cemu breath of the wild 2020

FPS: 5-7 outdoors, 7-10 indoors. First off, my system is a 6-year-old low-end laptop, so I was never expecting playability.

Note: This site contains hundreds of thousands of posts so to update the download link or to update it’s updated version it will require us some time so behave patience during this process, we try our best to update it as soon as possible.

You can rip games from actual discs or use the Wii U USB Helper program to obtain copies of your favorite Wii U games, including Breath of the Wild. Obviously, the CPU is bottlenecking performance and is not powerful enough to run the game optimally in the current version of CEMU. Prevents the speed up and slow down (rubber banding). Using 1080p Graphics Pack v2 (refered by BSoD on YouTube), GX2SetGPUFenceSkipHack enabled, and FPS++ mod. Let it Download in your specified directory. Although I somewhat doubt that the game's performance will ever reach an acceptable level of playability with this CPU, I will revisit the Athlon II X4 645's performance in future CEMU updates. Enable : FPS++, LWZX, GX2SetGPUFenceSkipHack. Constant 30FPS in dungeons/shrines. Very playable. Using Cemuhook, ShaderCache, Graphicspacks 4K, 30fps lock, Clarity GFX, FPS++, LWZX Crash Workaround, Nvidia Explosion Smoke, ReflExtra. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Thanks For Submitting Your Highlighted CommentWe Will Soon Work On Your Request. Machine is an Alienware Aurora R6. Using RamDisk and hook for h264.

The same goes for all builds of Cemu. 2. Running the game on a SSD really helps, got me 10+ fps. See the chart at the Configuration section to determine what Recompiler mode is best for your CPU. Very playable with only minor crashes every once in awhile. I played with the proper settings for this game, CemuHook, FenceSkip enabled and have 4GB RAM. Stutters during new animations, but after that they work fine.

My hardware monitor shows that the GPU is barely utilized at an average of ~30% during gameplay while the CPU is consistently utilized at >80%.

If there is a GPU driver update the stalling may return for Vulkan because the transferable doesn't cover all its caching needs. FPS is around 15-19 in the starting room, once outside it drops to around 11-15.

GX2SetGPUFenceSkipHack OFF, GX2DrawDone OFF.

Setting the game FPS limit to 5, and running cheat engine with a 4.5x modifier, the game runs perfectly.

Graphic pack 30fps lock disable because it make some freeze (1-2 seconds freeze).

However there are very drastic ways to improve that in Cemu. Without, it runs at 10-12 normally. I was playing with Cemu Hook, FenceSkip on, and Graphic pack like this: 1080p, AA OFF, Contrasty, Higher Quality Shadows, LWZX Crash Workaround.

Generally the game plays very smoothly, unless I'm in a town or an area with a lot of things going on on screen (like heavy snow and enemies). Resolution: 1440p ; 4x shadows, LOD Bias Ultra ; Enhanced Reflections ; Anti-Aliasing: Alternative FXAA (Nvidia's implementation) ; 75fps because of the monitor. I optimized the game's performance to this level by first closing all CPU-intensive background programs, enabling the GX2SetGPUFence hack with CEMUhook, and changing my 3D Settings for CEMU in the NVIDIA Control Panel to their recommended values (Multi-display setting= "Single display performance mode" , Power Mode= "Prefer maximum performance", and Threaded Optimization= "Auto"). In the overworld the fps is 40-60 (mostly around 55-60). Without the speed hack I get 10-15 fps. Game is playable, running the game on 30 fps in open areas, and 15-20 in towns. Using cemuhook 1121 0565, Resolution: 2160p, 4x Shadows, 72 FPS capped because I have a 144 Hz Monitor. Also seem to consistently crash when Hestus does his work. Rare stuttering, but freezing sometime.

MM Timer:1ms, Upscale Filter: Bilinear, Custom Timer: Cemu Default, NVIDIA Control Panel for cemu: power management mode: prefer maximum performance, Shader Cache: on, triple buffering: on (vsync off), using 16GB DDR4 3.2Ghz Ram XMP 2.0, Power Options set to High Performance, great performance (thanks BSoD).

(Ex: Xbox and PlayStation). Some bugs with the water where it appears on land at a certain distance when it shouldn't near the river. This is perfectly normal if the emulator is still building an OpenGL shaders cache or a Vulkan pipeline cache. Get Cemu breath of the wild Download Pc Game Full Version Below. Talking about the real world, then imitating is essentially the safeguarding and capacity to play most loved games on the PC.

Everything works properly.

There is currently no way to fix this.

It does load and run however, with no visual/audio bugs and glitches. New effects you never seen before during boss fights will cause temporary slowdown due to shader cache which is about 5 seconds then fixes itself back to 60fps. Cemu breath of the wild Download Pc Game Full Version. Triple-core recompiler, host based timer, all logical cores affinity, You may find smoother gameplay from setting pre-rendered frames to 4 in Nvidia Control Panel. Cemu should be latest, Cemuhook should be latest and Graphic packs should be latest. Also, for some reason every session I need to run the game once, then exit and reload Cemu and run it again to not get long loads and sub 60FPS. Certain Shrined Monks have graphical issues (red spots, white flickering textures).
Cemu is the best emulator to mess around from Nintendo Softwares as they actually make extraordinary games. Graphic packs FPS++, LWZX, 1920x1080. Graphics Packs: Resolution 2560x1440,FPS++ , LWZX Crash workaround, NVIDIA Glitch Artifacts Workarou, NVIDIA Explosion Smoke. CPU mode: Triple-core. It has additionally permitted players to play remastered variants of more established games, as the greater part of the Zelda establishment, in view of Wii U re-discharges.

there are no crashes, despite the afterburn showing 27 fps when there are many blasts.ENBABLE VSYNC OPTIONS.

Game version 1.4.1 (v208), Cemuhook, FPS++, LWZX, GX2SetGPUFenceSkipHack enabled, AMD Light Circle fix, AMD Shadows, High Resolution Shadows, Cpu mode Dual core, Having normally around 25-40FPS in open world, experimental options off, CPU Usage is on normal levels with ~30-50% .

edit: Cemu 1.8.1t1 has fixed the random crashes I was having without any negative impact on performance. All FX series CPU's will likely see the same issues while running this title.). Be prepared and properly equipped – With an entire world waiting to be explored, you’ll need a variety of outfits and gear to reach every corner. Explore the wilds of Hyrule any way you like – Climb up towers and mountain peaks in search of new destinations, then set your own path to get there and plunge into the wilderness. If you find yourself with a similar system, don't bother installing this version of CEMU/BotW, you won't be able to play it.

I sometimes crash, mostly after fast travels, but also some random crashes. (Cemu 1.13.2). Unlike the other modes like VR modes we played in the past, Breath of the Wild CEMU emulator provides you access to a steady 60 fps performance. This can be normal on slow machines. Music looping varying based on FPS has been fixed. But you can actually get into the game now. The photos show for the captured memories quest but not when you try to view them individually zoomed in. Game is updated to v64. By the way, I use a PS3-Controller to use the gyrofeatures. Game is smooth playable, and makes Fun, so enjoy it :)) . 8GB DDR3 RAM. Using fenceskip hack with FPS limited to 30 in nvidiainspector to prevent speedup in shrines. AMD Athlon(tm) X4 880K Quad Core Processor 4GHz. In addition to the information below, you may want to review Serfrost's Cemu Setup Guide: Use one of the recommended settings below provided your CPU does not thermal throttle with increases of load. The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is still available for playing on gaming consoles only. GX2SetGPUFenceSkipHack: on, GX2DrawDone: on. GPU buffer cache accuracy: Low. 1. On old versions of Cemu Cemuhook was required. Using a graphics pack to get 1080p resolution and shadows, almost no negative impact so well advised. Follow the steps below to quickly start your download. If the CPU can handle it, you can use the Dualcore/Triplecore Recompiler setting in the gameprofile or under CPU>Mode. In order to edit this wiki, you must register and verify your account. The water doesn't have any physics effect. Other specs: 16Gb DDR4@2400 Mhz, SSD M.2.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Game version 1.4.1 (v192), Cemuhook

Game is updated to latest version. CPU temps are around 60°C ans GPU temps are around 50-60°C. Rumble features now work on XBOX 360 controller.

No relevant glitches, but the pre-renderized scenes are replaced by colorful screens. The emulator used 12.8 of my 16 GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM. GPU buffer cache accuracy: Low.

Some glitches with the textures, No crashes, FPS Drops when it generates shaders cache (10FPS), Using CemuHook, ShaderCache, FPS++ Graphicspack, 2560x1440, No AA, Contrasty, Higher Quality Shadows, and LWZX Crash workaround. The speed of balloons at the korok seed/pinwheel archery mini-game expects a constant timestep.

Running from an SSD (samsung brand), 16gb DDR3 memory. No other graphic modifications active.

Some cutscenes, especially in the Rito Village / Bird Divine Beast & Boss can cause the game to freeze.

I still experience light rings with the ambient lighting from time to time, especially around fire enemies and pedestals. Game freezes/crashes on certain events/loadings.

Graphic packs - 1080p resolution, Alternative FXAA Antialiasing, fps++, Shader mul accuracy: true (up to 10GB was used during launch).

It is a full version setup & supports all devices. Input is a DS3 controller with Xinpu drivers.

Keep in mind though that BotW is most accurate at exactly 30FPS. Works as desired on AMD with OpenGL as long as your CPU can handle AMD's lack of Multithreading support for OpenGL, in addition to workaround graphicPacks for the GPU.

Playing withouth speedhack, 360p no anti-aliasing texture pack. Performance shows no noticeable improvement when using the "No AA" or Reduced Resolution Graphics Packs and it takes a hit when using any High Resolution Graphic Pack. CPU mode: Dual-core recompiler. Nvidia Driver: 417.35 Windows 10 Enable : FPS++, LWZX, GX2SetGPUFenceSkipHack.

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