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Though the past days would never return, she believed that the three of them would one day escape the temple and return home. 神性スキルを含む複合スキル。 Drake fires her cannons at it but they’re all deflected. Alongside Stheno, they use the anti-SAKURA giant humanoid weapon MEDO-SA to battle Shirou. Archer's True Name is Euryale (エウリュアレ, Euryuare?) Illustrator: AKIRA Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm Deciding that the sister who protected them no longer being there meant that they had to disappear, they offered themselves to the Gorgon, holding hands in fear while not abandoning that which they held dear. Also, in exchange for eternal beauty, as a goddess she is the weakest existence in the world... or so it should be, but she became somewhat more sturdy upon turning into a Servant. Source: Greek Mythology

Also, in exchange for eternal beauty, as a goddess she is the weakest existence in the world... or so it should be, but she became somewhat more sturdy upon turning into a Servant. After he is defeated, Hector attempts to kill Eurayle, but she finishes him off with Eye of the Euryale as revenge for Asterios. Born as an "idol", her "divine essence" is to remain the same from the moment of creation to destruction. Profile

Loving to toy with men, heroes seeking to court them were met with impossible demands and forced back to their home countries only able to weep., Medium chance to decrease specific enemy's Charge by 1, Increase your Arts Card Effectiveness (3 turns), Reduce a single enemy's ATK by 20% (3 turns).

with the power of immortality and eternal youth, differing from the gods of Olympus who had to halt their aging with the golden apples. She reveals herself to be Artemis and that the bear creature is Orion. It's been a while since I've been in this form!

[2] While she and Stheno were "perfect goddesses" who would not age, Medusa had some kind of flaw that allowed her to grow.

But even if you regret it later, it'll be too late. Thus when Eric was killed, the ship's magical energy was weakened. And she most certainly strikes them all, being one of the most prolific male-slayers in the entire game with her super-effective Arts Noble Phantasm, Eye of the Euryale. I hate violent people, too. I feel your emotions. ... FGO Unity NP : Hassan's Creed. と、見せかけて―― She also gets a slight refund to her gauge when using Vampirism, and decent NP gain from her Arts cards as is, making her usually just as good in the middle of the fight as she is at the start. While the ship charges towards his ship, Euryale pelts Blackbeard’s crew with her arrows while Ritsuka and Mash deal with boarders. is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. The middle daughter of the Gorgon Sisters in Greek mythology. Her weight in Fate/Grand Order comes from a report from Medusa.[1][2]. Eurayle pleads for his life when Drake prepares to finish him off. The group eventually lure him to the Ark, but he keeps his distance from it. サーヴァント化に伴い幾らか頑丈になっている。, マスターに対しては気に入った風に笑顔を向ける、 神性スキルを含む複合スキル。 She that gets annoyed that this is the one time Medusa wasn't summoned. To her delight, Ritsuka answers foes, so she reveals herself. However, that destruction would increase within the Singularity, destroying one of the Foundations of Humanity without waiting for it to collapse. I expect you to work hard. She has a thing for pranks.

The middle daughter of the Gorgon Sisters in Greek mythology.The epitome of men's desires, she is the perfect "idol.

Sprite 3, 男の憧れの具現、完成した「偶像(アイドル)」「理想の少女」として生まれ落ちた女神。 Hehe.

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