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Pascal Brennan is a Partner and national leader of the Indirect Taxes Group in Deloitte. Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Updates and Analysis. Innovation is no longer an option. AC�6��R@gS`�s&ob��B���*���^Vu��BSx-�:@'&�

Planet49 GmbH, a German company offering an online lottery service, used two checkboxes on its website at the login page for the online lottery.

C‑36/16, Posnania Investment SA, 11 May 2017.

2 0 obj The case shows that some commercial subsidy of educational activity does not change the educational nature of the activity. )��� ����z8��0p���j�/:�eR�Q1����>�8�����&%RZb��Ϣ��W%.=>�\��`E4|j 4��|t��|�}�Zy�3:�B�R`���#�F�e�ތ _����n}���g����>��I5���fte�c�x7b�X�qQ�������=�}���x����kVmF\���y���0djB1L����d\��Fز�e�Gw��aa���6(w+;���������!���8[ͪ��J��=��>.6�O.1W��عu����uNRh���e��I#�T�z�� @�t�AK�|D6��k�Z�� �hC�y���]�b�Z����� If you are operating in the field of supplying goods or services to ships or aircraft under subcontract you should ensure that you qualify for zero rating. He has over thirty years of experience and having worked both in the Revenue Commissioners and private practice... More, Donal Kennedy is a solicitor and director in the Indirect Tax group. Council Directive 2006/112/EC requires private purchasers of new means of transport to self-account for VAT in the Member State in which they acquire the vehicle. News.

All Rights Reserved. Latest case-law documents – EUR-Lex Importantly, the Court held that (i) consent for cookies cannot be lawfully established through the use of pre-ticked boxes, and (ii) any consent obtained regarding cookies cannot be sufficiently informed in compliance with applicable law if the user cannot reasonably comprehend how the cookies employed on a given website will function. C‑38/16, Compass Contract Services Limited, 14 June 2017. The CJEU found that deduction could be blocked and that the affected taxpayer could be directed back to the party which had incorrectly charged the VAT to recoup it from them rather than from the tax authority. ���C̤s2.�)a��H�%o��v7��!K^|�WOܛuʢ�'U�]��A���K{ޓ��C��Ԙ���1!� Unless otherwise noted, attorneys not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Home > Dispute resolution and litigation > No surprises in the recent Planet49 European Court of Justice judgment. Thomas Hughes, executive director of the freedom of expression organisation Article 19, described the ruling as a victory for global freedom of expression. M�:����e�Y�H�eU�L

Google introduced a geo-blocking feature in 2016 following year, which stopped European users from being able to see delisted links. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. However, this case demonstrated the need for intra-community sellers of new means of transport, cars, to satisfy themselves as to the likelihood that such purchasers will properly account for VAT, particularly in the instance of high-value vehicles. Chambers and Partners also rated Hunton Andrews Kurth the top privacy and data security practice in its Chambers Global, Chambers USA and Chambers UK guides.

The Court of Justice of the European Communities is the judicial institution of the Community.

In this instance, the CJEU accepted the justification that electronically supplied services needed to be subject to a clear and uniform set of rules including the VAT rate applicable to such supplies. }�����*ZNH?�Y��B���䇂F View the press release and the full judgment. As a result, the Court found that any consent to cookies dropping through the use of a pre-ticked box cannot be freely given in accordance with the legal standard found in the Data Protection Directive and GDPR. The second consent pertained to cookies being dropped on users’ browsers in connection with participation in the online lottery.

In essence the Court is saying that you can have different time limits for making an input deduction and getting refunds of tax, resulting from such deduction, provided that the rules apply to everyone equally.

Help; Disclaimer; Links. THE COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. The finding arose after a relatively minor delay by Glencore in the provision of extensive data backing up a large VAT refund claim to the tax authorities was used as justification for a failure to pay interest on the refunds from the date that the refunds originally were due. Under Hungarian law, the purchase of the hangar was subject to the reverse-charge procedure, which Farkas was unaware of, and he accounted for VAT in the normal way.

The ruling was a surprise considering that the Court had previously indicated that supplies of goods or services sold in competition with each other should have the same VAT rate applicable. The German federal … 24, Customer information from Swedish security firm Gunnebo leaked by hackers, TikTok’s plan to open European headquarters in Dublin questioned by Irish watchdog, Multiple Fox News Stars Under Quarantine After COVID Exposure, The Most Popular Baby Names Of The Last 100 Years. � 7�;�fͯ���*Y|%��/�� 5^����(6i�JXA+�mR��亚pTǚ%�֞��)���Zc�/fN��̍��H�5&�q�ء71��z�A"���P� ���ڐ��� S�oK�6IYA���A�[:��|�&� �K�f�x\]��= Google and rival search engines will have to take measures, the ECJ said, to “effectively prevent or, at the very least, seriously discourage” users in the EU from using other versions of its site to access removed content.


This is especially so in cases where cookies allow a third party to track users across different sites. It would appear impossible to ascertain objectively whether a website user had actually granted his or her consent by merely continuing with his or her activity on the website visited (continuing browsing or scrolling) and, in doing so, failing to deselect a pre-checked box. Hunton Andrews Kurth’s award-winning Privacy & Information Security Law Blog is among the top-ranked legal blogs. Order of the General Court (Eighth Chamber) of 16 October 2020. Case Law. However, the CJEU ruled against Poland’s Commissioner, deferring to the broad discretion enjoyed by national legislatures. Separately on the question of consent needing to be “specific”, the ECJ notes that “consent must relate specifically to the processing of the data and cannot be inferred from an indication of the data subject’s wishes for other purposes”. The Court has held that the exemption does not apply to subcontractors in certain instances relating to this area and it is not clear why it has done this in some instances and not in others. Please see, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Our view on recent updates from Irish Revenue and EU Commission. Judges follow such non-binding opinions in four out of five cases. On 1 October 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered its judgement on Case C – 673/17 (the “Planet49” case), which relates to the consent and transparency requirements for the use of cookies and similar technologies. Both the Data Protection Directive and the GDPR impose an obligation to inform data subjects with respect to the purposes for which users’ data is processed. In this case the Court found that where goods are removed from customs supervision (in this instance, Hamburg - a free port not considered part of the EU), and if the goods are not deemed to have entered the EU (a matter for national courts to determine), import VAT cannot arise. It is made up of three courts: the Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance and the Civil Service Tribunal.

Maximo Voice Assistant provides an audible & spoken interface to Maximo mobility platforms. The right to be forgotten was not an absolute right, the court said, and had to be balanced against other fundamental rights, in accordance with proportionality. In assessing this question, the Court found that in the consent standards enunciated in both the Data Protection Directive and the GDPR, consent cannot be valid unless it is “freely given” and “informed.” The Court found that requiring a user to take an active step to untick a box to signify he or she does not consent to the dropping of a cookie could not reasonably establish that consent was provided on the basis of a freely given and informed decision. The right, enshrined in a 2014 legal ruling, required search engines to delete embarrassing or out-of-date information, when requested by the individuals concerned but in a landmark ruling on Tuesday, the European court of justice said search engine operators faced no obligation to remove information outside the 28-country zone. The second checkbox, which was pre-checked, sought consent for installing cookies on users’ browsers.

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