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“I think the chaos of it and the unpredictability of it, it kinda is what’s exciting about live music in the first place anyways.”. Your support is essential to maintaining this coverage. It’s visceral and evocative. Denzel Curry -featuring ‘Tokyo Drifting’ is a hulking amalgam of brooding hip-hop bounce, cinematic electronica and dramatic synth lines, while  ‘Heat Waves’ sees earnest R&B run through the Glass Animals filter. Over pulsating production (courtesy of Dr. Dre apprentice MixedbyAli), Bayley contemplates this childhood friendship (“We were just two Texas toddlers / Pokemon and bottle rockets”) and imagines what visiting this person in prison would be like: “I said to you, ‘Why did you do it?’ / Touch the glass, I’ll feel ya through it / Against the wall, with the bracelets on / You look bizarre, in the apricot”). With Glass Animals, you can tell they're trying to execute this sound but suddenly you end up in the climax of the song without even knowing how you got there. There are tougher childhood memories in there too, though. But the band’s newest release. There is a palpable loss of innocence running through the record all emphasised by audio cuts of Bayleys childhood home movies. The profoundly honest lyrics are run through a kaleidoscope of genre-splicing, technicoloured production. 1. It makes me feel left out.”. “You’re normally used to releasing an album, and you’re already out on the road at that point, and you kind of see if people like it or not. Seamlessly blending Glass Animals trademark sound with American hip-hop, Bayley softly raps “Playing too much of GTA, playing too much of that Dr Dre” as he contemplates whether toxic expectations of masculinity turned a friend who loved Pokemon and capri-sun into an unrecognisable person. How my bear encounters made me a true Golden Bear, Here’s how you should vote on CA’s 12 propositions, Here’s how you should vote on Alameda County’s two measures, Vote ‘yes’ on Measure JJ to make public office accessible for all, ‘Emily in Paris’ is corporate America’s deluded fantasy, PUP trades artistry for angst on ‘This Place Sucks Ass’, In ‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ roulette, Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Nocturne’ fires a blank, How to survive election season in politically diverse households, Costumes and cultural appropriation: Just don’t do it. Usually, the band will gauge the energy of the crowd or the event and alter its set list and style accordingly. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. ‘Dreamland’ sees Bayley succinctly convey confusing and complicated emotions in pithy verses. Dreamland Glass Animals. Before the record was realized, drummer Joe Seaward experienced “a really bad accident,” as Bayley said in an interview with The Daily Californian, and much of that stress manifested into. I just always feel like it’s not quite as good as being there. Paid Concert Livestreams – Are They Worth It. I’ve listened to some of my favorite bands doing live albums and it just makes me really wish I were there, that’s it. “It was just about digging deep into the sounds that I grew up with and the things I would’ve been listening to when any of the memories I was talking about in the lyrics was happening. Over squelchy synths and ethereal hums of electricity he candidly sings about the distressing memories (“I see the bruise / I see the truth / I see what he did to you”), with frantic harp flourishes later joining the fray and adding to the overall sense of unease.

You can revoke your consent any time using the Revoke consent button. As an independent student newspaper and the paper of record for the city of Berkeley, the Daily Cal has been communicating important updates during this pandemic. “Everyone was very close to losing a friend, a brother, a boyfriend, a son and a bandmate,” Seaward candidly explained to NME. For the first time the work is entirely autobiographical.

The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Oxford psychedelic rockers Glass Animals have returned with their third studio album Dreamland. So stick on your headphones, close your eyes and take a trip to ‘Dreamland’ – you won’t want to leave. But apart from the challenges of producing a record, Glass Animals have faced even bigger obstacles not being able to tour and promote their music amid the coronavirus pandemic. Where does the album's title come from? Mobile site. The secret beauty of this album is that it needs multiple listens to understand the songs. Copyright © 2020 The Daily Californian, The Independent Berkeley Student Publishing Co., Inc. Released August 7, 2020. “This album was basically trying to soundtrack my own life,” he said. Privacy Policy.

It’s a sun-drenched record of summer tunes that will sound even better when heard at festivals with a tinnie in hand. “Maybe it’s your brain’s way of doing therapy to itself — just start thinking about the past.”. All rights reserved. “I wanted this album to be a full reflection of life,” Glass Animals’ frontman Dave Bayley explained of their third album ‘Dreamland’ in their recent NME cover feature. The Oxford band have overcome a period of intense adversity to bring you a record of deeply personal tales – all set to shimmering pop tunes. There were real highs of becoming Mercury Nominees for their second album to drummer Joe Seawards life-threatening bike crash which left him with brain damage and learning to walk, talk and of course drum again. The agitated ‘Domestic Bliss’ sees Bayley recount being young and seeing a friend’s mother in an abusive relationship. Your support is essential to maintaining this coverage. While tunes such as ‘It’s All So Incredibly Loud’ are fuelled by vivid and creative production, gradually growing before arriving at a majestic conclusion, some of their counterparts (‘Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth’, the sticky sweet ‘Melon and the Coconut’) get stuck on the journey, never reaching the summit. Tweet her at @callmepbj. He said the recording process starts with taking his retro influences and resampling them through a hip-hop filter — noting Madlib as his favorite producer.

... -Dave Bayley, Official Glass Animals Instagram “Dreamland” Q&A.

Glass Animals put the band on pause while Seaward underwent rehabilitation, having to re-learn how to walk, talk and drum again. At times he even manages to put physical gut reactions into words. Dreamland Tracklist.

Use desktop site by default. In the four years since their last release How To Be A Human Being, Glass Animals have been through a turbulent time. Some demos end up on the album, such as “Heat Waves,” but others, such as “Your Love (Déjà Vu),” end up being revamped quite a bit. In the past Bayley had been afraid to write about himself (“I always thought it was selfish,” he told us), but on the deeply moving final track of ‘How to Be a Human Being’, ‘Agnes’, Bayley opened up about a friend he lost to suicide.

Dreamland is an autobiographical tour through Bayley’s early childhood growing up in small-town Texas taking on everything from enforced masculinity to formative relationships.

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