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Exotic birds can be highly entertaining pets and often develop strong bonds with their owners. Even experienced breeders get fooled.

Otherwise called little parrots, budgies or budgerigars, they don’t typically require the same amount of space as other birds, such as parrots. Let your canary sleep after sunset, either move him to a dark room in the evening or cover the cage with a blackout sheet. 10 Best Exotic Birds as Pets .

They can even learn to whistle, learn tricks, talk, and more. Canaries usually hatch in the spring and become mature in the fall or winter, but are not old enough to breed until the following spring. 9. Always ensure that you are well aware of all of the maintenance needs that these special creatures truly desire. Today, canaries are available in many colors and a range of sizes, shapes, and patterns. Canaries were the most common cage birds in the world for many years.

Never clip their wings, they need to fly for exercise.

The Waterslager is a song breed from Belgium that is now spreading world-wide. Although not difficult to breed, they require a special diet and lighting to reproduce and are not as prolific as budgies or some finches. After you’ve adopted your ideal pet bird, be sure to take your new friend to the vet as soon as possible, says Vanessa Rolfe, DVM, DABVP, owner of the Bird and Exotic Hospital at Greenacres, Florida. Physical Characteristics: Bronze or gold body with wings of black, white, or blue; unfeathered legs and dark orange eyes; possibly crested. A toucan's fruit is also flung about all day long, so walls near aracari enclosures must be washed often. Physical Characteristics: Bright red plumage on the heads and chests, vivid green feathers on the backs and tails, and blue feathers underneath the wings (male); green feathers on the heads, backs, and chests, red bellies, patch of blue on the rumps (female); gray feet and legs. These birds are wonderful choice for any parents out there who are looking for a pet bird for their children. Alyson is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience working professionally with birds, and over 3 years as a veterinary technician. 7. The German (or Hartz Mountain) Roller is the classic song canary and was the most popular breed in the world for many years. Whether you are researching these rare species in the hopes of adopting a unique pet or you are merely curious, you'll find some of these birds to be extremely unusual. However, corvids are protected and illegal to own as pets in the United States and in many other countries. As our lives become increasingly urban, a canary can be a soothing pet for anyone. Exotic birds can be highly entertaining pets and often develop strong bonds with their owners. However, that isn’t to say that these exotic birds are easy to take care of. These birds are some of the most unique types of parrots out there.

More. Lastly, these birds fly quickly and directly into handlers' faces; goggles or protective eyewear are a must. Here, we’ll share with you the best exotic birds as pets! Otherwise called the ‘’Queen of Bavaria Conure’’, the huge, brilliant, and striking beautiful Golden Conure is an incredible sight to behold. It is important that they receive proper training in order to make suitable pets.

Pacific Parrotlet — Parrotlets are a perfect choice for an owner who wants all the fun loving and personality of large, exotic pet birds, but don’t have the space or can’t handle screeching. Cockatoos: A favorite among lovers of exotic pet birds, the cockatoo is as lovely to look at as it is intelligent and personable. Find the bird that’s right for you, and you will make a long-lived friend! With so many dozens of species and palettes of exotic pet birds to choose from, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. 4.

Highly intelligent birds, they can form close bonds with their owners but seem to be a little more resistant to affection than other types of birds. It is a good idea to get your own book on canary care for reference.

Canaries can be the easiest pet birds to have. A good breeder should band their birds in order to identify them and prevent inbreeding. Dog Not Eating or Drinking Water – What To Do. Copyright © 2020 Thryv, Inc. All rights reserved. The American Singer is a newer song breed that was developed in the United States. FAQ. Regular Price $699.99 Sale Price $599.99. The splendid Archangel is considered first and foremost to be a color variety. Although, it’s worth noting that these boisterous birds can be much more loud than other types, so be prepared for some noise.

Here are the top 5 exotic birds kept as pets. Parrots especially require tons of work and dedication, and even then, you aren’t guaranteed a bird that gives you little to no issues at all. 8. Claim your free business listing on Superpages. Welcome Lee's Exotic Birds! However, despite that, these birds can be great introductory Toucans, especially if you have had experience with other similar birds. Are you interested in standing out from other pet owners with an exotic bird? Miligold Macaw — These bird species are bred from Military Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. In this blog, we share with you the joy of pet ownership together with tips, information, and product suggestions to make your life easier with your little friend. A daily check of food and water is best, although they can be left alone for an occasional weekend trip. Possibly the most uncommon of the pet birds are the owls. Birds need colourful plumage for all kinds of reasons: attracting a mate, blending in their surroundings, identifying with others from their own species and distracting predators. They are considered rather uncommon as a result. Physical Characteristics: Black head and neck (males); bright chestnut head and neck (females); bare turquoise skin in front of eyes, red skin behind the eyes; yellow, dark red and black bill. These birds can live from 30 to 40 years and their average size is just a little over a foot. Call North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix for a Wellness Check of your Sick Bird or Exotic Pet Today (602) 395-9773 We do our best to respond to all methods of communication (call, text, email, etc.) It can be your only pet, or part of a household menagerie. Blackheaded-Caique — These mid-sized parrots are incredibly playful and fun loving.

Cockatiels can live from 15 to 30 years with ideal and loving care, and can even become a part of your family. 6. Even though females aren’t nearly as colorful as males, they can still be beautiful in their own way. Exotic Birds & Pets Ltd. is the leading supplier of exotic birds, pet feeds and pets. It must be noted that absent from this list are owls.

Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. The birds below are some of the best exotic birds as pets that you can get. They have mixtures of gold with red stretching out from the highest point of their heads, down to their necks. Not only is that incredibly wishful thinking, but it’s unfair to these beautiful birds too. Unless you’re an owl expert or other seasoned and knowledgeable bird owner, look for other birds on our list. Welcome. 5. These types of birds get their name from resembling a miniature parrot! Additionally, owls will need plenty of space, and will also need to bathe regularly. All Birds for Sale. However, it’s important to do your research first, as exotic birds need special care and often require a great deal of daily attention and interaction with their owners. First, with a need for a constant supply of ripe, fresh fruit, these birds are expensive to feed.

They are also very messy, so don’t even consider these birds unless you have a large enough space that you can wash down often. These birds feature beautiful white feathers, some with touches of peach, salmon, and yellow under the tail, behind the crest, and on the cheeks and necks. These birds will require plenty of one on one time, and even though they are naturally playful and can be loving once given the attention they desire, they can still be very difficult birds to own and maintain. Our birds and exotic animals are our pride and joy. The Green Aracari are birds belonging to the Toucan family. ... FOR THE SECURITY AND HEALTH OF OUR BIRDS…

3. However, this characteristic makes a canary more suitable for someone who does not want to spend a lot of quality time with their bird.

Type canaries include crested and frilled breeds. Be prepared to spend potentially thousands of dollars for some of these birds! This makes them great for children, as they’ll have a blast interacting with them and can keep each other happy. However, it’s important to do your research first, as exotic birds need special care and often require a great deal of daily attention and interaction with their owners. Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds 1. An excellent and remarkable winged creature from a far-away land (the name gives it away) lies the splendidly gorgeous Australian King Parrot.

Parakeets can live fairly long too, ranging from 12 to 20 years. It can be difficult to locate one. Parakeets are among some of the best exotic birds that exist that are ideal for pet ownership. In fact, the opposite is actually true in many cases: exotic birds are very difficult to care for.

It's no surprise that many people want a pet bird that is friendly, gentle, and well-suited to being a companion. Parakeets additionally get along very well with one another, so buying more than one is suggested to keep them happy and occupied.

These traits are even more important for people with limited pet bird experience. Some of these birds are large or unusually shaped, although many do not sing much.

Crows and ravens are in the family Corvidae; they are the incredibly intelligent black and shiny birds of worldwide literature and folklore. They are simple to care for and do not require much attention. Like other parrots, these birds can be incredibly unique and intelligent, but once again, will be much more higher maintenance and other birds. For referrals, contact a local bird club, veterinarian, or pet shop that only sells supplies. The more information you provide about your business, the easier it will be for your customers to find you online. Even the smallest apartment has room for one. Keepers of these birds must provide them with an expansive room or enclosed yard so that they are able to get the exercise they need to thrive. Captive bred for 500 years, the yellow mutation has long been the most popular. 2.

For that reason, they tend to be more expensive. Want to keep your canary red? However, owls are definitely not the first choice you should think of when looking for exotic birds as pets. Lethargic Cat Not Eating – What Might Be The Cause? Parrotlets are a smaller variety of parrots that are little more manageable than a full-sized parrots. Jenday Conure — Playful and affectionate, these beautiful birds can be loud, but are excellent pets.

There are plenty of great exotic pets to pick from! They learn speech and sounds quicker than most.

Miligold Macaw — These bird species are bred from

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A well cared for pet canary may live for 10 years or longer. * Message* E-Mail* Upload Photos. In order to stay healthy, these raptors must be fed whole rodents on a daily basis; attempting to supplement or change their diet inevitably fails.

With the best of both worlds, they are vibrant, affectionate, laid back, and may speak. Be that as it may, they can also be found in the United Kingdom a few others places.

They can live for more than 25 years, and are generally considered a fairly calm type of parent. They play on their own with toys, and are a surprisingly quiet breed. Not only do owls need constant care, but they are also nocturnal, solitary, and generally don’t do too well with humans. Having at least one of these adorable creatures can make you truly stand out from many other pet owners. With so many dozens of species and palettes of exotic pet birds to choose from, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Owls are not only very difficult to care for, but are illegal to own in many places around the world.

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