high-energy blues (and some pop, rock and country music). So, while I'm here, can anyone tell me what Chicago building this is? Before meeting up with Willie, Elwood asks to be dropped off to see Sister Mary Stigmata who is now working at a hospital after the St Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage was closed, despite Jake and Elwood's actions in the previous film. Blues Brothers 2000 is a 1998 American musical comedy film that is a sequel to the 1980 film The Blues Brothers, written and produced by John Landis and Dan Aykroyd. Besetzung: Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman, Joe Morton, James Brown. Sie sind wieder unterwegs - und wiederum im Auftrag des Herrn. There are also much good music, almost as good as the original. I, Chas Demster, own the copyright to all original photographs shown on unless otherwise credited and noted in which those contributors own the rights to their photographs. It only lacks a brief explanation on why the red car turns up (most likely because the manager made a phone call). Mother Mary Stigmata: Collins Street, Joliet, , Illinois, USA. "[9], Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B-" on an A+ to F scale.[10].

The Blues Brothers (1980) Film Locations. z. There were no stores operating. Yes No. Mousette accepts the band into the battle; however, at the song's conclusion, Elwood, Mack, and Cabel are turned into hollow plastic statues, forcing the band to stay overnight. © It wasn't 'set to close'. But Buster inspires Elwood to give an impassioned speech defending blues music, and the band relents, accompanying him again - save Blue Lou, who, in a rare show of intelligence, goes to get fuel for the Bluesmobile. We paid Harvey to do what we wanted to the mall. If you're still looking for the location of the tunnel, I found this online: "The secret underground entrance where the Blues brothers sneak into (and later escape from) the theater was a tunnel off Cannon Drive under West La Salle Drive in Lincoln Park in Chicago, which has since been replaced.GPS Coordinates:41.912477,-87.629299". No 'remaining stores', no 'shutting down for repairs'. Theme images by, Thank You To My Friend Danny Schnolis From. Global Film Locations. 104 cars were wrecked during filming. Es gibt nur eine einzige Sprache der Welt, die jeder versteht - und das ist die Sprache des Blues.


We received no warning, so one night there was a huge explosion and I thought my furnace had blown up. Grrrrr.

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