european seismic hazard map

Hazards are measured as the likelihood of experiencing earthquake shaking of various intensities.
Please contribute. The European-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Map, in terms of peak ground acceleration with a 10% chance of being exceeded in 50 years for stiff soil condition, was developed within the framework of the European Seismological Commission and UNESCO. High hazard does not necessarily imply high risk: frequent large earthquakes result in high hazard but pose limited risk if they shake remote areas, while moderate earthquakes in densely populated areas may entail high risk. Your first days are free! Sursa: If only the original founders of Lisbon had seen this map; would've saved them some grief. a catalogue of previous earthquakes in Europe and Turkey dating back to 1 000 AD; the first-ever European database of active faults and subduction zones (places were the Earth’s plates come together) in Europe; a model of strain rates depicting the long-term deformation of the Earth’s crust – a measure of how fast the Earth’s outer layer moves and accumulates energy when subjected to tectonic forces. The map received the Award for Excellence in Cartography of the International Cartographic Association, at the 21st International Cartographic Conference, 2003. This will allow engineers to design more earthquake-resistant buildings where needed, with the aim of reducing damage and saving lives. Seismic Hazard and Risk Dynamics. r/europe: Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. Students around Europe can now be found poring over SHARE maps that show potential ground motion, active faults and previous earthquakes. The main work on reviewing the national seismic maps was performed in 2006 and, thus, reflects the state-of-the-art at that time. Most of our earthquakes take place there. The cartogram shows the spatial variation of seismic hazard in Europe derived from the SHARE model. The model describes how the amplitude of ground shaking diminishes with distance from the earthquake rupture, depending on the magnitude and type of earthquake. It is known for its intermediate-depth (70 - 200 km) earthquakes, which can reach a magnitude of M 7.0 - M 7.8. The European-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Map, in terms of peak ground acceleration with a 10% chance of being exceeded in 50 years for stiff soil condition, was developed within the framework of the European Seismological Commission and UNESCO. “We wanted engineers to be included in the project so that the results fed real needs,” says Wössner. The SHARE results have also made their way into schools via the SeismoatSchool initiative, supported by the EU-funded NERA project. gender events, women. Publications Office of the European Union.

Maybe the occasional bit of heavy rain. How To Read The Maps . Engineering and insurance companies, together with academics, account for the majority of users. Earthquake Hazard Maps. The approach seems to have worked – the model is available for download online and has been in constant use. A0 maps and printouts are available from now on. For example, the model will be used to update Eurocode 8, Europe’s safety regulations to ensure buildings are designed to be resistant to earthquakes, says Wössner.
PreventionWeb welcomes submissions from the disaster risk reduction community.

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