dracula 4: the shadow of the dragon

Follow the path of Ellen Cross through the world.

She’ll need to search Professor Vambery’s house and files to uncover details about the secret sixteenth painting. Now Ellen can explore. A few months later, one of the paintings resurfaces in Hungary. She would never have guessed that this mission... Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon - Teaser Trailer, Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App, Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon - Developer Diary, Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon - Developer Diary 2, Release Dates for All Notable Upcoming Games, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Exit out the window.

Overview: Ellen arrives in Budapest at the office of Inspector Lazlo. Examine the top-left shelf to discover the book “C II 15” is in the spot “A III 07” should be. Tip: it’s easiest to focus on the letters in order, working at the corners.

Click on the bottom-left corner drawer, which equates to CV from the XY axis of letters on the cabinet. Story-based achievements are marked as “automatic” as you will receive them automatically.

Health bar – Ellen’s illness causes her to have near-fainting episodes that could lead to something worse. He has an orange arm with a blue cuff. Ellen is now back in her hotel room with the sealed case in front of her. To open the right door, input the symbols as shown above, focusing on the three symbols just left of the right arrow.

Ellen will hear Yanek returning downstairs.

Use ROPE LADDER on the puzzle tomb you just opened. Use SHEARS on the door to remove the ivy. In your inventory, drag BATTERIES onto POLAROID CAMERA. Move to the right, near the red canvas. Move the single gear from the left-hand column to the top of the right column.


Look at the floor and use the end of the STRAP; Ellen will tie it to the ROPE.

Overview: Ellen needs to take medicine throughout the game to fight off her disease.

Achievement: “From Budapest with Love.”  Earned automatically by completing the Prologue. Now use the magnifier to find a secret code hidden in the text. In this small room, from the table to Ellen’s right take KNOTTED ROPE, LOCK-PICKING HOOK, and PLIERS. Take a glimpse at what awaits you in Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon. Turn around and walk forward toward the small mausoleum covered in ivy. In either mode, you can skip cutscenes by clicking during them and selecting the “skip” dropdown at the top of the screen. Take a look at the development of Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon. The goal of the puppet theater is to unlock the box underneath the hot air balloon. Turn left and turn on the large TV by clicking its green button. Use the keyhole again to slide back the plate and reveal a numeric keypad. Sign up for the Gamezebo Daily Newsletter, Rusty Lake Paradise — Complete walkthrough of The First Plague: Water turns into Blood, Stranger Things: The Game Walkthrough – Forest Maze, Stranger Things: The Game Review – The Legend of Eleven, #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips, Game Introduction – Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon. Exit the secret room and the study; go back downstairs. Use KNIFE on the decayed skeleton to get STRIP OF TISSUE. The room is large and mostly empty; no one is home. Tip: there are certain “pain points” that are least forgiving—try starting with the shoulder curve and moving along the top of the arm as it’s the most likely to cause a do-over. Look at the case to enter a close-up view.

Use ROD WITH HOOK on the attic door to open it. Your final result should look like the image below. Drag the TENSION TOOL down again. It’s very unresponsive; usually dragging from the middle is most successful. In your inventory, use SLIDE on SLIDE VIEWER RACK to get RACK WITH THE SLIDE.

In addition to the different Continue / Load checkpoints, there are also 5 separate, color-coded profiles available to choose from. Click on the slightly ajar door to open it, move forward to enter the building.

You only have to take enough medicine to get Ellen out of the red to continue on. Sometimes the same object will display different icons depending on your current state of interaction. For instance, the column with five notches on the far right indicates all five of the left-hand squares must be filled in. 1 Cikloprex + 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Propoethyne = 6, 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Propoethyne = 9, 1 Cikloprex + 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Hemapromazine = 8, 1 Cikloprex + 1 Propoethyne + 1 Propoethyne = 5, 1 Cikloprex + 1 Cikloprex + 1 Hemapromazine = 7, 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Propoethyne + 1 Propoethyne = 7, 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Hemapromazine + 1 Apple = 4, 1 Whiskey + 1 Sleeping Pills = -6 (And an achievement).

Ellen starts off with five CIKLOPREX, four HEMAPROMAZINE, and two PROPOETHYNE.

Tip: when in doubt, skew towards the inside of the arm and not the outside. Open the drawer four rows over and one row down for “NI.”.

Score distribution: Positive: 0 out of 4. 40. If you examine the brick wall, Ellen will comment an exit is probably available behind it. Take CAMERA and PROPOETHYNE (health item for Ellen). Drag the TENSION TOOL down again. As you fulfill the requirements by pressing buttons, the lights on the top and right side will illuminate. Just to the left of the easel is a wooden crate.

Turn to your left; in a small bookshelf alcove are tools for repairing the puppet. The results of taking a combination of drugs will not appear until you have tried them. Move back to the entryway and use the telephone to call the Museum. Ellen will ask him about the Latin engraving. Use AUDIO CASSETTE on the stereo. Ellen comments it’s a John Collier work from Vambery’s collection. In your inventory, drag BLEACH onto FULL CONTAINER to get DILUTED BLEACH. Turn 180 degrees to the closed door behind you and click on it to exit the hotel. Open the top-left drawer of the china hutch. Select either dialogue choice: “Apology” to open up additional dialogue options with Yanek. You can change the location of the letters in two ways: first, by rotating the entire wheel clockwise or counterclockwise by clicking on the arrows in the center. Puppeteer – (Automatic) – Solve the puppet theater puzzle. Move the ladder to the far left of the room by clicking on the shaking arrow bubble to the left of the ladder.

Examine the white keypad next to the TV.

The tomb will open; open the brown bag inside and take ROPE LADDER and PICK AXE. If you examine the man twice Ellen will comment his pockets are empty, and then note the dragon tattoo on his wrist.

Use KEY on the cabinet to open one door.

Return to the puzzle. Ellen will exit the theater view. In your inventory, drag KNIFE onto SILVER BULLETS to get POWDER.

Drag POWDER onto LEATHER BOX to get LEATHER BOX FILLED WITH POWDER. Use the STONE SNAKES on the stone full of symbols on the floor.

Interact with the symbols on the floor again to enter a mini-game puzzle. This is a good way to figure out where you need to go or what to do next. You’ll also receive the telltale ding of music and points to indicate you’ve succeeded. Turn left and enter Friedlen’s cell again.

Steady Hand – (Missable) – Cut out the puppet’s arm without making a mistake. Use CAMERA on the dead man and take a photo of him. When completed, you’ll exit this close-up and a door will open in the wooden stand. Once it’s free, pick up SLIDE.

Continue this until the letter is in the exact spot you want. Select Museum to call your boss.

This shows you a close-up of a mini-game puzzle with colored rings. Examine the letter to learn it’s a package from the museum; a camera for documenting the painting and medicine from your doctor. The solution is available in the image below. Exit and examine the large TV screen to learn about a secret vault. Click on the fourth shelf from the top to view a close-up.

Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game. Use SPRAYER FILLED WITH POWDER on the wall above the sink in three areas to reveal the phrase “Jön, hogy megöljön.”  You may need to spray more than three times to reveal the phrase completely. Achievement: “Amateur Detective.”  Received for solving three puzzles. You’ll need to use it twice to turn the knob and open the gate.

When he is present, he blocks the path to the keyhole.

Use your LIT TORCH on the sconce to the right of the door. Move up the stairs and move forward into the bedroom. To start, pull the LOCK-PICKING HOOK to the left until you see 4 teeth visible. Ellen will hear Friedlen’s mysterious ramblings about the Prince of Exile.

His info will be added to your dossier. Ellen comments that she can probably make a solution to remove the ink and a close-up of the letter appears.

Move all the brown pieces to the top circle and then put them in place one by one.

The image above gives an example of one such coded letter: note the dot underneath “f” under the magnifier. Click on wooden case to enter a close-up view.

From the cabinet, take POLAROID CAMERA, EMPTY SPRAYER, BATTERIES, FILM, and FINGERPRINT POWDER. Ellen enters the office and feels woozy; she needs to take some medicine. Note: most points-related activities must be completed to progress. Turn the fifth crank so the yellow-hatted puppet rocks the boat.

The End! © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Hold and drag each of the color slides up or down to change the color. Look up at the ceiling. Use the curtain to reveal a metallic box. Inspect Friedlen’s arm to discover a “tattoo” that looks like two small holes. It goes out immediately and she needs something else to light the way; you’re back in the central room. Press the wheel button (below the left-hand column of gears) to move the ship model to the right. There are hints on a strip at the top of the recorder.

Move to the left near the curtain.

Use Ellen’s flashlight to enter.

Move to the corner of the room opposite Lazlo, where an audio recorder sits on a table. You have completed Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon. When you’ve finished with the recording, Lazlo is gone. Tip: focus on one circle at a time.

Exit Friedlen’s cell and move straight to the stairs. Ellen needs to report to the museum and listen to the wax cylinder found in the vault. Click on Inspector Lazlo to start a conversation. There are four items you can collect: three STONE SNAKE(s), BONE, and TERRA COTTA POT. These also match the first letter of the words of the prayer on the wall across the room. Pick up METAL BAR off the ground when you enter the cemetery. Use CAMERA on the Brueghel painting—remember to focus the shot and click on the center circle to take the picture. Then use the outer ring to move all correctly adjoined rings to match the center, looking like the image below. Exit the puzzle and move to the left door. Click on it again to open both doors. Once completed, the lights will be turned back on and you can explore the room. Take KEY and move back to the right side of the house. The door will open and Ellen will step inside. Examine the door to enter a close-up; the LOCK-PICKING HOOK and TENSION TOOL will already be in place in the keyhole. You’ll be able to hear the sound of the door opening or closing.

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 11 Ratings, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Through several Developers Diaries, discover the long awaited adventure game Dracula 4 and follow the path of Ellen Cross through the world. - Exit the close-up view.

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