drew lock film breakdown

He’s dependent on scheme fit and significant improvement, but does have franchise quarterback potential. Exactly. If there is one single trait that has hooked Elway, it’s probably that confidence. My only fear with Lock is long-term if the Broncos are trying to build a veteran destination for a QB like Rodgers, but this year he’s late round QB gold. Each summer, Mile High Huddle goes player by player to break down the Denver Broncos' roster. The game against Georgia in particular stood out. Still a work in progress, but intriguing due to physical tools New school QB w/Matthew Stafford-like game and potential.

Drew Lock did not play well in the Broncos' 43-16 loss to the Chiefs but he stood at the podium and communicated a potent message to fans. I’m a biased Broncos fan but the Broncos offense projects to be amazing this year. Drew Lock won his first career start in Week 13, helping lead the Denver Broncos to a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. Lock takes the snap and a one-step drop and looks to fire to Sutton, but the opening isn’t there.

This final play is a great one to break down following the interception. The crux of the breakdown for me is when Rollins get to the Kansas City game and points out that (despite the game being a disaster overall for Denver), Drew Lock came out of the locker room at halftime of that game, and from that point on through the final two and a half games, looked like a different quarterback. Based upon his improvement he’s shown every year I have no doubt he will continue along his current trajectory. All he’s gotta do is run with it, I think he'll be a much better real life QB than a fantasy QB. Lock didn’t seem to recognize the back side pressure and held onto the ball too long. Lock's underthrow on the previous play directly led to the interception, and he doesn’t have to worry about that here. Register today or log in to access this premium article.

The Denver Broncos offense is only going to be as good as it quarterback and Drew Lock needs a lot of improvement before this team can win games consistently.

But who knows as we get closer to the season, lots of things can happen! The Broncos go with a play-action which draws in both of the linebackers and one of the safeties. Everyone kind of looks like someone else. A clip from this week's episode "The Rise of Drew Lock: Why the Denver Broncos are Playoff Bound ⚡️" Audio breakdown of @DrewLock23 identifying cover 2 man and hitting @nrfant on a sight adjust seam route splitting the safeties Link: https://t.co/kVkrVR1IMi@Broncos pic.twitter.com/8ZxqStoyvp. Erick Trickel. Lock also has the ability to make passes off his back foot. Lock doesn’t step into enough throws which is why he doesn’t complete passes at an extremely high level. He better be extraordinary, he plays in the same division as Mahomes! That allows Beck to turn upfield and get even more yards before the end of the play. Drew Lock is a player who I grew to like the more I watched him.

It's second down and you have good field position, so live for the next down instead of forcing a bad throw, especially with the ball getting taken away. Ironically, this strength of his also exposes one of his biggest weaknesses. I’m not sure Murray or Haskins have the natural leadership ability that Lock has. Georgia feasted by bringing back side pressure all game. There is a clear advantage here for the Broncos with the slot receiver on the linebacker. He’s also aced the postseason interview circuit. There is a lot that Lock can take away from the motion and how the Texans respond pre-snap. At the NFL level, you need a quarterback who’s able to make routine throws in the face of pressure often enough to keep you out of situations where only heroics will save the day. Lock was the loudest quarterback in the huddles during senior bowl week. Most of Lock’s sacks and fumbles happened from the back side. Denver will be in a better situation than they are right now, but still wanting under center. A big part of Lock’s game is that he will make some throws that other quarterbacks won’t even try. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Lock doesn’t have great lower body mechanics. He's got the weapons around him. Lock pulls it down only to fire it a moment later as the running back failed his block and pressure is right in the quarterback's face. The placement of the throw is just about perfect to allow Fant to make the catch and turn to make a long run after the catch. Lock being a 63 percent passer his senior season and 57 percent overall means that he won’t be a fit in an offense that values short and accurate passes. Player comparisons are not predictions about a player’s career. It's hard not to be excited about Lock after watching the Broncos QB carousel since Manning left. He also has bad footwork and his tape is full of the kind of questionable decision making that could haunt him at the next level. I have Lock as a top 40 player in the draft. That means there is more space for Lock to put air on the ball to lead the receiver. Does Lock hold the key to Elway’s post-Peyton legacy? Ultimately, I still believe Elway is completely Lock’ed in if the Tiger is attainable. The largest issue he points out was Lock’s tendency to drift to the left and outside instead of stepping up in the pocket. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It will be rationalized as, “He’s not going to learn anything from the bench.

I suspect he’s available at ten, but it wouldn’t shock me if the Broncos front office makes a trade to ensure they get their man after missing out on Sam Darnold last spring. When watching Lock I am not sure he has a true feel for pressure.

Dooley incorporated play action, bootlegs, more timing routes, touch throws and plays that challenged Lock more at the line of scrimmage. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Broncos' 2020 Roster Breakdown: Drew Lock | QB. Hey guys, I do film breakdowns of impact plays around the league every week. B/B+ AA makes him a great fit in Shanahan-like system (bootlegs/nakeds/play-actions) 3. Denver is in the red zone in the pistol formation with two receivers out left and one of out to the right. NFL Power Rankings Week 8: You are what your record says at this point. This is to the Texans’ advantage to the right side. He doesn’t force anything and just takes what the defense gives him. Even with the rest of the question marks, it’s fun to watch him play.

He needs to clean this up for the NFL. If he hits, he’ll likely be a stud for years. The Missouri Tiger has come out for the draft after throwing for 12,193 yards, 99 touchdowns and 39 interceptions during his collegiate career. Lock sees that Fant is open though it came just a little later than desired. Lock is still flawed as a prospect, but his film suggests a player with potential to be a starter. When making this throw, Lock is again under pressure, but he is looking at a receiver who has a step on the coverage with no safety over the top who can make a play on the ball. Like Josh Allen last season, he was a player who had all the physical tools as an underclassmen, but was reckless with his decision making and accuracy. I’m not sure Lock has Cutler’s natural arm strength, but he has plenty of mustard to make all the throws.

Lock makes a great throw with even more pressure on him than the last play that resulted in the interception. Lock needs to unlock his eyes, flip his hips, and hit the running back to try and make a play for the first down and even a potential touchdown if he can make one defender miss. The Broncos are in a pistol with 21 personnel.

Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Some see a different JC when they look at Lock, and I get it. Picking up Drew Lock cheap/late this year is low risk, high reward. Back when the trade occurred, I mentioned that one of the big reasons Elway and Rich Scangarello seemed to like Joe Flacco is for his ability to open up the vertical game. Alex predicts Denver will be a playoff team this upcoming season not only due to the improvements the Broncos have made on the roster so far, but also in large part due to the growth potential of their quarterback.
Lock is… A player comparison is just a short hand way of explaining who that player reminds the scout of on the field. Vic Fangio says only way for Drew Lock to improve is to play. It wasn’t true then, but left the question hanging in the air as the Lock era began. There are a lot of things wrong with this play from Lock. The stats are not pretty, but then the state of the Denver Broncos right now is not. Join us in a breakdown of the film that shows some excellent QB play but also where Lock has room for improvement. The ball comes out of his hand easily when throwing the football.

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