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Most of their grilled food is different types of … You might think that all soups come hot, but not this one! We stick with the less intimidating bean soup. We later found out that this is the best vegan restaurant in the city (probably the country). Tarator is a cold soup made from yogurt, cucumbers, walnuts, garlic, and dill. If you’ve heard anything about Bulgarian food or Balkan food in general, you’ve likely heard it’s meat and dairy heavy. The most traditional kind is tripe soup. And it’s true – this does play a big part in traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Their yogurt is a homemade cashew version. Don’t miss the chance to try tarator, a classic vegetarian Bulgarian dish. Your email address will not be published. Very informative indeed!! Bulgarians are very proud of their traditional cuisine and local wine and rakija. If you’ve got any knowledge about being vegan in Bansko under you hat, do share it with us in the comments or over on our Facebook page. It’s a light meal for one of those days when you don’t feel like eating too much. On your plate you will find grilled peppers, eggplant, onions, tomatoes and zucchini. There are so, so many it seems and we are learning about even more places now! , not a country known for it’s vegan cuisine, but so far we’ve been pleasantly surprised about how well being vegan in Bulgaria has gone.

Read more about Sofia in this comprehensive Sofia guide. Yeah it was rubbish with the egg curry :( And since they didn’t use ghee, I thought I’d be in luck and that’d it’d be vegan. All great and you can find them on Happy Cow. These include an apartment, various rooms in the guest house, even a 6 bedroom apartment if you’re traveling in a group! There always seems like so many vegetarian options on the menu that you can just pick one, but vegan options aren’t on the menu. She enjoys eating and photographing all the vegan food that Veren cooks. A bowl of tarator soup will taste amazing on a hot summer day when you don’t want to eat anything too heavy. The menu at Dream House is vegetarian but mostly vegan, with options clearly marked. Good luck with your next two weeks :). One of the key ingredients in this bean soup is the spices which give it a very nice flavor. @2019 - AlternativeTravelers. My number one tip is to stop thinking you’re limited to what’s written on the menu. Bulgarian vegetarian dishes Bean Soup. The best place to have it is in a mehana. If you’re a fan of mint or thyme spice then this is for you! This week has been much more up and down for us, but we’ve had a lot of support and advice from the vegan travel community (thanks, guys) and that’s helped to pick us up at our lower points. She’s also passionate about teaching and has worked as ESL teacher in Macedonia. While we didn’t make it to SupaStar in our trip, it’s worth including in this vegan Sofia guide as several other vegans and vegetarians recommended it.

Bulgarian cuisine is diverse in every region of the country, so if you travel to different parts of Bulgaria ask for local recommendations. She enjoys traveling, so one of her favourite topics to write about is traveling and exploring places. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Traditionally a common stew served at Bulgarian monasteries. They make their own tempeh and seitan which features widely in their dishes. The solution is probably to be braver and start asking if there’s anything vegan or if something can be rustled up. Last weekend we flew out to. It is typically between 40% ABv to up to 60% ABV. When I landed in Sofia, I walked out of the dingy Soviet airport and into the sun, only to find myself surrounded on most sides by snow-capped mountains. They are welcoming and they love to talk to foreigners. Clicking on these links will never cause you to pay an additional fee.
Most visitors won’t stay long enough in Sofia to exhaust all their options. Add in the four locations of Sun Moon, and you have twelve spots for vegetarian food .in Sofia This might not seem like much if you’re used to vegan hot spots like the, This site uses cookies. They said yes, but maybe they were just trying to shut me up. This does nothing but do a disservice to fellow vegan travelers (not to mention also not challenging places to do better with constructive criticism)! Great vegetarian dish. Privacy Policy. You can always ask for it without. Bulgarians are very proud of this soup! The Most Common Digital Nomad Myths – BUSTED! Bulgarian-style grill 3. Great vegetarian dish. They’re a soup spot with a soup bar and other lunch options like salads and sandwiches. This Loving Hut offers dishes like quiche, pizza, sandwiches, raw soups, smoothies, and salads. Now there’s a lot of snow here. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I am sorry to hear you are not lucky with Mix of Figs, actually the guys are doing well – the pizzas are tasty. Recently though, a similar situation happened where I was served meat (twice on the same day!! Not many people associate Russia with a country having a wide variety of vegan food. They looked good, smelled good and had the flakiest pastry. While it is not totally vegan, it is still a step in the right direction. Massive high point #1. I visited Sofia as part of a vegan Lent trip with Caitlin of The Vegan Word and Laura of Vegan Vs Travel, who met us in Belgrade (check out her Vegan Belgrade guide).

But despite all of that, we’ve enjoyed being vegan in Bulgaria exploring the vegan scene in, (yes, there are a number of vegan restaurants that exist in Bulgaria! This is one of those dishes that usually contain minced meat, but you can definitely find a vegan version of it. Before taking the bus here, I grabbed some vegan snacks from the supermarket – including these delicious dried apple slices – as well as some vegan cookies from the vegan bakery. The coffee was so watery and tasteless that neither Caitlin nor I could finish it, and we’re avid coffee drinkers. Every mehana offers different types of soup. Read more about us. and I’m really enjoying it but it can still be tricky at times. Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this stew won’t be filling enough. Their plates are around 6 BGN ($3.50/3 euros), so extremely reasonably priced. On this trip, Caitlin and I stayed at Canape Connection, a lovely guesthouse that’s perfectly located for vegans. Smilyanski fasul: another bean soup, made with Smilyan beans. The staff is super lovely and helpful. I realise that probably many people feel the same about meat dishes when travelling, but vegetarianism is so ingrained in us that we never think that way about meat. Oil is also ok as long as its not animal fat/lard. Yes, for sure. This is another soup that can be found on every menu in Bulgarian restaurants. Your email address will not be published. The restaurant itself has a beautiful, airy space with large wooden tables and huge windows that streamed sunlight into the room. I ordered a takeaway curry last weekend and found out that they cook with oil not ghee… then the curry arrived with egg in it! Lozovi sarmi is one of the most authentic vegan Bulgarian dishes.

All Balkan countries incorporate a lot of salads and soups in their diet. because it was so much like filo pastry (which usually has butter). Photography or text cannot be used without permission. I hope that you find some delicious vegan food during your travels in Bulgaria! I’m still undecided about veganism longer term. By getting creative with salads and relishes that are normally listed as starters, you’ll be able to assemble yourself a filling, traditional vegan Bulgarian meal! However, we are glad that this vegan franchise exists as they’re all around the world. There is a rotating selection of homemade desserts, and the cheesecake we had was quite delicious. The fact that all Balkan countries have similar cuisine shouldn’t discourage you from trying traditional food. Veda House was just a few steps away from our guest house, and a lovely place to spend an evening or day if you’ve got some work to get done. Mix of Figs had quite a few customers when we were there, so it must be popular! Perhaps the most difficult thing about being vegan in Bulgaria though – aside from the language barrier – is that it’s just not a concept that people in Bulgaria are all that familiar with. So don’t feel too down at your attempts, which are to be praised and admired, especially while travelling and being unable to be in total control of your food preparation.

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