co2 satellite observations

NASA’s new Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 calibrated its sensors by taking data from an area where ground stations could provide ground truth.

This close connection between climate and carbon is a compelling reason to keep track of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.

Atmosphere. The map above shows carbon dioxide in the mid-troposphere, the part of the atmosphere where most weather occurs. The highest values in the study were observed over eastern China, with other hot spots in the eastern United States, Central Europe, the Middle East, and Japan.

He was not involved in the study. Greenhouse gases act as insulation and are responsible for making Earth’s climate comfortable—without them, our planet would have an average temperature of -18 Celsius (0 Fahrenheit). anthropogenic CO2 emission areas from OCO-2. NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 has compiled its first year of data and started quantifying the cycles of emission and absorption of the greenhouse gas. Carbon detections from OCO-2 lined up with NO2 detections by OMI, confirming the extra carbon dioxide was a result of human activities. (2016). A cloud-screening scheme for for the Chinese Carbon Dioxide Observation Satellite (TanSat) Dec 28, 2016.

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Those satellite observations match well with ground-based estimates.

Remote Sensing.

The findings from AIRS have raised new questions about how carbon dioxide is transported from one place to another—both horizontally and vertically—through the atmosphere.
Atmosphere These observations have revealed important CO2 variability at different timescales and over regional and planetary scales.

Much of what we now know about atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations comes from a monitoring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii, started by Charles David Keeling in 1958.

Those satellite observations match well with ground-based estimates.

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is the most important human-emitted greenhouse gas responsible for global warming ().Despite its importance, our knowledge of the CO 2 sources and sinks has significant gaps and does not meet all needs for attribution, mitigation and the accurate prediction of future climate change (e.g., Stephens et al., 2007, Canadell et al., 2010, IPCC, 2013, Ciais et al., 2014). The maps on this page depict carbon dioxide anomalies in the atmosphere; that is, places where CO2 levels were higher than the normal fluctuations that occur with the seasons. By adding extra greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, people are raising the planet’s temperature with wide-ranging impacts.

But to be sure their signal was true, the team turned to another sensor, the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA’s Aura satellite. That left them with the signal of emissions from motor vehicles, power plants, and other industrial processes. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) may help scientists answer key questions about how carbon cycles between Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, and land. The human fingerprint in any given year is relatively small.

The amount also fluctuates with the seasons, as plants and phytoplankton soak up more carbon during spring and summer and less in the winter. Most of all, past measurements could not necessarily pinpoint the sources of carbon dioxide. Mauna Loa data courtesy NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory. Now a team of scientists has used that satellite data to identify a human signal amid the seasonal fluctuations of the greenhouse gas. Remote Sensing. The team is creating fused and/or gap-filled Earth System Data Records (ESDRs) of CO2 concentrations by integrating observations from the Atmospheric CO2 Observations from Space (ACOS) retrievals from GOSAT, OCO-2, and AIRS. Flight Center.

“OCO-2 can even detect smaller, isolated emitting areas like individual cities. (2016), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2016, November 2), University of East Anglia (2016, November 10), NASA Earth Observatory (2013, September 27). NASA Earth Observatory maps by Joshua Stevens, using OCO-2 anomaly data courtesy of Hakkarainen, J., Ialongo, I., & Tamminen, J.

Life They are based on work published in November 2016 by Janne Hakkarainen and colleagues at FMI.


“This provides a baseline against which future changes and variability can be assessed.”. The report’s summary for policy makers will be presented in a webcast on September 27. From a quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a new study. Remote Sensing.
The impact of rising carbon dioxide concentrations—including warmer global temperatures, altered weather patterns, changes in ecosystems, and melting ice—are summarized in the new Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which will be released on September 30, 2013. Greenhouse effect movie – Scott Denning. [3] Satellite observations of CO 2, because of their global coverage and high measurement density, offer new opportunities to improve this understanding. Even a few satellites have offered short-term or regional glimpses of CO2 patterns. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide now averages more than 400 parts per million, year-round, which is more than one third higher than CO2 levels before modern industrialization and fossil fuel use began. Caption by Holli Riebeek.

The satellite has a grading spectrometer to measure carbon dioxide levels with a precision of about 1 part per million, or ppm. Image of the Day

Satellite Detects Human Contribution to Atmospheric CO2, NASA Goddard Space Checking the first data from OCO-2.

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