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They landed in Dzhezkazgan, Kasakhsta at 10:54pm. On 31 July 2009, Cassidy returned to the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility, wrapping up his first spaceflight after 15 days in space. [18] He is also the second SEAL to fly in space following William Shepherd, a veteran of four prior missions.

Prior to this mission, Cassidy has spent 182 days in space, and 31 hours and 14 minutes spacewalking. That photo became one of the best selfies of 2013 listed by many news sites. Behnken.[15]. He also served as drydeck shelter platoon commander at SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two in Norfolk.

[3], Cassidy and his six fellow crew members lifted off aboard Endeavour from the Kennedy Space Center on 15 July 2009. [12] During the EVA, Cassidy took his space selfie.

Chris Cassidy completed his graduation from the York High School, in York, Maine. Chris Cassidy achieved the rank of captain in the U.S. Navy. Cassidy served as Executive Officer and Operations Officer of Special Boat Team 20 in Norfolk, Virginia, and SEAL Platoon Commander at SEAL Team 3 in Coronado, California.

The EVA was cut short when Parmitano reported water floating behind his head inside his helmet. He considers York, Maine to be his hometown. [19] Cassidy has participated in several Amateur Radio on the International Space Station events with students in the United States.

He then graduated from the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1989.He received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at the United States Naval Academy in 1993 and a Master of Science degree in ocean engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000. The members of the 2004 Astronaut Candidate Class have had several months to contemplate that question. He also attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, R.I. His Navy career has taken him across the country and around the world, from Norfolk, Va. on the east coast to San Diego, Calif. on the west.

[16][17] Cassidy was joined by fellow NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on May 31, 2020 with the docking of Crew Dragon Demo-2. Cassidy spent 11 years as a member of the U.S. Navy SEAL Team. Cassidy volunteered for and completed a week-long, 180-mile (290 km) charity kayak paddle from Norfolk, Virginia to Washington, D.C. to raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Cassidy was a guest speaker at the USNA Combat Leadership Seminar (2003 and 2004). Chris is third from the left on the front row. If you know your browser is up to date, you should check to ensure that

For a short time, Maine had two NASA astronauts in space.

C.J. He was the Chief of the Astronaut Office at NASA from July 2015 until June 2017. Naval Academy in 1993 and a Master's degree in Ocean engineering from MIT in 2000. Cassidy is married to the former Peggy Yancer from Elyria, Ohio. [7] Cassidy's third spacewalk marked the completion of the Japanese Experiment Module, a feat that had taken three space shuttle missions starting with STS-123. Chris grew up in York, Maine, where he played basketball at York High School. Christopher John "Chris" Cassidy (born January 4, 1970, in Salem, Massachusetts) is a NASA astronaut and United States Navy SEAL. Cassidy returned to International Space Station for the third time on April 9th. Credit: NASA, Follow this link to skip to the main content.

He accumulated over 200 hours underwater as pilot, navigator, or mission commander of a two-man flooded submersible SDV, which is launched and recovered from a host-ship submarine. Cassidy attended York High School, in York, Maine. Cassidy was born in Salem, Massachusetts on January 4, 1970. [2], In February 2008 Cassidy was assigned to his first spaceflight as a Mission Specialist on STS-127, a Space Shuttle mission to deliver the Exposed Facility of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM-EF) to the ISS aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour. Over the course of STS-127, Cassidy participated in two more spacewalks alongside NASA astronaut Thomas Marshburn. His specializations in military tactics include long range special reconnaissance (vehicular and foot patrols), direct action building assaults, non-compliant ship-boardings, desert reconnaissance patrols, combat diving, underwater explosives, and a variety of air operations, including parachuting, fast roping, and rappelling. xmlns:xsl=''">. Cassidy was also a SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) platoon commander at SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two in Norfolk. He attended York High School before attending the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, Rhode Island. Image above: The 11-member 2004 class of astronauts and three Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronauts. © 2020 NEWS CENTER Maine. Completion of this initial training qualified him for various technical assignments within the Astronaut Office and future flight assignment as a mission specialist. ", Cassidy says he remembers himself as "an average Maine kid" who has gotten into a "very interesting career.". Pictured are (first row, left to right), Bobby Satcher, Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Chris Cassidy, Ricky Arnold, Randy Bresnik and Tom Marshburn; (second row) Akihiko Hoshide, Shannon Walker, Joe Acaba, Jim Dutton , Shane Kimbrough, Satoshi Furukawa, Jose Hernandez and Naoko Yamazaki.

He was the ISS Commander for Expedition 63, which consisted of Cassidy and Russian cosmonauts Ivan Vagner and Anatoli Ivanishin. [13][14], Cassidy was named Chief of the Astronaut Office at NASA in July 2015, succeeding Robert L. Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "Christopher Cassidy (Captain, U.S. Navy) NASA Astronaut", "NASA - NASA Assigns Crews for STS-127 and Expedition 19 Missions", "STS-127: Endeavour completes RPM and Docks with ISS - TPS latest", "Spaceflight Now | STS-127 Shuttle Report | Extensive spacewalk replanning underway", "Spaceflight Now | STS-127 Shuttle Report | Endeavour crew completes fifth and final spacewalk", "STS-127 Shuttle Endeavour Landing (200907310003HQ)", "Soyuz TMA-08M docks with ISS just six hours after launch", "Unplanned Spacewalk a 'Precedent-Setting' Move for Space Station Crew", "Astronauts Complete Spacewalk to Repair Ammonia Leak", "NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy New Chief of Astronaut Office", "SpaceX and Nasa set to launch astronauts after weather all-clear", "NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy, Crewmates Arrive Safely at Space Station", "500th Person to Space Launching on Shuttle Endeavour", Spacefacts biography of Christopher Cassidy, NASA Astronaut Group 19, "The Peacocks", 2004,, Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni, United States Naval Special Warfare Command, American naval personnel of the War in Afghanistan (2001–present), Recipients of the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, Commanders of the International Space Station, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from NASA, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 11:35. [10][11], Cassidy participated in two US spacewalks from the ISS in June/July 2013. He was awarded a second Bronze Star for combat leadership service in 2004 during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.[2]. Cassidy was born in Salem, MA, but moved to Maine when he was young. According to the official website of NASA, Chris Cassidy graduated from York High School, in Maine. He attended York High School before attending the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, Rhode Island. This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Cassidy and Behnken will replace aging nickel-hydrogen batteries with new lithium-ion batteries delivered to the station on a Japanese cargo ship in May. He attended York High School, in York, Maine. TIL Navy Captain Chris Cassidy studied mathematics at the Naval Academy, ocean engineering at MIT, was a Navy SEAL for 11 years, and is an astronaut who spent 181 days in space. Credit: NASA, Image to right: NASA's newest class of astronauts gather for a group photo at the conclusion of their land survival training at the Naval Air Station in Brunswick, Maine.

Cassidy has been working to support about 250 research experiments that aren't possible on Earth, a NASA press release says.

Cassidy attended York High School, in York, Maine.

Cassidy led two months of non-compliant ship-boardings in the Northern Persian Gulf. He deployed to the Afghanistan region two weeks after the September 11 attacks. While in the navy, Cassidy passed … He received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at the United States Naval Academy in 1993 and a Master of Science degree in ocean engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000. Chris Cassidy is also the 500th person in space.

He made four six-month deployments: two to Afghanistan, and two to the Mediterranean Sea. [2][9] On May 11, 2013, Cassidy and Thomas Marshburn performed an unplanned spacewalk to replace a pump controller box suspected to be the source of an ammonia coolant leak. He served for ten years as a member of the Navy SEALs. Join us in this series of video interviews with eight members of the class and share in their excitement as they become part of NASA's vision for space exploration.

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