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Go down the stairs and now go up the larger, central staircase. Continue going up the stairs, then go right and go up another set of stairs (they are right next to the Locked Chest). Go behind the archs and go right underneath the stairs (hidden passage by the way). Return down the stairs that are next to the Locked Chest and go up the stairs on the right side of it. Make sure to bring Alfyn or Cyrus for their info-gathering skills. Travel to Stonegard and look for the Erstwhile Bodyguard, who is on the right side of the fountain in the Heights section of town. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us. We did get one before (when we first came here), but we needed to go to an high level area, but we're more than ready to tackle it. This is who we're here for. Of course, the bodyguard is in the way, so you'll need to Provoke him. Being on the forefront of design and manufacture we are consistently investing resource in to research and development. Before you follow them, continue going left following the lower path to find a chest with 9,400G. For over 40 years we have forged strong working partnerships within the Rail, Petrochemicals, Utilities, Construction and Retail industries. Return to the bottom and go west past the Save Point now. We have a couple of quests to do here. When behind them, move UP and you'll go up some stairs that'll take you to a locked chest with Hasty Helm. This is the one we previously got, so let's get to it, shall we? Before that, however, head to the east side of the first area of Stonegard and speak to Russell in the house. Time to move to the next town, Saintsbridge! Return and continue going up the stairs to find yet another chest, this one with Healing Grape Bunch. Octopath Traveler has sold over two million units! With this we're finally done with Stonegard! Start by exiting Stonegard and follow the road until you reach the sign post. It is activated by speaking to the Passionate Youth standing to the east of the square in Riverford. Today we are one of the leading suppliers of Safety Clothing, PPE and Tools. Speak to him and you'll start a sidequest. Feel free to contribute the topic. Don't forget that you can use items during these duels, so keep an eye on your health. A Pub, A Guard, and a Path In search of her master Z’aanta, H’aanit arrives in Stonegard. This one is pretty simple and we'll be needing either Cyrus or Alfyn for this. Open it up for a Bright Stone. Scrutinize/Inquire him for the Gravekeeper's Information info. Go south towards West Stonegard Pass and once here, go west until you reach the save point. Bodyguard Workwear Ltd has been established since 1975. Go up a second set of stairs to find a chest to the north with Curious Antique. The Hidden Hoard is a side story in Octopath Traveler. Go up the stairs first and west when you can to find a chest at the end of the hall with Bottle of Blinding Dust inside. Inquire/Scrutinize The Fall of House Landar from him, then return to the questgiver to finish. You need to Scrutinize/Inquire them to obtain some info about the History of that area. 50% off in NA and Europe to celebrate 27 No Subclass Alfyn solo help 0 Octopath Traveler officially revealed for PC, June 7 release date confirmed 1 It’s end. Octopath Traveler has sold over two million units! Octopath Traveler has sold over two million units! Here's a list of their locations: Once you have all 3 pieces of info, return to Russell and talk to him to complete your quest after some more backstory about what happened. Time to go in! Fast travel back to Stonegard and give the Inquiring Youth the info to complete the quest, FINALLY! He is present only after Ophilia's Chapter 4 is completed. 50% off in NA and Europe to celebrate 27 No Subclass Alfyn solo help 0 Octopath Traveler officially revealed for PC, June 7 release date confirmed 1 She begins her search in the pub, somewhere she’s sure to … Return and go up the stairs now. So, use Linde to break the bodyguard (hopefully she'll use Pounce), then use a stronger monster when he is broken. Go left up here and you'll see some stairs behind the stone archs going up. I hope “Octopath Traveler: All Armor List” helps you. If you go to the upper area, Stonegard Heights, you'll see another quest marker. As you move inside, you'll reach a split with a Save Point. Before you move, note the stairs to your left. So begins the tale of "Russell's Repentance". We need to visit a couple towns and look for a person called Know-it-all. You'll see a rather useless Save Point up here, but most importantly, a Nameless Gravekeeper NPC. You'll see a ton of rubble on the right side of this area, and you can also see a chest to the north in between the archs. So ends the tale of "Russell's Repentance". From here go south all the way until you reach the entrance to the Tomb of Kings. Orlick is a boss associated with the second chapter of Therion's story. 50% off in NA and Europe to celebrate, Octopath Traveler officially revealed for PC, June 7 release date confirmed, Octopath Traveler PC release date leaked, arrives June 7, Octopath Traveler is coming to PC according to Korea ratings board, Octopath Traveler celebrates 1.5 million sales with two new titles. Like before, if you're doing this at this point in the game, you won't have any issues whatsoever with the enemies in here. This is a really long hallway, but go up the stairs at the end and go right when possible to find a chest with Fire Soulstone (L). With a strength of five, the bodyguard isn't too troublesome, and is weak to spears.

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