do you like me check yes or no meme

It gets more painful to grade assignments in which students disregard the rubric I so meticulously and lovingly constructed.
However, I do think student feedback is essential if I’m going to become a better teacher. Here’s a heart I just downloaded for you: <3. Guess what we are not going to like everyone, and everyone is not going to like us and that is perfectly acceptable. Can’t wait for lunch next period. Personally, I don’t have a problem with many people; God has given me the most difficult people in my face since I was young and I chose to stay and deal instead of run away. The truth is when people are bitter; and unhappy they are usually very lonely because no one really enjoys being in their company unless they are feeling miserable that day; or intoxicated. I am not a door mat; but I do believe people can have a change of heart or truly want to change; so I chose to give people the benefit of the doubt more times than I should. The last time I taught, multiple students noted in their evaluations that I seemed annoyed and impatient when answering their questions.
While I can’t say that my little survey made all the difference in my evaluation results that quarter, I feel certain that it played a significant role. You can love a complete stranger because you care for them as a human being but you don’t necessarily have any positive feelings about the person. After a healthy dose of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, I traced my steps and recalled a few instances in class when I was visibly frustrated with students who weren’t keeping up with a tutorial. Somewhere in time; they never got that feeling of worth; so they have to keep proving to themselves they are of worth by putting others down. Hopefully, the result is a better learning experience for everyone and fewer disgruntled students venting several weeks’ worth of frustration in a course evaluation that will be read by department heads. I answer repetitive questions with glee.

Stepmonsters who become Stepmom’s…, First Day of School, New Friendships, and maybe a little anxiety~, First Day of School, New Friendships, and maybe a little anxiety~ | Exposed, Music Video’s Made by Permanently Exposed. Check "Yes" or "No" is an expression used in jest as a post-script to a question to press for an answer from an individual during an online conversation. ), Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve the course? So, loving is actually easy, but somewhere along the way we were made to believe it is something only a few can share.

Do You Like Me? They want to blame and point fingers at another person instead of doing all they can; which includes putting their pride aside to make their situation different from what it is~better. on Do you like me?

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Newest People can stab me in my back, apologize,  and I will most likely wash their knife for them and hope they won’t do it again. Check Yes, No, Maybe…Difficult People, Stepmothers! or they don’t like that person; The same people will most likely say they hang out with the person because they feel sorry for them or bullied with questions if they try to eliminate them from their lives.

Feel free to use this service as often as you would like for both personal and business purposes. While the phrase is most commonly associated with handwritten love confessions exchanged among school children, it has seen a number of funny variations and parodies on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Oldest Second, I showed my students that I genuinely cared about them and wanted to make the course the best it could be.

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I meant to ask my students for feedback but never got around to it. It also gives the students a chance to blow off some steam before the final evaluations, and I’d much rather get the worst over with early and in a survey that no one has to see but me. Love is wanting good for another; no harm; wanting to help another because they are a human being; and certainly not wanting anything to happen to that person in a bad/negative way.

they just don’t know yet. She often says that the toughest thing about her line of work is the demand to always be “on”—to be perky, pleasant, enthusiastic, and accommodating at all times.

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