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There are 7 Airports in Northern Cyprus and this list covers all these 7 Northern Cyprus Airports. Scheduled busses and shuttle buses between Larnaca and the airport are available but lack the flexibility that you would like when you are heading to the airport or from the airport to your hotel. Most of these flights are serviced by the Cypriot national airline carrier Cyprus Airways or the Greek carrier Aegean, which have had scheduled flights to Cyprus since 2004, or one of their partners.

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All the Airports in Northern Cyprus are listed below.

Paphos International Airport primarily services tourists that flies to Cyprus with the aim of holidaying in Limassol, Latchi or in Paphos and it’s surrounding cities. This is a list of airports in Cyprus, grouped by type and sorted by location. Although public transportation are available you will surely be best of by driving yourself or taking a taxi. Getting around may be a bit more limited than the other two as there are fewer options in terms of public transportation, however, there are some shuttle buses and coach that run on a schedule you can take. Regardless of the category, all passengers shall be obliged to file an application for the CyprusFlightPass within 24 hours prior to their departure flight. The three airports are: Larnaca International Airport, Paphos International Airport, and Ercan International Airport. You can even find VIP parking and rent-a-car companies with offices there. The company has brought significant investments to both the airports in Cyprus since they took over operations in May 2005.

There are two active international airports in Cyprus. The airport is located less than 5 kilometres outside of the coastal city Larnaca and is also close to other favourite tourist destinations such as Ayia Napa and Limassol. It is the only airport in the northern area of Cyprus. The former currently (December 2014) only serves as a helicopter base, whereas the latter is still in active use by the British Royal Air Force and has been involved in most of the British forces and their allies’ involvement in the middle east during the last many decades.

Give us some input and we will match you with a It is significantly smaller than the airport in Larnaca and due to few scheduled routes there is a significant difference between arrivals and departures to and from Paphos airport when comparing holiday season numbers with the off season equivalent. Give us some input and we will be better equipped to help you out. Paphos international Airport lies around 15 minutes drive from Paphos city centre, Larnaca International Airport – The biggest airport in Cyprus. Perhaps this is because flights to through here can be up to a few hundred Euros cheaper than other options. Check our page about properties for sale in Cyprus. The airport was given its current name in July 2016, in honour of former President of Cyprus (1993 – 2003) Glafcos Clerides. Cyprus Airport in Larnaca servicesthe eastern part of the country and is the largest on the island. If you want a free consultation or need help getting in touch with the right professional, you should send us a message: It's free and without obligations! Airports. The bankruptcy of Cyprus Airways in the early days of 2015 further enhanced the interest of other airlines. Larnaca is the biggest airport in Cyprus. Hermes Airports operates the airports under a 25-year agreement with the Republic of Cyprus. Larnaca International Airport – Glafcos Clerides (IATA: LCA, ICAO: LCLK) is an international airport located 4 km (2.5 mi) southwest of Larnaca, Cyprus. If you have just falling in love with Cyprus (it happens to many) you should consider moving to Cyprus permanently or at least have a holiday home her. Currently, the biggest international airport in Cyprus is the Larnaca Airport. If you’re headed to Paphos, it would cost over €100 and take more than an hour to get there (you may want to consider flying into Paphos International Airport instead). Just as it is the case with access to and from Larnaca, the options for transportation to and from the smaller airport in Cyprus is limited. Together, they see more than 7 million people in a year and if you want to visit Cyprus you’ll have to go to the island using one of them.

It offers you the best flexibility and you won’t have to wait for someone else. Outside Larnaca airport in Cyprus at Night time. This does not exempt you from a random selection of passengers incoming to Cyprus and asked for a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the Airport. Coral Bay, for example, is just a 15-minute ride away. Many of these passengers are tourists, why the majority of the passengers travel through the airports during the holiday season from April to October. It’s quite a modern airport considering its proximity to the beach. The increase of planned flights to and from Cyprus is a great advantage if you visit Cyprus regularly or own property in Cyprus. It is located in the green zone between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus (or the occupied area as many Greek-cypriots calls it) and is no longer active. bankruptcy of Cyprus Airways in the early days of 2015.

Larnaca airport is also the airport closest to the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

Get help finding the right professional Here. You can also take a taxi or pre-book a car service. Unlike the other two discussed above, this airport is on the Turkish part of Cyprus which mean tourists can get a different side of Cyprus, a different culture. To get to or from the the Larnaca International Airport, you can either take a car, a taxi or a bus.

In Cyprus, there are only three airports you can fly into because the rest are used solely for military purposes. It’s generally safe and somewhat convenient to ride these buses, just remember that you may need to get a connecting bus to reach Ayai Napa. Alternatively, you can take express busses to Limassol and Nicossia, or to Paphos Airport it would be more economical with just a few minutes added to your travel time mentioned earlier. Paphos is the other international airport in Cyprus and is positioned on the Western Coast of Cyprus. Travelers entering Cyprus Airport and coming from countries selected as Category B and C must arrive in Cyprus with a Laboratory Certificate that ensures your COVID-19 test results were negative. List of airports by ICAO code: L#LC – Cyprus, Wikipedia: Airline destination lists: Europe#Cyprus, International Civil Aviation Organization,, Lists of buildings and structures in Cyprus, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 00:17. It has not been active since the Turkish invasion in 1974 and after the hostilities ceased the former airfield in Larnaca was hastily upgraded as a replacement to service international civilian flights. Despite this fact, many people still choose to fly in through Ercan especially those who are looking to visit the northern areas. Currently there are two active military airports in the Republic of Cyprus and both lie in the British Sovereign Base Areas, which is still under British control after the Cypriot independence in 1960: Kingsfield Air Base and RAF Akrotiri. You can either take a car or taxi or the regular buses. The Paphos International Airport is smaller than the one in Larnaca, but it still is complete in terms of facilities like cafes, restaurants, parking and duty free stores. Cyprus Flight Pass. Unless you are travelling to or from the airport in a bus hired by your travel agency you will find that there are limited options to get to and from the airport in Larnaca. If you’re looking for flights now, the IATA code is LCA. That would be around a 40 minute ride. This is a list of airports in Cyprus, grouped by type and sorted by location.

It houses more than 60 check-in counters and has over 40 gates allowing it to easily accommodate millions of passenger coming through each year. The service allows you to shop in the DutyFree shops on departure and then collect your shopping when arriving back at the airport. As with taking other any bus, make sure that the buses are in operation when you land and check the wait time for your scheduled trip is taken into consideration when making your plans. The three airports are: Larnaca International Airport, Paphos International Airport, and Ercan International Airport. There are even shuttle or coach buses for those who are going to Ayai Napa or Larnaca. The service is offered FREE of charge and is available to all passengers travelling within the EU. Getting to and from this airport, like the Larnaca one, is a breeze. Click here to see a schedule of the intercity buses. 3 Choose the service you’re interested in, We have received your request and will find your match. These investments has brought many other airlines to build hubs and increase their flights to Cyprus’ airports. The two airports are based in Larnaca and Paphos respectively and handle more than 7 million passengers annually between them. RAF Akrotiri is a Royal Air Force base in British overseas territory just south of Limassol. Cyprus Airports Duty Free provides a very convenient ‘Shop & Collect’ service. Third and last is the Ercan International Airport. Flights must touch down in Turkey and fly into Ercan from there. If you are staying at a hotel, you may want to arrange for transportation with them, otherwise you can take a taxi: it would cost around €50 to €70 to get to Limassol, Nicossia or Ayai Napa areas. If you’re looking to travel through Ercan International Airport, note that the airport code is ECN and that it is also sometimes referred to as Lefkosia Airport or Nicosia Airport. Some people have concerns about going back and forth between the more Turkish side, but in reality, this poses no problem at all.

Airports in Cyprus In Cyprus, there are only three airports you can fly into because the rest are used solely for military purposes. Cyprus Airports Live Flight Arrivals and Departures. It is also referred to sometimes as “Pafos.” Most people who opt to fly into through Pafos international plan to visit Limassol or other areas on the west side of Cyprus. Airport_name Location ICAO IATA Type Passengers Note Larnaca International Airport: Larnaca: LCLK LCA Public 7,734,290 (2017) Paphos International Airport: … For more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. In Cyprus, there are only three airports you can fly into because the rest are used solely for military purposes. A good thing about Ercan Airport is that you can get flights extremely cheaply to Turkey; so if you are curious about going to Turkey this might be the airport of choice. The three airports are: Larnaca International Airport, Paphos International Airport, and Ercan International Airport.

It’s just like any other airport. You can find all the documentation required for flying to the Republic of Cyprus here. Only a terminal departure area on the upper level and the arrivals hall - on the bottom. If you are headed for Larnaca or Ayai Napa, you can take one of the commuter or intercity buses that ply the roads on schedule.

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