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Año: 2005. As Ebert says in the post-movie discussion, it’s a complete film that’s at once a backstage story, a reconciliation story, a rehab story, and a competition story about the US team’s rivalry with the Canadian team coach, former teammate and notorious hardass Joe Soares. And though it’s a real sports movie, complete with ESPN-style action photography often shot from the height of the chairs, the stakes are much higher and very different. ― Leo Tolstoy. It’s refreshing to see that the feel-good post-coital of the documentary hasn’t altered either player. Movie Reviews Great Movies Collections TV/Streaming Features Chaz's Journal Interviews. "All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love." Available lighting was used almost exclusively. [6] Metacritic gives an aggregated score of 87 out of 100, based on 33 critics, indicating "universal acclaim". Directed by Henry Alex Rubin, Dana Adam Shapiro. La producción está cuidadísima.

© 2002-2020 Filmaffinity - Movieaffinity | Filmaffinity es una página de recomendación de películas y series, y es un medio totalmente independiente cuya principal prioridad es la privacidad y seguridad de los datos de sus usuarios. Sports Film Movies | Roger Ebert. We see how, on his anniversary dinner, he responds to his long-suffering wife’s toast to him with a toast to Team Canada. One of its stars, Mark Zupan, winced when describing how embarrassed he was to have his mother hear his remarks on the sex lives of persons with quadriplegia. Zupan (who wheeled impatiently out of Playtime halfway through the screening night before) projects the same barely suppressed bemusement that he shows off-court during the film. ¿Te ha resultado interesante y/o útil esta crítica? The film was screened at the United Nations uncut. Los americanos (con o sin silla de ruedas) están locos, Política de privacidad / condiciones de uso. It is the most physically exposed any of the players will appear, but no details are ever spared, from the varying levels of disability of members on the team — one guy lost all his limbs to a childhood disease — to whether and how they can schtup. A strange dance between acceptance and rejection of limitations.

The film's producers have compiled a rousing soundtrack that reflects the sport's brutality while maintaining an undercurrent of regretful stoicism. La afirmación no es novedosa, pero los primeros sorprendentes y descacharrantes minutos de "Murderball" despejarán las dudas a los más duros de mollera. [10] Additional music composed for the film was released on Saft's A Bag of Shells (Tzadik, 2010). Allmusic's James Christopher Monger said "Hearing Ministry's Alaine Jourgensen screaming "thieves, thieves & liars, murderers" over the clash of metal on metal during a wheelchair rugby match dutifully amplifies the primal nature of competition, especially when all of the players involved have overcome near-death physical (and psychological) injuries.
Team Canada has axed Joe to his considerable confusion: “I don’t know what those guys wanted!” he tells the crowd with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. "Murderball," directed by Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro, produced by Jeffrey Mandel and Shapiro, photographed by Rubin, works like many great documentaries to transcend its subject and consider the human condition. It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature for the 78th Academy Awards. The first scene, in which American player Mark Zupan silently changes into his rugby gear in a small bedroom, sets the tenor: suspenseful, modest, unflinching. Every Murderball review is bound to deploy the word “balls” in one way or another, but it ain’t about balls. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Not to mention that, as the film also explores, committing to quad rugby typically only can occur once someone has psychologically eliminated the possibility that he’s going to walk again. Murderball is getting rave reviews from film critics like Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times, who predicts an Oscar for it for best documentary. [7] Murderball also received positive reviews from Hollywood.com[8] and Roger Ebert, who said "This is one of those rare docs, like Hoop Dreams, where life provides a better ending than the filmmakers could have hoped for."[9]. A priori en un documental sobre parapléjicos se esperan ver lágrimas compasivas, lamentaciones, historias heroicas de superación, etc. Murderball, about Olympic-level quadriplegic rugby players both on- and off-court, screens to much ballyhoo on Ebertfest’s second day, and deservedly so. It centers on the rivalry between the Canadian and U.S. teams leading up to the 2004 Paralympic Games. [5] This film is also #1 on the Rotten Tomatoes countdown of the top sports movies. But the critics got one thing wrong: Murderball doesn't dispel myths and Murderball is a 2005 American documentary film about athletes who are physically disabled who play wheelchair rugby. It was directed by Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro, and produced by Jeffrey V. Mandel and Shapiro.

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