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But I digress. The chain tried to initially launch a breakfast menu in 1985 but pulled the plug after just nine months of slinging eggs. High 41F. The efforts paid off and the sandwich definitely boosted the brand's status, and in 2008, Anderson reported that Wendy's was developing a "Go Wrap" chicken sandwich to its "snack and value" menu, but this time in an effort to appeal to women. You'll see why I get these two monster belly-busters mixed up. Thank you for reading! Contrast: The only differences I can tell are, the Bacon King has four slices of cheese, the Baconator only two. I’m sorry to say that I can’t provide that assessment for you. With bacon! Have you ever noticed that mounds of red and white goo rarely are? Of course it’s also possible that the precious seconds BK employees save not spacing out the bacon are better spent on more critical activities, such as siphoning gallons of black sludge out of the broiler before it either reaches critical mass or gains rudimentary sentience. ", This week I reached out for a two-pack of Rolled Chicken Tacos, which are back by popular demand -- just short of torches and pitchforks -- at…. Yes, only 9 years after Wendy’s introduced the Baconator in 2007, Burger King has finally gotten around to copying the sandwich exactly. Good one. writer Ken Hoffman, when he first compared the two, the only difference he could detect was a few more cheese slices on the Bacon King and the presence of sesame seeds on the bun (the Baconator's bun was/is sesame seed-less). Who can forget where they were when they first learned of the Wendy's Baconator? Wendy's president Kurt Kane described the Baconator breakfast sandwich fillings as, "a fresh-cracked egg, signature sausage patty and six strips of Applewood smoked bacon." Total calories: 1,040. The bacon cheeseburger arrived in a full-on blaze of glory. This week I reached out for a Baconator -- oops, I mean Bacon King burger -- at Wendy's -- I mean Burger King. We hope that you enjoy our free content. Thank you for reading! Per usual, when a new product like this comes out and makes me want to leap off something high, my first action is to go out and eat the thing so I can speak from some position of dubious authority. So, in turn, you gotta let Wendy's have the Baconator, and all its proprietary glory. Please use the button below to manage your account. Oh look, affluent-looking white people ironically enjoying a children’s hat! It furthered this message with famous ads like the Kicking Trees commercial, which was the most-watched TV commercial of June 2007, and in a way, cross-promoted the Baconator by reiterating that anything involving beef from Wendy's was gonna be fresh and tasty. While Wendy's advertising icon and founder Dave Thomas passed away in 2002, the company has always been determined to uphold his original mission of never using frozen meat, and that includes bacon. The fancy flavored Pringles don't usually make it to the sky stock. Your current subscription does not provide access to this content.

Back then, the number three burger chain was flailing and offers were on the table from rival companies. ", One would initially assume that there can't possibly be anything un-healthier than the Baconator, which is a half-pound of beef topped with six slices of bacon and American cheese, plus mayonnaise, ketchup, and a white-flour "premium bun."

Also, Wendy's bakes its bacon in-store every day, never microwaving it like other burger barns. Yes, it seems as though we do. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. In 2016, police in Milton, West Virginia got a call about a shady-seeming car milling about in a Wendy's parking lot. The Baconator touted a fresh heaping portion of bacon and beef, and those ingredients have kept people coming back.

When Burger King started selling the Bacon King burger in 2016, it felt like shade had officially been thrown at Wendy's. To say the Baconator took the fast food world by storm when it first arrived would be a bit of an understatement. Go to the card store and spend a few bucks. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You’re probably expecting a more traditional “review” at this point, describing the actual merits of the burger. Perhaps one of the most iconic fast food burgers ever, the Baconator helped put Wendy's back on the high burger sales map after a long period of struggling to compete with brands like McDonald's.

You know that one ... "Somebody's gonna get fired. It weighs in at 1,885 calories, 84 grams of fat, and 2,080 mg of sodium, while the Baconator only (ha, only) has 960 calories, 66 grams of fat, and 1,540 mg of sodium. Luckily Wendy’s and Burger King are located right next door to each other. He wrote, "The jalapeños and chipotle ranch sauce soggied [sic] up the top bun while overpowering the entire burger with slightly spicy acidity." What makes the Baconator such a mainstay? Wendy's uses fresh North American beef, never frozen. Thank you for signing in! The massive success of the Baconator in its early launch was no doubt a part of Wendy's revival both in sales and advertising. That is, I mean … it’s, uh … not terribly photogenic. Here’s what you actually get, ordering a Bacon King. They’re simply meant to be bacon delivery vehicles (BDV’s, in fast food parlance). The company couldn't seem to match the marketing magic that was Dave Thomas, until the genius invention and very catchy-named Baconator. Here's the Baconator -- I mean Bacon King blueprint: two 1/4-pound beef patties, American cheese, lots of thick-cut smoked bacon, ketchup and mayo on a bun. You have permission to edit this article. You'll excuse me for thinking I've heard and eaten this before. Wendy’s has the ‘Baconator’ while Burger King has the ‘Bacon King’. With so many similarities, and differences so negligible ... what's the bottom-line decision? Plus, if you've got a kiddie in tow, Burger King has its "10 Chicken Nuggets for $1.49" special going. You can score a free Baconator, Son of Baconator, or Breakfast Baconator with any order on the app if you enter a code found under the lid of a can of Baconator Pringles, which are available anywhere you normally purchase Pringles, except maybe airplanes.
Wendy's has a troubled history when it comes to breakfast. Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. You may be thinking (as I was) that the actual amount of bacon isn’t quite as excessive as advertised. Fat grams: 69. The Bacon King Sandwich features two ¼ lb savory flame-grilled beef patties, topped with six strips of thick-cut smoked bacon, four slices of melted American cheese, ketchup and creamy mayonnaise all sandwiched between a soft sesame seed bun. We bought both and I would like to say they both were freakishly fast in completing the order. I'm going with Burger King's Bacon King, for only one reason: Burger King flame-broils its beef patties, while Wendy's fries its patties. © 2020 Mashed.com. Here's the Baconator -- I mean Bacon King blueprint: two 1/4-pound beef patties, American cheese, lots of thick-cut smoked bacon, ketchup and mayo on a bun. On your next view you will be asked to log in to your subscriber account or create an account and subscribepurchase a subscription to continue reading. This is especially true considering that Burger King puts all of the bacon on top of the burger, free to swim through the confines of the Great Mayo Sea rather than spacing it out between the patties as Wendy’s does in the Baconator. The car contained four individuals and some Wendy's grub. Promotional Rates were found for your code. All Rights Reserved. You truly are the burger regents, in the kingdom of shameless appropriation. Former Wendy's head honcho Kerrii Anderson told The New York Times in 2007, "The legacy of Dave Thomas creates a powerful foundation for Wendy's and allows my job to be easier." And don't forget two Whopper meals for $10. The Son of Baconator is alive and well, still on the Wendy's menu today, but only has four ounces of beef, as opposed to 4.5 ounces total. That’s clearly a reasonable thing to do in the well-lit, clean, high-income neighborhood Burger King franchise that is no doubt around the corner from your abode. Total calories: 1,040. So for those who wanted a little less pork and beef, Wendy's launched a baby Baconator, dubbed the "Son of Baconator." As the Milton Police Department put it on their Facebook account, "Wendys.com shows that marijuana is not a standard ingredient for a Baconator. Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. - Six strips of bacon

Hey, a 290 calorie difference can be a deal-breaker for calorie-counting folks! Dave Thomas left a lasting legacy, of course. Isn't that cute? And I don't mean a cheap card from Walgreen's or a supermarket. Utah Valley Hospital's dedicated caregiving teams are here to take the best care of you and your loved ones. The mini version of the Baconator made you feel a little less guilty than a full Baconator, serving up much less hefty burger patties (two 2.25-ounce beef slabs versus two quarter-pounders) and four instead of six slices of bacon. Mendelsohn supposedly enhanced the Baconator by making a chili cheese version of the cheeseburger, after he had already added some bacon to the chili. Lots of bacon!
So do we have young, cheeseburger lovin' bros to thank for the Baconator? The cheeseburger was eerily similar— half a pound of beef topped with lots of bacon, cheese, ketchup, and mayo. If that's true, Burger King needs to send Wendy's a thank-you card. And why is the name "Baconator" so darn memorable? Long story short, it's not on the menu today. The Baconator vision was dreamed up while Wendy's was trying to reinvigorate both its menu and its marketing. Plenty of sunshine. The Bacon King is really a huge, tasty, beefy double bacon-stacked burger. The suspect in question tried to claim that a Wendy's employee must've put the pot in the cheeseburger. Whether you're still sketching on a napkin or have camera-ready art on disk, we can help. Today we are doing a side by side taste off. The Ohio-based fast food chain, which opened its first restaurant in Columbus back in 1969, started selling the Baconator in June of 2007. Hey, just don't call it a comeback ... actually, in this case, you probably can. Nobody is trying to take that away from you. On the way to getting there, Burger King has expanded their menu to have a wide range of selections. While nowadays this might seem like a bit of a gender stereotyping kind of ploy, we guess the numbers regarding men and fast food at the time didn't lie. Once again: Bravo, Burger King. A New York-based food critic NYC Food Guy certainly didn't give the burger a glowing review. In 2012, Wendy's tried to quell the concerns of folks who really wanted a Baconator but couldn't bring themselves to justify consuming a half a pound of beef plus six slices of bacon in one sitting. Welcome! The ole "the fast food worker put weed in between the buns" excuse works every time (it doesn't). In the meantime, let’s simply admire its no-doubt solid construction. Let's dive into the untold truth of the Wendy's bacon cheeseburger legend. They both feature: - Two 4 oz patties

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