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This session aims to share and […], CALL FOR PROVOCATIONS (April 30, 2017) The 2016 US election has been framed as both a decisive break from “politics as usual” and as a continuation and intensification of longstanding racialized, gendered, and sexualized global class warfare. All rights reserved.

Your students are Zoomed out. As well, please sign and share our petition.

Academic freedom and academic integrity are being sacrificed.
Ballots will be sent to faculty members’ campus addresses. UTFA is urging members to use section 4.2 of the Workload Policy and Procedures (WLPP) to address their individual workload issues and/or those of their unit with their chairs and deans—as soon as possible. At any previous general meeting of the school year, the membership may authorize the election of officers and board members be done via email or with other electronic software provided that the system used for electing officers and board members provides for a secret ballot. Officers and Executive board members at large shall be elected by a majority vote of the active members voting. Such complaints shall be in writing and submitted to the President of the Association.

Judging from member emails, the number one complaint is that workload during the crisis has been excessive. 2. The compendium is available at this link.

A guide to higher education coronavirus relief funding, The Impact of Coronavirus on Higher Ed Enrollment, Making the Case for Executive Function Curriculum in Secondary Education, Inside the Rapidly Changing World of Professional Development, 15 Edtech Products Awarded New Learner Variability Product Certification. KFA negotiated a five year contract, 2019 - 2024. The Faculty Association is committed to a fair and equitable work environment for both our full-time and part-time faculty members by providing freedom to accomplish our primary goal: providing the very best in education to our students.
3. Results will be announced at the end of the general meeting. “Statement from SEAS Chairs and Associate Deans”, “Statement from Law School faculty member”, “Presidents come and presidents go. The University of Victoria Faculty Association (UVICFA) is the exclusive certified bargaining agent for faculty and librarians at the University of Victoria. The Executive Board shall call not less than six General Membership meetings per year. We entered the new academic year anxious about our students, our families, our jobs; we are not certain how well we’ll do in our teaching and research or other professional activities under current conditions.

The fiscal year of the Kirkwood Faculty Association shall begin on the first day of September and end on the thirty-first day of August each year. We are a community of members, with an elected Steering Committee. As of 2009 the organization had a total of 400 Christian business faculty members currently employed at colleges and universities. The Faculty Council is comprised of the officers in the Faculty Association and an elected representative from each academic department or area. We at UTFA wish to express our solidarity with those in the Black community who have suffered and also our sorrow.

Check your junk e-mail if you do not see it in your regular e-mail.

All financial records shall be open for inspection by any member in good standing of this Association upon written request and reasonable notice. Over the past several months, UTFA members have worked assiduously to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19. (The latest developments on the impact of the coronavirus in higher ed can be found here.). The Virus Moved Female Faculty to the Brink. The Faculty Association of the University of Calgary is the association of academic staff members at the University of Calgary. View the 2019 - 2024 agreement between the Kirkwood Community College Faculty Association (KFA) and Kirkwood Community College.

Consider this a fragmentary homage to and audit of the ideological and intimate micropolitics of […], All those who struggle within, against and beyond the neoliberal, neocolonial university are invited to join us on March 25 (15:45-17:15 EST) for a special online/offline strategy session, broadcasting live from the Organizing Equality conference in London, Ontario.

Membership in GWUFA is open to all full-time faculty at the university, where 1 in 3 are already members. Here’s a look at four new learning environments. The University of Toronto Faculty Association is the official representative of faculty and librarians on employment matters which include salary, pension, benefit negotiations, and workplace grievances. She/He shall maintain a roll of the members.

These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting of the General Membership provided that proposed amendments have been sent to members one (1) week in advance of the meeting. 3. The still sealed inner envelope will be put in a ballot box until all of the outer envelopes have beenopened.

These course materials include lectures, whether or not they are captured by audio or video recording.

Under that early strong leadership by Bill Grove, Darrel Millard, Lois Weihe, Katy McKay, and many others, the KFA has grown and flourished as a bargaining unit. Full time faculty will receive an e-mail on your Kirkwood Community College e-mail account 15 explaining how to vote and a link to the voting web site. In this allegedly post-truth era, the university […], Sociology and Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, Sociology, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Affairs. In addition, the secretary shall maintain official files, assist the President with Association correspondence and distribute the agendas in advance of each meeting. .

Last. This page will be updated regularly to keep members informed of the Association’s work and issues of concern to faculty and academic staff. The voting period will be October 15 – 26.

The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and the General membership.

The voting procedures shall provide for the following methods of voting: Voting in person at the general meeting, voting by absentee for those not able to attend the general meeting, and e‑mail voting. Officers and Executive board members at large shall be elected by a majority vote of the active members voting. We know that social isolation robs us of the community so vital to our personal and political well-being. It includes layoffs, furloughs, an across-the-board 10% reduction in… Read more “Statement from WGSS”, Dear fellow faculty colleagues: I hope you will join with me and other faculty across the University in signing the Open Letter to the Faculty Senate in the link below. What's next for free college if Biden becomes president?

UTFA’s position is that members should be free to choose their course delivery mode, within reasonable parameters related to health and safety in the context of a pandemic. How deeply will digital learning transform K-12 long term?

Napa Valley College Faculty Association 2277 Napa Vallejo Highway Napa, CA 94558 Phone: (707) 256-7477.

B) Honorary members shall have all the rights and privileges of active membership except the right to vote, to hold elected office, or to represent the Association at UniServ, state, or national assemblies. The world seems an endless series of epidemiological, climatic, social justice, economic, and political disasters. 3.

D) The Executive Board hearing shall not be sooner than five (5) school days following notification to the accused that she/he has been charged. Because our members are devoted academics and professionals, they of course rose to the challenge. The President shall represent the Association before the public either in person or through delegates and shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this office.

The University of Toronto Faculty Association strongly condemns anti-Black racism in all of its guises. The Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA) is an organization created in the United States in the 1990s to further Christian education in colleges and universities. UTFA has asked the senior administration to agree to have unit heads sign an income tax form called a T2200 so that our members may claim the expense of a home office in the 2020 tax year, for the period during which members could not work at their university offices.

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We call on the U of T administration to commit to rigorous and systemic address of anti-Black racism and white supremacy on campus and beyond. Moreover, the Dalla Lana School of Public Health has one of three Canadian graduate training programs in Occupational Hygiene, and the only one in Ontario. The inner secrecy envelope will contain the marked ballot which the voter will seal after marking and enclosing his/her ballot. KFA President-Elect 2019-20: Mark Bromwich Associate Professor/Coordinator, Web Technologiesmark.bromwich@kirkwood.edu, KFA President 2019-20: Richard Underwood Arts and Humanities rich.underwood@kirkwood.edu, KFA Past President 2019-20: Jim Trepka Industrial Technologies jim.trepka@kirkwood.edu319-398-7146, Betty Haar (chair and MIIP rep), Mary Schneekloth, John Dawson(chair), Beth Zamzow, Shaunda Clark, Mary Schneekloth, Catherine Schaff-Stump, Scott Anderson, Shaunda Clark, Jeff Sherman, Kimberly Schultz, Cate Sheller, Sondra Gates, Chris Cronbaugh, Emily Logan, Jessica Westin, John Dawson (Chair),  Ken Carrol, Jessica Westin.

The Executive Board studied several groups at length and decided to pursue the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA).

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