dead rising 2: off the record vs dead rising 2

Thanks guys, yeah i played the original Dead rising on 360 years ago and enjoyed it! Which is every fucking 5 minutes.     • Bike Modifications I agree with all of these but OTR is still so much more fun to me. Sure, they’d get overwhelmed by zombies but it was manageable. But I agree, it should’ve just been an expansion, just add the new stuff and then you just pick if you want to play as Frank or Chuck. Endings All your money, all experience gained,all weapons and cars unlocked - will be available for the main storyline too, making it. Snowball Cannon and Super B.F.G.hit detection has been improved in Off the Record. Some Psychopaths can react faster after Frank hits them. It’s just too much. I agree. Psychopaths have much longer health bars. New photo opportunities in a “Buddy Shot”, Frank can grab a zombie from behind and essentially "photo bombs" his own image, snapping a photo of him grinning next to a zombie before he throws him/her aside.

message that pops up when an ally is lagging too far behind to "zone" with you into the next environment. Still, both are nice games, but I suppose you should play DR2 first and only then try OTR, to compare for maximum enjoyment and game experience. Taming Snowflake is now easier as the artificial intelligence (A.I.) The camera is a part of what made DR1 so fun imo. Now survivors would attempt to unnecessarily fight zombies instead of following me. I think the whole Stacey thing is supposed to be over the top and silly.     • Introduction, Achievements has improved. Zombie animals Bugs Vehicles For that reason, many of them deserved to die and I never looked back. Also Dead Rising 2: OTR's map in the game was way better layout then DR 2's, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.
The survivors would just follow me. Destructoid: Listening to fans and critics was key in helping the team build Off the Record...The save system...has been further improved...A checkpoint system...which will have the game save progress after major story points, after fighting off the game's psychopath sub-bosses and upon loading into a new area...load times...have been reduced... Destructoid: ...there will be an entirely new area/zone that Capcom will only say is "not a casino and not a mall.".

New unique story, "the story’s been changed quite heavily". Also, striking repeated blows on a Psychopath will inflict smaller and smaller amounts of damage until Frank backs away, discouraging the player from constantly staying close and attacking. PlayStation 3 and PC owners can play Frank for the first time. And I'll repeat - OTR is a non-canon game, and thus not considered as part of main Dead Rising storyline. Frank will have to back off for about two or three seconds before Frank can do the weapons max damage on psychopath. Minigames Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Psychopaths now have a damage limiter in Off the Record. "It’s still the convention of a sandbox on a clock.

You should probably know, that DR2 considered canon, while DR2:OTR is non-canon, having some significant main plot differences. off the record has everything DR2 has and more, including new weapons, vehicle, missions, a whole new area and sandbox mode which is awesome. I love OTR, but I really like Chuck and his story and I had so much fun when that game launched. is off the record more like that than Dead Rising 2?

Maintenance Rooms There is replayability where is players try things a slightly different way they may find a different ending. I believe Dead Rising 2: OTR for the fans like myself who wanted to see Frank West back after waiting 4 years for another sequel to, but it was his side of the story. Controls for weapon switching slightly changed, now Frank's weapon will switch upon release of the weapon switch button, instead of as soon as it is pressed.  •  Skills (Moves) In Dead Rising 2, she would randomly decide to either eat the meat on the ground or just run past it and attack Chuck. When jumping and getting hit in Dead Rising 2, should Chuck try to do an action, Chuck would not be able to complete the action and Chuck would flinch upon landing. Then Off the Record, for some reason, decided to up the difficulty.

[1], JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"}). Cheats Valid points indeed. I don’t understand why so many of you prefer Off the Record. The A.I. -The whole Stacey thing is ridiculous. Food Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. improvement was amazing after playing the original Dead Rising. Looters can steal Franks weapons and money. Seriously, she felt like a Marvel villain. ATMs In Off the Record Snowflake will always take the steak so long as Frank keeps his distance. It was such a pleasure in Dead Rising 2. -Escorting survivors became pretty tedious again. Fuck this song. DR2 is fun, not saying it isn't. With that, I was able to tell the amount. Overview •  Controls I just like that qhen OTR was announced i said to myself "I really hope Chuck becomes the motorcycle psycho because his daughter didn't make it." improvement was amazing after playing the original Dead Rising.

I never really raged or anything. The ability to check the time and set active missions from the map screen, instead of from your wristwatch in the active game environment.  •  Magazines Like the fucking looter song goddamn I hate this shit. OTR has Frank West which re-introduces the camera element and has unique challenges. Sure, they’d get overwhelmed by zombies but it was manageable.  •  Psychopaths It was such a pleasure in Dead Rising 2. Weapons Which is better? If they continue the Dead Rising franchise (which they better, considering the ending of Case West), the original Dead Rising 2 is where it'll take off from. In Dead Rising 2, Chuck would flinch from first shot that makes contact and the rest of the shots would go through him without damaging him. The A.I. I like Frank West better as a character, but I agree that Chuck's version of DR2 was better. Max amount of rows seen: 3 (36 blocks = 4500 Health). Sure it’s a really good game and it provides the player with new cool stuff, such as the Uranus Zone, new psychos and the faaaaaantastic Sandbox Mode... but there are some things that make this game considerably less fun than Dead Rising 2, to me. Auto saving, a checkpoint system which will have the game save progress after major story points.

Including checkpoints right after the player enters a new area and right before the player fights a boss. This is to work with some of his new skill moves. Updated movement systems makes climbing and traversing areas easier and smoother looking. Just this thing is honestly enough for me to prefer Dead Rising 2. Criticism Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Frank's camera returns, allowing outtake photographs. This is gonna sound strange, but I kinda like the hud layout of Dead Rising 3. Slot Machines Technically it wasn’t full priced, it was actually $40 at release. In Off the Record, bosses can quickly hit Frank the second Frank hits them making it really hard to play both safe and strategic. In Dead Rising 2, they usually flinch and Chuck had some time to get out of the way.

Chuck is his own character. i havent played either but no doubt the summer sale is starting soon and im looking to play one or the other (not both) so which is the better game? Frank can only do a certain amount of damage before his attacks do very, very little damage; regardless of weapon or attack. I never really raged or anything. I'll be honest, OFR could have just been DLC and not a full priced game. A more difficult game, with "A tougher Frank West and a Tougher Fortune City", with more aggressive zombies than those featured in the same city in. Quote from Jason Leigh, executive producer of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record in MTV article.

Every 5 minutes when playing this game I get frustrated and I let out in agony « oh my god just shut the fuck up ».

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