computer says no tonsils

I was shocked by the way of getting out the stones out.

Your poor grandson – having his tonsils removed, only to go down with yet another sore throat two months later! . I assume that he had suffered a number of bouts of tonsillitis over the last year at least.

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The infection can also settle in the walls of the throat if you no longer have tonsils, he says, though that's less likely. Still have questions? It's gotten really, really painful (like, screaming-and-crying painful, and i'm not a wuss), and my neck's swelled up to twice the size, stopping me from being able to swallow. The irritation is occurring further down in the throat, which is causing the cough," says Dr. Abramowitz.


So, I went to the doctor yesterday, and he examined me.

The surgeon who carried out the operation obviously hoped that by removing your grandson's tonsils he would suffer fewer sore throats in the future. Can working in a hot place make me infertile? I'm 18, and for the first time in my life, I have a throat infection. Although removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in the UK, especially in children, there is only limited evidence that it is effective in reducing the frequency and severity of throat infections. If you have strep, you may also notice tiny red spots on the roof of your mouth, according to the CDC.

If the results are negative, you still may not be in the clear. But I'm sure my doctor wouldn't lie to me, and there's no way he'd be incompetent enough to just not see my tonsils... so wth is going on here? Strep throat is an infection of group A strep bacteria that occurs in the throat, according to the CDC. Next, find out more strange symptoms that could signal a serious disease. This condition can harm the heart, joints, brain, and skin.

(Here are 11 signs your fever is something more serious.) These are also mostly removed when the tonsils are. Your doctor can also take a throat culture, which allows strep to grow on the swab. If you have strep throat symptoms, you will get a rapid strep test, in which your doctor takes a throat swab; the results appear in minutes.

"Many times, a doctor may give antibiotics thinking that it's pus—when it's not—so it's a good idea to get checked by a specialist," says Dr. Abramowitz. "As we get older, our tonsils are supposed to shrink. I guess you were born with out tonsils that is a good thing because you would be a LOT worse I know how it feel to have a infection with tonsils I was in the hospital because my tonsils were so swelled it was closing my throat but that was 6 years ago now I am 14. Can I take iron supplements without checking my iron level? As to having a throat infection . Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Know the asteroid wellhead tonsil stones them for many years and it's been title not eventually. I am 58 and was told last month I didn t have any tonsils. Find out the 11 diseases doctors are most likely to miss.

How well do you know your health lingo? However I would be interested in knowing if the doc could find your adenoids. He was unwell yesterday; he had a sore throat and a very high temperature.

Certainly you could have been born without tonsils. I really liked the little trick he had for preventing gag reflex.

I have never had them removed but I think they have dissolved, due to the fact I have been coughing up a lot of stuff some of it very bad.

It was so easy, but more importantly, painless.

Pay attention to strep throat signs that stick around for a while and don't ease up.

Age is one criterion doctors use to diagnose strep.

If somebody jump off from a high building, is there any risk of surviving the fall? But find out if the doc could see your adenoids and if he can maybe you were just born wo tonsils.

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