cole perfetti comparison

With the volume of forwards among my top 500, it’s best to break them down by tiers — starting at the top, where Alexis Lafreniere is alone at No. Case in point, my next tier of potential third-rounders (81-97) includes eight forwards that weren’t far off from second-round consideration. For the record, McKenzie still has those two in his top 50, which is where I had them in my preseason rankings. Those two could have been a bit higher — a handful of spots or so — but that 34-44 range was extremely close for me.

Marie OHL), 247) Jakub Kolenic (RW, Slovakia, Zvolen), 248) Veeti Korkalainen (RW, Finland, KooKoo U20), 249) Florian Elias (LW, Germany, Mannheim U20), 250) Maxim Krovyakov (RC, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL), 251) Anton Kosolapov (RW, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL), 252) Jackson Hallum (LW, USA, St. Thomas Academy U.S. High School), 253) Carsen Richels (LW, USA, Blaine U.S. High School), 257) Adam Klapka (RW, Czech Republic, Tri-City USHL, overager), 260) Robbie Fromm-Delorme (RW, Canada, Portland WHL), 264) Charles Beaudoin (RW, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL), 265) Elliot Desnoyers (LW, Canada, Moncton QMJHL), 266) Jake Uberti (RC, Canada, Niagara OHL), 271) Daniil Gutik (LW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL, overager), 272) Danil Alalykin (LW, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL, overager), 273) Danil Aimurzin (RC, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL), 276) Adam Liska (LW, Slovakia, Severstal Cherepovets KHL, overager), 277) Robert Dzugan (LW/LC, Slovakia, Cedar Rapids USHL, overager), 278) Albin Sundsvik (LC, Sweden, Skelleftea SHL, overager), 279) Nils Aman (LC, Sweden, Leksands J20, overager), 284) Aleks Haatanen (LW/RW, Finland, Pelicans Mestis, overager), 288) Ivan Ivan (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Cape Breton QMJHL), 289) Jakub Konecny (LC, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U20), 290) Tobias Handl (LW, Czech Republic, Olomouc Czech), 291) Michael Gildon (LW, USA, Ohio State NCAA, overager), 292) Sam Stange (RW, USA, Sioux City USHL, overager), 293) Lynden Breen (LC, Canada, Fargo USHL, overager), 294) Stephen Halliday (LW, Canada/USA, Dubuque USHL), 295) Cameron Berg (LW, USA, Muskegon USHL), 296) Joel Maatta (LC, Finland, Sioux City USHL), 297) Josh Doan (RC/RW, USA/Canada, Chicago USHL), 300) Ryan Alexander (LC, Canada, St. Michael’s OJHL), 301) Ryan Tverberg (RC, Canada/USA, Toronto Jr. Canadiens OJHL), 302) Matteo Costantini (LC, Canada, Buffalo Jr. Sabres OJHL), 303) Cole Hansen (RW, USA, Blaine U.S. High School), 304) Aidan Thompson (LC/LW, USA, Berkshire U.S. High School), 312) Maxim Nevolin (RW, Russia, Almaz Cherepovets MHL), 313) Kirill Kondyrev (LC, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL), 314) Nikolai Smirnov (RW, Russia, Russkie Vityazi Chekhov MHL), 315) Ilya Rychkov (RW, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL), 318) Ilya Usau (LC, Belarus/USA, Prince Albert WHL, overager), 319) Bear Hughes (RC, USA, Spokane WHL, overager), 322) Carter Souch (LW, Canada, Edmonton WHL), 327) Dylan Jackson (RW, Canada, Dubuque USHL, overager), 328) Ty Jackson (LC, Canada, Dubuque USHL, overager), 329) Garrett Pinoniemi (LC, USA, Sioux Falls USHL, overager), 340) Oscar Tellstrom (LW, Sweden, Vannas Division 1), 341) Alexander Ljungkrantz (LW, Sweden, Brynas J20), 342) Oscar Lawner (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad J20, overager), 343) Petteri Puhakka (LW, Finland, Karpat U20, overager), 349) Max Golod (LW, Canada, Erie OHL, overager), 350) Chad Yetman (RW, Canada, Erie OHL, overager), 366) Oleg Boiko (LC/LW, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL, overager), 367) Jan Sir (LC, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2, overager), 368) Jakub Rychlovsky (LW, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2, overager), 369) Dmitri Rashevsky (LW/RW, Russia, Dynamo St. Petersburg MHL, overager), 370) Stanislav Rangayev (LW/RW, Russia, Ladia Togliatti MHL), 371) Stepan Steshenko (RW/LW, Russia, Ladia Togliatti MHL), 372) Nikita Shuidin (RW, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL), 373) Grigori Ponkratov (RW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL), 374) Semyon Demidov (LW, Russia, Russkie Vityazi Chekhov MHL), 375) Ignat Kokhanin (RW/LW, Russia, Dynamo St. Petersburg MHL), 377) Samuel Eriksson (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad J20), 378) Calle Spaberg Olsen (LW, Norway, Rogle J20), 379) Stefano Bottini (LW/RW, Switzerland/Canada, Lugano U20), 380) Jay Huisman (LW, Netherlands, Zoetermeer Panters BeNeLiga), 381) Xavier Parent (LW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL, overager), 382) Tag Bertuzzi (LW, Canada, Hamilton OHL, overager), 385) Spencer Kersten (RW, Canada, Princeton NCAA, overager), 386) Matt Verboon (RW/LC, Switzerland/Canada, Colgate NCAA, overager), 387) Keanu Derungs (LW, Switzerland, Victoria WHL), 388) Tarun Fizer (RW, Canada, Victoria WHL, overager), 389) Logan Barlage (RC/RW, Canada, Lethbridge WHL, overager), 390) Tristen Nielsen (LW/LC, Canada, Vancouver WHL, overager), 391) Josh Williams (RW, Canada, Edmonton WHL, overager), 392) Ben McCartney (LW, Canada, Brandon WHL, overager), 393) Eli Zummack (RW/RC, Canada, Spokane WHL, overager), 394) Jaydon Dureau (LW, Canada, Portland WHL, overager), 397) Jack Williams (RW, USA, Muskegon USHL), 398) Matt Choupani (RC, Canada, Des Moines USHL), 399) Cole Cormier (LC, Canada, Quebec QMJHL), 400) Alexandre Doucet (LC, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL), 401) Cameron Butler (RW, Canada, Peterborough OHL), 402) Cameron Tolnai (LC, Canada, Ottawa OHL), 403) Riley Piercey (RW, Canada, Flint OHL), 404) Eric Uba (RW, Canada, Guelph OHL, overager), 405) Declan McDonnell (RW/RC, USA, Kitchener OHL), 406) Vitali Pinchuk (LC, Belarus, Kingston OHL), 407) Sergei Popov (LW, Canada/Russia, Owen Sound OHL, overager), 415) Simon Andersson (LC, Sweden, MODO J20), 419) Lukas Stehlik (LC, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20), 420) Samuel Krajc (RW/LW, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin), 426) Oleg Zaitsev (LC, Russia, Dynamo Tver VHL, overager), 427) Nikita Rtischev (RW, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL, overager), 429) Yannick Bruschweiler (LW, Switzerland, Zurich Lions NLA, overager), 430) Linus Oberg (RW/RC, Sweden, Orebro SHL, overager), 431) Martin Lang (LW, Czech Republic, Moose Jaw WHL, overager), 432) Vladimir Alistrov (LW, Belarus, Edmonton WHL, overager), 433) Jonathan Brinkman (LW, Denmark, Medicine Hat WHL, overager), 434) Phillip Schultz (LC/LW, Denmark, Victoria WHL, overager), 435) Brett Budgell (LC, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL, overager), 436) Brooklyn Kalmikov (LW, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL, overager), 437) Felix Lafrance (LW, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL, overager), 438) Dawson Stairs (LW/RW, Canada, Saint John QMJHL), 439) Pier-Olivier Roy (LW, Canada, Gatineau QMJHL), 440) Payton Mount (RW, Canada, Seattle WHL), 441) Matthew Rempe (RC, Canada, Seattle WHL), 442) Joona Kiviniemi (LW, Finland, Karpat U20), 443) Eemil Erholtz (RW/LW, Finland, Sport Liiga, overager), 444) Jami Krannila (LC, Finland, St. hockey player profile of Cole Perfetti, 2002-01-01 Whitby, ON, CAN Canada. I already have a handful of first-time eligibles and a few overagers as omissions that will likely make the cut for the 2.0 version of my final rankings to be published in the month of the draft. That group is a real mix of power forwards — with the likes of Tuch, Jarventie, Coe, Finley and Torgersson — as well as smaller finesse forwards such as Miettinen, Gushchin, Farrell, Novak and Ovchinnikov. Cloud State NCAA, overager), 446) Brayden Krieger (LW/LC, Canada, Brooks AJHL, overager), 447) Cody Monds (RW, Canada, Victoria BCHL, overager), 455) Blake Perbix (RW, USA, St. There's no hockey being played so our Prospect & NHL Draft experts are focusing on what comes next. He’s been blessed with the natural gifts, but those two traits — motivation and hockey sense — are difficult to teach or coach out of an athlete. I won’t bother relisting all 33 of the forwards within that range — or tier, if you can still call it that — but, in reality, those are just numbers next to the names and there isn’t a whole lot of variance in terms of their talent levels. 17) Connor Zary (LC, Canada, Kamloops WHL)eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thehockeywriters_com-leader-2','ezslot_10',671,'0','0'])); 18) Seth Jarvis (RW, Canada, Portland WHL), 19) Hendrix Lapierre (LC, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL), 20) Dawson Mercer (RW, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL), 26) John-Jason Peterka (LW, Germany, Munchen DEL), 27) Alexander Pashin (RW, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL), 28) Brendan Brisson (LC/LW, USA/Canada, Chicago USHL), 29) Tyson Foerster (RW, Canada, Barrie OHL), 32) Martin Chromiak (LW, Slovakia, Kingston OHL), 33) Mavrik Bourque (RC, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL), 34) Jacob Perreault (RW/RC, Canada/USA, Sarnia OHL), 35) Thomas Bordeleau (LC, USA/Canada, NTDP U18), 36) Vasily Ponomarev (LC, Russia, Shawinigan QMJHL), 37) Kasper Simontaival (RW, Finland, Tappara Liiga), 40) Marat Khusnutdinov (LC, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL), 42) Roni Hirvonen (LC, Finland, Assat Liiga), 43) Lukas Reichel (LW/RW, Germany, Berlin DEL), 44) Sam Colangelo (RW, USA, Chicago USHL), 46) Theodor Niederbach (RC, Sweden, Frolunda J20), 49) Carter Savoie (LW, Canada, Sherwood Park AJHL), 50) Jake Neighbours (LW, Canada, Edmonton WHL), 51) Ridly Greig (LC/LW, Canada, Brandon WHL), 54) Roby Jarventie (RW, Finland, Ilves Liiga), 55) Veeti Miettinen (RW, Finland, Kiekko-Espoo U20), 56) Daniil Gushchin (RW, Russia, Muskegon USHL), 57) Sean Farrell (RW/LC, USA, Chicago USHL), 59) Pavel Novak (RW, Czech Republic, Kelowna WHL), 60) Ozzy Wiesblatt (RC/RW, Canada, Prince Albert WHL), 61) Tristen Robins (RC, Canada, Saskatoon WHL), 63) Jean-Luc Foudy (RC, Canada, Windsor OHL), 64) Jaromir Pytlik (RC, Czech Republic, Sault Ste.

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