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Bogan baby names are back for another year, and we have some absolute crackers on the list. Every year we crown the winners of our favourite all Aussie monikers , and here are this year's picks! Ok, seriously what is with the trend of naming your newborn after dangerous weapons?!? Name your son Chaton and he’s guaranteed to change it to Axe or Blade when he’s old enough. The end of the word sounds like the growling of a tiger! Everything surrounding smoking, despite its many and varying health-related consequences, seems to be such a laugh. Not to be said that everyone who drives one is a dickhead. Maybe it’s the fact that old mates Damo and Darren made Centrelink a very broad comedic matter through their online clips, or the varying meme pages that count themselves as fans (or the opposite) of this national beauty. Trying to jazz up her name with a double “Z” and a modern “-bella” ending is an odd choice in my books. Chaton means "kitten" in French so probably not the best option for your son.

Just say no.

It’s absurd. We have just read the list and it has left us wondering just what some parents think when making one of the most permanent decisions for their newborn baby.

I know you’ve loved this moniker since childhood, but I really think you should let it go. I would have thought parents in 2020 would have been a little too young to be paying tribute to Elvis? You knew there would be at least one virus-inspired name on this list, right?

Oh, I see what you did there! Exhibit B on the dangerous weapons list. All the Braxten/Jaydyn/J’zaydens of years past have melted into a big ugly puddle in my mind. I get that 2020 is a strange year, but naming your daughter after a curse or a plague is probably not going to make things better.

Are you not just setting your little baby boy up to suffer years of torment and end up in a world of crime? Brace yourselves for the bogan ride of your life.

Source: iStock, RELATED: The top bogan baby names all time.

The only problem was that she didn’t pronounce it “cha-BLEE” like the French wine region, but “TCHA-bliss”.

As you’ll see in the boys’ section, there’s a real trend towards violent first names.

Either way, it is a no from me, try again. So, without further ado here are the Top 20 Aussie Bogan Names for 2020 and trust us they will not disappoint! This seems to have become quite prevalent in my school years, where I notice all the little drug-related things people my age say or do when talking about drugs. If you think back a few years now, you would remember the popularity the name Jax had but again Gen-Y has tried to spice up the shortened Jax by adding "tynn" to the end. I guess people are feeling tense about the year’s events, but a wee baby girl called PISTOL? There is, however, a broadly viewed dickhead scene associated with these vehicles. I thought Axe was bad, but Dagger? Ok, so admittedly I didn't know what this one was, but after some research, you will find that it is a California forest scorpion. Even if you’re a diehard Elvis fan, why would you want to name your child after his Memphis mansion?

Naming your child after a stinging insect is a big no from me.

Seriously guys what on earth are you thinking! Source: iStock. This is another fantastic example of a foreign word that sounds cute but doesn’t make any sense. May as well starting naming children Febecca and Wavid then, hey?

But apparently not, but seriously guys couldn’t you have found another way to honour the music legend.

While there were countless ones to choose from, some of the other appellations – such as Covid, Lockdown and Sanitiser – were used by parents in foreign countries who may have reasons I don’t understand for choosing them. Come on, parentals. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. Let's get this spelling error one fixed, please.

It seems to draw the bogans (including me) in droves. Traditionally it’s associated with a win of sorts, but is quite patronising. Example: “Oi Kyle let’s go punch a dart”. Or maybe Chaton will opt for Dagger!

But, the statement “she’ll be right’ is unequivocally one of the best healing statements to bring to the table.

Change it now.

Not sure this even counts as an acceptable name in any way, shape or form.

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There seems to be very close ties between Centrelink and bogan culture. Want to join the family? I’m not superstitious at all, but this is too much even for me. I was happy to note that there were fewer spelling massacres this year, but this butchering of “Chloe” nearly knocked me off my chair. There is nothing better than driving a Commodore than, well, basically anything that isn’t driving a Commodore. Chablis is floating around with the pronunciation "TCHA-bliss". The word can be used in many different ways, which is what makes it so popular and diverse. It’s an onomatopoeia!

02 October 2020. Newsflash: your kid will hate it.

It’s been well-established that celebrities are not a reputable resource for baby naming and this instance is no different.

This Honestee-ly hurts my soul, like come on guys did you really need to "level-up" the original spelling?

I’m already not a huge fan of the next-gen virtue names, but a misspelt one to boot? Now there are good and bad things about boys culture. Maybe it’s the low-cost of most of its products, or the pure amount of random shit they sell, but it’s just such a beautiful place. According to the Hebrew Bible, Jezebel was one of the original bad girls.

Don’t get me wrong – the unity and harmonious way “the boys” operates is a beautiful thing, but at times, boys culture can be pretty poor. Just when I thought the random insertion of X’s and Y’s into children’s names was over, this little fella pops up.

Maybe it’s the low-cost of most of its products, or the pure amount of random shit they sell, but it’s just such a beautiful place. I’m still yet to discover an Australian shop with quite the level of notoriety for bogan-ness that Kmart has. Jax was bad enough so, Jaxtynn is a definite no from me. There are so many alternatives…. Bogan baby names are back for another year, and we have some absolute crackers on the list. Seriously, guys, you are naming your baby boy after a hand tool/dangerous weapon? may receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. It means “kitten” in French for crying out loud! I’m fairly sure it’s the first time I encounter this particular train wreck, but I can’t be sure. I was already mildly shocked when monikers such as Blaze and Diesel started appearing a few years ago, but these are next lev. Shudder. Probs, not guys.

Honestlee, this hurts my head. ALL of the Karen memes. In addition to weapon names, there also seems to be an animal theme this year. From the original Hebrew name Jezebel, these youngsters of today have again gone and tried to Gen-Y this one by adding a double "Z" and then chucking Bella on the end. Published by the licencee of WAVE FM,Wollongong Broadcasters Pty. HOW did I manage to miss this wine-inspired epithet?!

Common “boys” things are: Victoria Bitter, The Chats, Skegss, “Yeah The Boys” etc. Yes, the coronavirus has had a massive impact on 2020 but did you really need to shorten it to 'Corona' and start using it as a baby name? “Oi you got baccy for mix?” “Oi surely tick me til Wednesday” etc. If you’re going to choose a word that means “cool” for your kid, pick one that’s more modern.

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Uroctonus mordax is otherwise known as the California forest scorpion.

An attempt to disguise the name (Karren) that has coped ALOT of heat this year, but seriously you are not fooling anyone!

Have times changed enough for a Jaguar to be embraced?

But, much can be said about the cultural significance of driving one of those bad boys, and it does find itself being an icon of ‘boys culture’. WTAH. Examples: “He’s a good c**t,” “She’s a mad c**t,” “Mate, that bloke is well and truly a c**t and I can’t stand him!” “Throw this c**t on the barbeque, aye?”.

Every year we crown the winners of the most bogan baby names, and this year did not disappoint!

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Hmmm, OK. We’re over Kevin, so we’re just going to swap in a “J”? Back in my day, a boy named Jaguar would’ve been teased right off the playground. I don’t mind a good old stinging insect, but I’m not sure it makes for a good baby name.

But disguising “Karen” as “Carryn” doesn’t fool anyone, mama.

Do you want your son to turn out to be a 'dagger' wielding maniac?

Nothing soothes a painful time better than a good ol’ “she’ll be right.”, Example: “Car’s broken down three hours from home. We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.

Like there is nothing feminine about calling your baby girl Pistol, what were you thinking!

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