does iran have nuclear weapons

[18], On 8 May 2019, Iran announced it would suspend implementation of some parts of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, threatening further action in 60 days unless it received protection from US sanctions. Five Russian institutions, including the Russian Federal Space Agency helped Tehran to improve its missiles.

"If you think sanctions relief, and billions of dollars worth of contracts, will turn a rapacious tiger into a kitten, think again," Netanyahu said. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. [9][198] The United States welcomed the resolution and said it would step up sanctions to press Iran to change course. Iran does not have nuclear weapons and insists it does not want to develop any. "[125], In Resolution 1696 of 31 July 2006, the United Nations Security Council demanded that Iran suspend all enrichment and reprocessing related activities.

"[419] Testimony presented to the Foreign Select Committee of the British Parliament drew the opposite conclusion: The enforcement of Article III of the NPT obligations is carried out through the IAEA's monitoring and verification that is designed to ensure that declared nuclear facilities are operated according to safeguard agreement with Iran, which Iran signed with the IAEA in 1974. Email her at [34], In April 1984, West German intelligence reported that Iran might have a nuclear bomb within two years with uranium from Pakistan.

"[133] Iran has maintained that the Security Council's engagement in "the issue of the peaceful nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran" are unlawful and malicious. A detailed analysis by physicists at the Federation of American Scientists concludes that such an estimate would depend on the total number and overall efficiency of the centrifuges Iran has in operation, and the amount of low-enriched uranium it has stockpiled to serve as "feedstock" for a possible high-enrichment program. The US Nuclear Posture Review made public in 2002 specifically envisioned the use of nuclear weapons on a first strike basis, even against non-nuclear armed states. The IAEA recently released a report indicating there are no credible signs that Iran's efforts to build a nuclear weapon lasted past 2009. ", "Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran", "Iran confirms stopping Additional Protocol of the NPT", "GOV/2004/83 – Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in Iran". [370][371][372] President Obama called the agreement an "important first step. He said in his view the United States needs to make it clear to the Iranians that their alleged development of nuclear weapons and funding of organizations "like Hamas and Hezbollah," and threats against Israel are "unacceptable. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, recently asserted Iran's right to establish nuclear plants.

Al-Sadr recommended these groups, which were recently integrated into the Iraqi armed forces, shut down their headquarters to avoid being easy targets should there be a decision to launch an "armed resistance" against foreign forces.

The Iranian authorities deny seeking a nuclear weapons capacity for deterrence or retaliation since Iran's level of technological progress cannot match that of existing nuclear weapons states, and the acquisition of nuclear weapons would only spark an arms race in the Middle East. [241] Iran began its nuclear research as early as 1975, when France cooperated with Iran to set up the Esfahan Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC) to provide training for personnel to develop certain nuclear fuel cycle capabilities. Iran has declared it has a right to peaceful nuclear technology under the NPT, despite Security Council demands that it cease its nuclear enrichment. However, even without nuclear weapons, Iran could deal some major damage to U.S. interests in the Middle East. [164] The Agency says its right to verify design information provided to it is a "continuing right, which is not dependent on the stage of construction of, or the presence of nuclear material at, a facility. Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been a point of contention with the U.S. for years, but especially since President Trump entered the White House. "[202][203] Not long after, it was reported that Iran might not consent to unfettered access. Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968 and ratified it in 1970, making Iran's nuclear program subject to IAEA verification. On 14 April 2006, The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) published a series of analyzed satellite images of Iran's nuclear facilities at Natanz and Esfahan. The Iranian government has repeatedly made compromise offers to place strict limits on its nuclear program beyond what the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Additional Protocol legally require of Iran, in order to ensure that the program cannot be secretly diverted to the manufacture of weapons.

[183], In February 2010, the IAEA issued a report scolding Iran for failing to explain purchases of sensitive technology as well as secret tests of high-precision detonators and modified designs of missile cones to accommodate larger payloads. That offer stands, but it must be real and tangible, and there has to be an agenda that they’re prepared to speak to.

[70][71] The United States has insisted that Iran must meet the demands of the UN Security Council to suspend its enrichment program. During on-site inspections of the IR-40 design, IAEA inspectors observed that the installation of cooling and moderator circuit piping was continuing. Such a conclusion would normally be drawn only for countries that have an Additional Protocol in force.

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