cactus plural

Are you stuck trying to think of what the plural form of the word cactus is in the English Language? The grower makes cuts on both stock and scion and joins the two, binding them together while they unite. Examples of such protected areas in the United States include Big Bend National Park, Texas; Joshua Tree National Park, California; and Saguaro National Park, Arizona. The noun cactus has a Latin root, which is the derivation of the plural cacti. Concern for water conservation in arid regions has led to the promotion of gardens requiring less watering (xeriscaping). Flower buds, particularly of Cylindropuntia species, are also consumed. Cacti may also be described as shrubby, with several stems coming from the ground or from branches very low down, such as in Stenocereus thurberi. Mammillaria rekoi), Unusual flattened spines of Sclerocactus papyracanthus, Most ground-living cacti have only fine roots, which spread out around the base of the plant for varying distances, close to the surface. Is Cacti the Acceptable Plural Of Cactus? Their flowers may have superior ovaries (i.e., above the points of attachment of the sepals and petals), and areoles that produce further leaves. ich bin Autor und Macher von BedeutungOnline.

Wie es dazu kam, erklären wir in diesem Beitrag. [9], Pereskia clade B marks the beginnings of an evolutionary switch to using stems as photosynthetic organs. se. The cardoon stalks have been consumed in Spain and even considered a delicacy. This is discussed further below under Metabolism. [10], In addition to normal-length spines, members of the subfamily Opuntioideae have relatively short spines, called glochids, that are barbed along their length and easily shed.

[78], Cacti are used as construction materials. Most cacti—opuntias and cactoids—specialize in surviving in hot and dry environments (i.e. [22], To carry out photosynthesis, cactus stems have undergone many adaptations. [96] The minimum winter temperature required depends very much on the species of cactus involved. Ein US-Unternehmen springt in die Lücke.“, 31. Der Artikel wurde bearbeitet und ergänzt. [71] Several other species of Echinopsis, including E. peruviana, also contain mescaline. Herkunft: seit der zweiten Hälfte des 18. The prominence of these ribs depends on how much water the stem is storing: when full (up to 90% of the mass of a cactus may be water), the ribs may be almost invisible on the swollen stem, whereas when the cactus is short of water and the stems shrink, the ribs may be very visible. At night, or when the plant is short of water, the stomata close and the CAM mechanism is used to store CO2 produced by respiration for use later in photosynthesis. The center of the stem, the cortex, developed "chlorenchyma" – a plant tissue made up of relatively unspecialized cells containing chloroplasts, arranged into a "spongy layer" and a "palisade layer" where most of the photosynthesis occurs.

The cylindrical shape of columnar cacti and the spherical shape of globular cacti produce a low surface area-to-volume ratio, thus reducing water loss, as well as minimizing the heating effects of sunlight. [10] The small genus Maihuenia also relies on leaves for photosynthesis. (Hier findest du unsere Datenschutzerklärung.)

[66], L. williamsii is native to northern Mexico and southern Texas. Sie ist vergleichbar mit „Krokus“ und „Krokusse“. Mehr Infos, wie du unterstützen kannst, findest du hier. einer Spende etwas zurück.

Areoles are structures unique to cacti. It spread rapidly in the Mediterranean area, both naturally and by being introduced—so much so, early botanists assumed it was native to the area. Mehr Infos, wie du unterstützen kannst, findest du hier. You can trace the origin of the word cactus back to 1600, the word was used to describe a Spanish artichoke. und so helfen, unser Wörterbuch zu ergänzen. By contrast, caulocacti, including species of Pereskia clade B, typically delay forming bark and have stomata on their stems, thus giving the stem the potential to become a major organ for photosynthesis. [10] These may be several times the length of the above-ground body in the case of species such as Copiapoa atacamensis,[10] which grows in one of the driest places in the world, the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.

[87] Roger Brown suggests a mixture of two parts commercial soilless growing medium, one part hydroponic clay and one part coarse pumice or perlite, with the addition of soil from earthworm castings. These may only be moved between countries for scientific purposes, and only then when accompanied by both export and import permits. Their areoles identify them as cacti, and in spite of their appearance, they, too, have many adaptations for water conservation. The stem may also be ribbed or fluted in shape. Exceptions occur in three groups of cacti. Plants using the C3 mechanism lose as much as 97% of the water taken up through their roots in this way. [40] The alternative theory is the species initially crossed the Atlantic on European ships trading between South America and Africa, after which birds may have spread it more widely.[41]. This plant is actually known as a cardoon or artichoke thistle. Schon eine kleine Spende hilft BedeutungOnline weiter für dich zubetreiben und neue Artikel zu schreiben. [100][101], Grafting is used for species difficult to grow well in cultivation or that cannot grow independently, such as some chlorophyll-free forms with white, yellow or red bodies, or some forms that show abnormal growth (e.g., cristate or monstrose forms). For a more detailed discussion of the phylogeny of the cacti, see Classification of the Cactaceae. Yes, it is correct to say cactuses. Deklination von cactus, Deklinationstabellen für viele lateinische Nomen, alle Fälle. Rooting can then take place in an appropriate growing medium at a temperature of around 22 °C (72 °F). –. For the software, see, Flowers appear from the upper part of an areole, spines from the lower (, The central image in this extract from the, Although the spellings of botanical families have been largely standardized, there is little agreement among botanists as to how these names are to be pronounced. These enter the skin and are difficult to remove due to being very fine and easily broken, causing long-lasting irritation. The access of air to internal spaces within a plant is controlled by stomata, which are able to open and close. Are You Learning English? [101] A very wet growing medium can cause both seeds and seedlings to rot. Cacti in pots may be placed outside in the summer to ornament gardens or patios, and then kept under cover during the winter. This results in a relatively fixed number of spines, with flowers being produced only from the ends of stems, which are still growing and forming new areoles. Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, Joachim Heinrich Campe: Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, Danke.

[20] A further problem is that as temperatures rise, the enzyme that captures CO2 starts to capture more and more oxygen instead, reducing the efficiency of photosynthesis by up to 25%. [43] The need to attract pollinators has led to the evolution of pollination syndromes, which are defined as groups of "floral traits, including rewards, associated with the attraction and utilization of a specific group of animals as pollinators. The great majority of cactuses have no visible leaves. Melocactus species were present in English collections of cacti before the end of the 16th century (by 1570 according to one source,[57]) where they were called Echinomelocactus, later shortened to Melocactus by Joseph Pitton de Tourneville in the early 18th century. Their capital from the 15th century was Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City); one explanation for the origin of the name is that it includes the Nahuatl word nōchtli, referring to the fruit of an opuntia. Wenn du nützlich findest, dann nimm dir bitte eine Minute Zeit und gib mit einer Spende etwas zurück. Denn während „Cacti“ für den Einfluss der lateinischen Sprache auf die Benennung in der Botanik steht, steht „Cactuses“ mehr für die Umgangssprache, welche Ungenauigkeiten gern ignoriert. [23] More recent studies show that "it is highly unlikely that significant carbon assimilation occurs in the stem"; Pereskia species are described as having "C3 with inducible CAM. Species of Pereskia within clade A always lack two key features of the stem present in most of the remaining "caulocacti": like most non-cacti, their stems begin to form bark early in the plants' life and also lack stomata—structures that control admission of air into a plant and hence control photosynthesis. CAM uses water much more efficiently at the price of limiting the amount of carbon fixed from the atmosphere and thus available for growth. Bedeutungen: [1] Botanik: sukkulente Pflanze aus der Familie Cactaceae It is now used formally by the Native American Church. „Liebe Mitgliederinnen und Mitglieder“? Herkunft und Funktion des Ausrufezeichens. In situ conservation involves preserving habits through enforcement of legal protection and the creation of specially protected areas such as national parks and reserves. Although variable, they typically appear as woolly or hairy areas on the stems from which spines emerge. tus. He can be found online here. [101], Reproduction by cuttings makes use of parts of a plant that can grow roots. Wir beantworten die Frage: Was bedeutet Kaktus? "[29], In 1984, it was decided that the Cactaceae Section of the International Organization for Succulent Plant Study should set up a working party, now called the International Cactaceae Systematics Group (ICSG), to produce consensus classifications down to the level of genera. In tropical regions, other cacti grow as forest climbers and epiphytes (plants that grow on trees). Cactuses is the English plural. [59][60], The plant now known as Opuntia ficus-indica, or the Indian fig cactus, has long been an important source of food. [85] Another issue is the hardness of the water; where it is necessary to use hard water, regular re-potting is recommended to avoid the build up of salts. Wortbedeutung/Definition: The areole may be circular, elongated into an oval shape, or even separated into two parts; the two parts may be visibly connected in some way (e.g. Aussprache/Betonung: Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. For example, the type locality of Pelecyphora strobiliformis near Miquihuana, Mexico, was virtually denuded of plants, which were dug up for sale in Europe. [10] Some cacti produce floral tubes without wool or spines (e.g. [93] Other sources say that water can be withheld during winter (November to March in the Northern Hemisphere). Das Wort „Kaktus“ hat eine lange Reise hinter sich. Many cacti in the opuntia group (subfamily Opuntioideae, opuntioids) also have visible leaves, which may be long-lasting (as in Pereskiopsis species) or be produced only during the growing season and then be lost (as in many species of Opuntia). It can be preserved by boiling to produce syrup and by drying. The Plural of Census: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It, The Plural of Roof: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It, The Plural of Shrimp: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It, The Plural of Synopsis: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It, any of a family (cactaceae, the cactus family) of plants that have succulent stems and branches with scales or spines instead of leaves and are found especially in dry areas (such as deserts), Prickly plant – covered with thin sharp points, plant with prickly leaves, Peyote – scientific botanists name Lophophora williamsii, small spineless cactus with psychoactive alkaloids, Succulent – juicy, a succulent plant, rich in desirable qualities, fleshy juicy tissue, Bristle – short stiff hair, typically one of those on an animal’s skin, a man’s face or a plant, Prickle – short, slender-pointed outgrowth on the bark or epidermis of a plant; a small thorn.

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