does paris berelc have cancer

It’s not easy playing someone with cancer on a television show or in a movie, but Paris Berelc is doing it really well on Netflix’s Alexa & Katie. Alexa is going through cancer, but she still has such an optimistic look at the world. “I know it’s so simple, but stuff like that, doing ‘normal’ big sister duties are nice,” Paris states. Or you remember her starring in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Invisible Sister, alongside Rowan Blanchard. We didn’t have to try so hard, and she’s great. 8. Although, she concludes, “I’ve been surrounded by a bunch of adults for so long and got treated like an adult. “We definitely did the research,” Paris tells us. Your email address will not be published.

More Paris Berelc Videos . If you’re a teenager, it’s going to be different, if you’re a kid or a toddler. “I originally thought I would be a gymnast because that was my passion.

“We didn’t want to risk losing that audience who hasn’t really seen that character before by going too dark,” showrunner Heather Wordham shared with IndieWire.

“I know you probably think I’m crazy, but I really want that, it’s important to me,” she said in reference to her longing for a family.

Actually, my old co-star from my Disney show had a Kelly Kapowski shirt, so I knew her as her character Kelly Kapowski. In … She texted me last night after we had our screening of the show and said she was really proud of me. Having answered all my questions and more, we both look up and see we’ve talked well past our allotted 30 minute time blocked out for the interview. Makeup By Hendra Nasril Her slim body and Dark brown hairtype with cupsize 30B Official websites/fansites: Does Paris Berelc have official Social Media profiles? I love Stranger Things obviously. The ‘Alexa & Katie’ Cast Are Leaving Clues That The Show Has Been Renewed For Season 2, Paris Berelc Reveals How She Prepared To Play Someone with Cancer on 'Alexa & Katie' (Exclusive), Paris Berelc Opens Up About Co-Starring with Real Life Boyfriend Jack Griffo in ‘Alexa & Katie’, Paris Berelc Dishes On Singing The Theme Song For ‘Alexa & Katie’ (Exclusive), The ‘Alexa & Katie’ Cast Are Leaving Clues That The Show Has Been Renewed For Season 2. There’s people that you meet in life and something just kind of clicks, and that was how it was for me and her. I’m not crying.” It’s a good way for kids to watch it and realize what’s going on. Capricorn #46. Acting seemed like a natural progression for Paris as she started to get “bored” and got the acting bug growing up on Disney and watching actresses like Miley Cyrus.

Neck down, she wears a black crop top, grey sweatpant bell bottoms and white sneakers. document.write(''); Carina Battrick plays the role of Michelle in the Netflix movie Feel the Beat. Did Liam Payne & Dixie D'Amelio Collab On a New Song?? While chatting with the 19-year-old actress recently, JJJ discovered that Paris and her cast mates did a lot of research before diving into the material for the series.

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