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The various adventures across the city, which is outlined by crisscrossing vehicles and high-rises, is what makes a seemingly laborious playthrough the hallmark of Cloudpunk.

Based in the city of Cloudbank, a well-known singer by the name of Red acquires a powerful sword, called the Transistor, following a botched assassination on her life. While these aren't technically games - you mostly just sit back and enjoy the ride - they can serve as fun little romps in a beautifully rendered cyberpunk world. Different from most graphic adventures, Gemini Rue does feature segments of gunplay to break up the slower-paced gameplay. 13. Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric RPG released for the PC in 2017.

The Hum is an upcoming franchise of horror games taking place in an extensive sci-fi universe.

These cyberpunk games are set to release in the very near future, so check them out and get some ideas for your gaming wish list. Or, we could go on and on about the breadth of character customisation, and how it lets you hone protagonist J.C. Denton into a cybernetically enhanced soldier, expert hacker, or a ghost that lurks in the shadows, and how that makes Deus Ex one of the, All of this will, of course, come with a Cyberpunk spin. If one cyberpunk game set on the Red Planet just isn’t enough for you, then check out the dynamic action of Mars: War Logs. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub.

Before the now-iconic Silent Hills playable teaser and Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima followed up Metal Gear with a cyberpunk classic, called Snatcher. It’s no surprise that this gem was one of the best games of 2018. When humans overdose on these innovations, their bodies start to rebel and turn violent against anything organic around them. You’ll find yourself in Night City, in an avatar of your choosing, and you’ll be able to augment your body constantly throughout the game with everything from brain implants to giant wrist-mounted scythes.

Tom Francis’ extremely bright game of infiltration and hacking is built around a cyberpunk story of corrupt corporations and murder. Developer: Revolution Software Deus Ex was a critical success upon its 2000 release, spawning several re-releases, PC mods, sequels, and prequels that would inevitably cement it as a video game series with unreplicable stature in the industry. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Cyberpunk products on Steam New and Trending Top Sellers What's Popular Top Rated Upcoming Results exclude some products based on your preferences. VA-11 Hall-A offers a relaxing gameplay experience where dialogue and lore are more important than time limits and game overs. System Crash Gameplay- Cyberpunk Card Game!

Described as "more of a holodeck program than a traditional game," LOW-FI drops players into a non-linear cyberpunk adventure.

Inciting new ways of thinking about world traversal and surface lighting in video game development, Mirror’s Edge gave cyberpunk new vibrancy. Heck, there’s even a Quantic Dream developed Cyberpunk game with Davie Bowie in it. Blade Runner 2049 will take more than just nostalgia to live up to its predecessor  Details are slowly dripping out about CD Projekt Red’s latest game leading up to the Cyberpunk 2077 release date – and we’re looking forward to the star-studded future sounds of the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack. An avid writer, lifelong gamer, and average pool player, Thomas has a knack for just about anything in the world of pop culture. Great Soundtrack, Female Protagonist, Indie, Cyberpunk.

Carbon slowly uncovers a shocking political conspiracy that will shake the foundations of his bizarre, fantastical world. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, standing proud and intact on the ship's bridge. Some may doubt If Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is really cyberpunk, but the expansion is so thoroughly in love with ‘80s cinema that we’re willing to bet you’ll still dig it.

When we think of space, we tend to imagine distant worlds of endless imagination.

You’ll find yourself in Night City, in an avatar of your choosing, and you’ll be able to augment your body constantly throughout the game with everything from brain implants to giant wrist-mounted scythes. The future is now: Jump into an amazing world complete with new technologies and new dangers, The tables have turned: With gangs running rampant in Night City, it never hurts to come prepared. Bloober Team, known for horrors like Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, delivered a simultaneously terrifying and intriguing experience with 2017’s Observer. Despite posing as the face of extravagance, this artificial island has a seedy underbelly, and you’ll meet all its demons – from those connected with mafia extortion to others guilty of human trafficking.

Gamedec is a single-player cyberpunk isometric RPG. Wealthy overlords look down on you from their castles in the sky. Top 11 Games Like The Red Strings Club

Delphine Software’s 1992 platformer Flashback is an absolute classic within the cyberpunk genre. Instead, it’s a completely unique story that takes place in the same universe.

Life on Mars: Join Zachariah and his friends in their perilous quest to save the Red Planet, Combat evolved: Switch between three weapon configurations, each with their own unique upgrades. Here is the list for you. Everyone knows the truth, no one says it aloud. Mass Effect Andromeda is currently set for release in March 2017, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

New blade runner on the block, LAPD Officer K, uncovers disturbing secrets that could mark the end of humanity. Society is on the brink of collapse in the best cyberpunk games, ruled over by law enforcement that answers to an AI hivemind.

It’s always said that the making of a good villain is not presenting a force of evil but giving the audience someone with a strong belief that what they’re doing is right.

The narrative follows an amnesiac who joins an agency hunting “Snatchers,” or robots killing and taking the place of humans. Putting Michael Biehn in the lead only further solidifies the connection to the 80s, though Blood Dragon is set in an alternate 2007, after a nuclear war. Developer: Supergiant Games

There’s a strong temptation for developers to signpost choices that can be made, to the point where mission objectives explain precisely where you can go and what you need to do, but in Deus Ex, it’s all a surprise. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Remember who you are: Nilin will need every tool in her arsenal to take back the life that was stolen from her, Forget me not: Create and save your own custom combo attacks to take down your fiercest enemies. This may be one of the old games, but it’s one of the, A squad-based, turn-based tactics game, Invisible, Inc. is a little bit like XCOM, a little bit like Shadowrun, but has no aliens and no magic. You’ve got 72 hours to prepare for a final mission to infiltrate the enemy HQ and insert Invisible, Inc’s AI into their computer or you’re done for. Not only is the game’s world mesmerizing, but its cyberpunk-laden story is compelling. Meant to be played more than once, completing different objectives unlocks more agents that can be used in new games, each with unique starting loadouts and quirks. As much as RUINER focuses on action, it doesn’t leave the story behind.

Have you been waiting to find a great cyberpunk rpg to put hours of your time into? Part puzzle game, part platformer, Gunpoint can be tricky, but it also forgives and rewards experimentation and creativity, using a building’s security systems to your advantage. Solo act: More of the best indie games on PC. Featuring hand-painted visuals and a deeply engaging story, this point-and-click adventure is one you have to see to believe. In Gunpoint, you’re a private detective with fancy future-trousers that allow you to leap like a frog. In Syndicate Wars it’s more of the same, as you can work for both the all-controlling EuroCorp, or a group of religious zealots trying to start a revolt. But in the recent Cinematic trailer released on N7 day (November 7, Duh) the release date was simply given as “Spring 2017”. One thing you’ll undoubtedly want to experience is the hacking. From indie favourites such as Deconstructeam’s Red Strings Club to big hitters like Square Enix’s Deus Ex.

Building on the legacy of the original Deus Ex is the 2011 prequel title Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Detective, Cyberpunk game with retro graphics. Charming old-school visuals and a variety of interesting environments make for a new-age game with a familiar RPG feel. Which movies reach for the stars to further human exploration like Prometheus? Is it the elements of a dark future, that always seem ever so accurate to the path we're going, in the current world we're in? The latest survival horror game is here, and it's making waves.

An "open-world" sequel to Frozen Synapse. A monument to decay.

Each new world and each new dream unveil deeper truths in a cyberpunk fantasy for the ages.

You will get to make a lot of choices on your journey, all of which will impact how the story ends.

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