bridgestone b330 review

Ball ok until I was chipping . Bridgestone B330 Golf Balls 2014 Review. I’ve tried the rx and rxs. When I first heard about the Bridgestone B330-RX golf ball, I shook my head. The E series doesn’t have a urethane cover like the B330 series, so you lose the soft feel and iron and wedge spin. What I was referring to in my intro is the fact that over the last few years I’ve interacted with hundreds and hundreds of golfers in lessons and fittings, and most of them are “14 handicaps” who hit it “250, maybe 270” and, most of the time, neither of these things prove to be true. The Noodle is 1 club longer for me throughout the bag--than the pro v1x, with the driver being about 12-15 yards further than the x. And indeed, the Bridgestone Tour B330 RX really delivers, being built from 300,000+ ball fittings and featuring a specially designed AMATOURcore, which is very soft indeed, which is designed for maximizing compression, translating into longer distance. Our testers had a very mixed bag of feelings about the greenside spin that these balls offered. Titleist Pro-V1x, Bridgestone B330, Taylor Made Penta TP. It has a slightly 'quieter' sound and softer feel on chips, pitches and putts, in some ways comparable to the Pro VI. I ended up choosing the RX because I was marginally longer than I was with the 330 S or the RX S – so I took the best combo of spin and distance that I could find and will be playing it for the next two years. (We respect privacy and keep all emails confidential). If you’re not gettin paid to play the Titleist, try ’em, the whole line’s excellent, as are the “e” series. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Just started using these and I'm very impressed. Again, the test group came to the same conclusions I did. In fact, what many golfers can look forward to is longer drives, more birdie putts and lower scores. And about chipping and putting... That's where these balls really take some getting used to, in my opinion. We had everything from “Each ball performed flawlessly” to one tester rating the B330-RXS a 4/10 for spin. Multiple rounds can be played with this golf ball - assuming you don't deposit it in a lake or the backyard of a large dog. Even though we are from up north we love to try and play all year! Normally use prov1. I’m just here trying to provide what information I can so that people can make the best decision for their game. However, my club had a long driving contest as part of it’s final event of the season. | Your email address will not be published. RX didn't check and stop as well. If your clubhead speed is 105 MPH or less, you're in luck, Bridgestone offers two delicious options. I am a 5 handicap golfer with a swing speed of about 93-95 with a driver and the marketing (hype or not) targets my swing speed or slower. No spin rates, distance, etc.

The thing won't spin at all! Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Balls The Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Ball offers a reformulated mantle layer and Dual Dimple technology. I might try the B330 to see if they get me my 5-10 yards back without sacrificing the feel around the green, but we'll see. Whether you choose to play this ball or not, at least tip your cap to Bridgestone for developing the B330-RX and opening a new world of choice. |

Definitely not like a Pro-V. Just the right amount. Due to their special composite material used in the core, Bridgestone achieved a high level of performance using just one layer, while other companies use two or three, thus providing you, the player, with a smooth energy transfer upon driver impact and thus more power. Where I had used a 6 iron, I now use a 7 iron and these balls stop dead or even spin back a bit. All Rights Reserved. The concept of providing a Tour level ball for amateur swing speeds seemed ridiculous and improbable to accomplish.

- Compression Video Buy a lot of balls that day fellows! I have been using these balls for over 2 years now and I have been very impressed with all the main features a tour ball should give you. It's not the softest ball Bridgestone offers but it's competitive in this area across the board. I found a Tour B330rx and used it after hitting a ProV1x out of bound. All Rights Reserved. Drives further than ever. I lose about 20 yards off the driver compared to a distance ball, but the feel off my irons is great and that has led to more GIR. Not used by online for 30% less than local stores. The wide majority of golfers swing well under 105 miles per hour, so a golf ball that is noticeably firmer would have a negative impact on slower swingers. As compared to other balls that we have tested this year, the Bridgestone is slightly above average when it comes to wedge spin. Nothing really objective here…”seemed” and “felt” doeskin really give me anything of substance. The testers rated the balls anywhere from “Average” to “Soft” with most people not differentiating too much between the different models. This is a great ball for those who aren't interested in working their tee shots left-to-right or right-to-left, and prefer instead to swing for the fences with a full bore move. I liked the middle two possibilities the best for – I did in fact spin the RX and 330 S about the same and a bit more than the B330. As always, sound and feel are a matter of personal preference. Bridgestone claims this golf ball's cover has 'innovative self-repairing formulation,' which sounds ridiculous and brings to mind an image of golf played by aliens in outer space. Equipment Spotlight: Premium brand Thomas Golf - Custom golf clubs with Shot Accuracy Technology, Drivers | Woods | Hybrids | Irons + Wedges | Putters | Chippers | Accessories | Clearance, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,GW,SW,LWRight Handed / Left Handed, Only $109 eachIncludes Free Pro-Fitting Service, My Account | Sitemap | Support This Site | Suggest A Tip, Golf Info Guide copyright 1998-2020, Privacy Policy, Golf Club Choice, In Between Clubs on Approach Heres What to do Video - by Pete Styles, Do Any Top Professionals Use Golf Hybrid Clubs Video - by Peter Finch, Solving The Balance Equation In Your Golf Swing Video - by Pete Styles, Basic Fundamentals Of Striking The Golf Irons Video - by Peter Finch, Click Here for a Free Professional Fitting for Custom Clubs. The Dual Dimple pattern offers superior aerodynamics and enhanced wind performance. I suggest checking the drives with a range finder. But I definitely lost about 5-10 yards off of my irons. I am a former Tour Professional. Pitch the ball like Steve Stricker or Paula Creamer. Driver distance: Approximately 10 - 15 yds longer than the Pro-V. Great feel off the driver.

The unique dimple-inside-a-dimple pattern for each of the 330 dimples on the Bridgestone golf ball creates tremendous stability through the wind. And everyone’s a 4 hdcp or below.And 4-6 are pros(actually assts.).

If you want more spin then go with the B330 RXS. But I must say that the ball falls far short on durability. I played with a young club pro last year who everyone was impressing the group with as how far he was hitting it. Just from a feel perspective the B330RXS and the Callaway Chrome Soft are quite comparable.

Bridgestone got the last laugh, however, as the new model became a best-seller, an award-winner and – in the companys accurate words – “created a new category of golf ball.”. Both stopped by the cup within 6 inches and the others were all within gimme range. But since the main thing I don't like about a Pro-V is that it feels like a marshmallow to me, this is just fine by me. In general, it spins slightly more than the B330 but still at a level that's within reason. Edit – Just went back and reread the performance section. The feel off the putter is nothing special, but definitely not bad. I would guess that you’ll see much more spin with your wedges. The B330S is w/o a doubt my favorite ball on the market. The biggest difference that I found was between the B330 and the B330-RX with a 7I: it was a 2% gap. Amazing. The B330RX is slightly harder and louder than the B330 model, but again that's one of those intangible characteristics best determined by personal preference. I feel like I’ve been a bit redundant in this space, but I’ll go ahead and say it again: the durability of these golf balls is quite good across the board. Read alot about this ball before I bought a sleeve and tried it out. This ball feels great on a wedge or putter. The B330 spun the least by a considerable margin, and the B330-RXS spun the most. Bought B330-rx recently. About 25% of golfers swing faster than 105 miles per hour, which is tour-level speed. Huh? For my part, if someone on here says they hit it 300, I have no reason not to believe them. Is your clubhead speed 105 MPH or higher?

Your email address will not be published. Just bought my second box and will continue to play them as they suit my 90mph swing speed better than the Titleist. Probably 5 yards in the fairway, 10 out of the rough compared to my normal shots.

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