femur bone anatomy

It is a separate entity than the adult trigger thumb. All of the above arteries and branches can get extremely confusing, very fast! It is about 15 degrees. The smooth convexity of the femoral head is disrupted on the posteroinferior surface by a depression known as the fovea for the ligament of the head (fovea capitis femoris).

and grab your free ultimate anatomy study guide! Femur, also called thighbone, upper bone of the leg or hind leg.

The anterior surface is rough in its lateral part. The distribution of the weight of the organism is important in order to prevent trauma to supporting structures. The medial and lateral borders are rounded and ill-defined, but the posterior border is in the form of a broad roughened ridge, called the linea aspera.

Motion preservation surgery in the spine refers to a group of surgeries which aim at preservation of the spine motion by replicating normal or near normal biomechanics.

Muscles which arise from the femur will cross the knee joint to insert on the proximal tibia promote flexion and extension around the knee. Anteriorly, the shaft is smooth and devoid of distinguishing features.

The lateral surface is crossed by an oblique ridge directed downwards and forwards.

While the apex and anterior aspect of the lesser trochanter are course to touch, the bony projection is smooth elsewhere. The spiral line is a curved line with its superior end adjacent to the lesser trochanter, nearly continuous with the intertrochanteric line, and converging inferiorly with the pectineal line to form the medial lip of the linea aspera. Anterior cruciate ligament – posterior part of the medial surface of the lateral condyle.

Ossification of the femur is completed between the 14th and 18th years of life. For questions regarding business inquiries. The popliteal surface is covered with fat and forms the floor of the popliteal fossa. The shaft possesses 3 surfaces as well – anterior, medial and lateral.

It is composed of an upper end, a lower end and a shaft. It forms the medial boundary of the distal attachment of the iliacus muscle.

The intercondylar line provides attachment to the capsular ligament and laterally to the oblique popliteal ligament.

It will also discuss the blood supply of the femur and summarize the points of muscular and ligamentous attachment.

The ligament of the head of the femur is attached to the fovea (shallow depression on the superomedial part of the head of the femur) and to the center of the acetabulum. Superior Tibiofibular Joint The superior tibiofibular joint […], C-arm image intensifier or x-ray image intensifier is an imaging component which converts x-rays into a visible image and is used in medical care. It is associated with a small conical protuberance known as the adductor tubercle, which provides a point of attachment for the large adductor magnus (powerful medial thigh muscle that moves the thigh medially). Gluteal tuberosity receives insertion of deeper fibers of the lower half of the gluteus maximus, Adductor longus  – Medial lip of the linea aspera between the vastus medialis and the adductor brevis and magnus. Both walls bare indentations that accommodate the attachment of the cruciate ligament arising from the opposite side of the tibial plateau. It is a conical eminence directed medially and backwards from the junction of the posterior part of the neck with the shaft. It is most often found in runners, and persons playing other sports like football, basketball, soccer, and […], Fibular hemimelia or congenital absence of fibula is now known as a fibular deficiency. Proximally, the femur articulates with the pelvic bone.
Therefore the head of the femur may ‘slip’ off of the supporting neck, thus the term slipped capital femoral epiphysis (or slipped upper femoral epiphysis) was coined. It meets the shaft at the intertrochanteric crest. Especially with so many anastomoses taking place. The popliteal surface of the femur is a triangular space found at the distal posterior surface of the femur. It affects about 15% of all running-related injuries.

Tibial articulation surface over the lateral condyle is short and straight anteroposteriorly whereas the part over the medial condyle is longer and is convex medially. The upper and bears a rounded head, whereas the lower end is widely expanded to from two large condyles. Alternatively, a fall from any height in an elderly patient may also result in a neck of femur fracture.

Both femurs naturally converge towards the knee. The nutrient foramen (or foramina) is located on the medial side on the linea aspera and is directed upwards. It features the following landmarks: The medial condyle is the medial knee joint surface of the femur, which has an articular surface and a medial epicondyle. Two bones are connected by interosseous membrane which is also sometimes called middle tibiofibular joint. There are two types of C-arm […], Shin splints or Medial tibial stress syndrome is an overuse injury or repetitive stress injury of the shin area [tibial bone].

“I would honestly say that Kenhub cut my study time in half.” The larger, lateral part of the head is supplied by lateral epiphyseal arteries which are derived from the retinacular branches of the medial circumflex femoral artery.

Arising from the greater trochanter to the ischium. Posteriorly, they are separated by a deep gap, termed the intercondylar fossa or intercondylar notch, and project backwards much beyond the plane of the popliteal surface. It serves for the attachment of the two vasti muscles (vastus medialis, vastus lateralis) and the short head of the biceps femoris. •

On a histological level, the physis is an area of rapidly reproducing chondrocytes.

The most lateral aspect (the part closest to the greater trochanter) is known as the base of the femoral neck or the basicervical portion of the neck is the widest part of the neck of the femur.

This article will review the gross anatomy of the femur. On the anterior surface of the distal femur, toward the anterior apex of the intercondylar fossa is an area known as the patellar surface or trochlear groove. Attached to the free edges of the acetabular labrum. Shoulder dislocation is a common injury and occurs more in young adults. The neck of the femur is generally minimal or absent in the most primitive forms, reflecting a simple attachment to the acetabulum.

The greater trochanter was present in the extinct archosaurs, as well as in modern birds and mammals, being associated with the loss of the primitive sprawling gait. The extracapsular part of the neck is supplied by the ascending branch of the medial circumflex femoral artery. The head forms a ball-and-socket joint with the hip (at the acetabulum), being held in place by a ligament (ligamentum teres femoris) within the socket and by strong surrounding ligaments. The lateral condyle also has a shallow groove below the lateral epicondyle through which the popliteal tendon travels. While these factors have been identified, a precise cause underlying these observations has not been found. The lateral meniscus is incomplete medially, while the medial meniscus is incomplete laterally. Our engaging videos, interactive quizzes, in-depth articles and HD atlas are here to get you top results faster.

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