castlevania: circle of the moon map

For the general environment, see Aqueducts, Sewers and Waterways. Arriving at the ceremonial room, Nathan confronts Dracula, who confirms that he had tampered with Hugh's soul to cause the changes in his personality. Maps.

Upon seeing him, Hugh immediately attacks him with the goal of proving himself to his father through Nathan's defeat; Nathan, however, realizes that Dracula is controlling Hugh. Jump extremely high (over one screen height). The bear, known as BearTank, comes from a Nintendo 64 Konami fighting game called Rakugakids.

These statistics are Strength, which determines physical attack power, Defense, which determines resilience to damage, Intelligence, which determines potency of magic and the Magic Point (MP) recovery speed, and Luck, which modifies the frequency with which items are dropped by enemies. [4] Like many of the previous Castlevania protagonists, Nathan uses a whip to attack and defeat enemies, alongside secondary weapons—an axe, cross, holy water, dagger and stopwatch—only one of which may be carried at any time by the player. [Go to top]← Equipment | Items | Walkthrough →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki,, Brain Float, Ectoplasm, Gremlin, Mudman, Spirit, Will O'Wisp, Marionette, Myconid, Poltergeist, Siren, Specter, Wight. Boss enemies provide plot progression, and their defeat allows the player to acquire new abilities such as a double-jump with which to progress further in the game, the only downside in boss battles is that Magic Crystals do not appear to replenish the player's HP and MP after the fight.

This page is a table of contents: click on the links to the sub-articles to find the detailed walkthrough. Secrets.

Dialogue page

Nathan proceeds to search the castle for his mentor.

How do i save in Castlevania: circle of the moon when it's not a battery issue!? Brain Floats are fairly common early in the game and reappear as soon as you leave the screen (not necessarily the room), so keep killing them until you have a couple of Mind Restores. List of enemies in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

Camilla (of Castlevania II fame) is the head of a cult who has actually resurrected the evil lord Dracula. Nathan can throw homing daggers if he collects two daggers in a row in this mode. Some players have unknowingly done this, assuming that the Waterway was just a particularly difficult part of the game.

Double tap the left/right button and hold to start running. Japan Music

These are hidden items that permanently increase the maximum amount of HP, MP, or Heart that you have. Waterway, Sewer

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