femur function

Are Intramedullary Rods Effective for All Fractures? Some species of whales,[11] snakes, and other non-walking vertebrates have vestigial femurs.

These muscles pull the leg to help with walking and running.

[6] A structure of minor importance in humans, the incidence of the third trochanter varies from 17–72% between ethnic groups and it is frequently reported as more common in females than in males. Its front part is named the patellar surface and articulates with the patella; it presents a median groove which extends downward to the intercondyloid fossa and two convexities, the lateral of which is broader, more prominent, and extends farther upward than the medial. Das sind die Unterschiede!

Physical Activity for Strengthening Fracture Prone Regions of the Proximal Femur. By the sixth week of development, the first hyaline cartilage model of the femur is formed by chondrocytes.

Bursitis can affect any joint in the body, including the hip and knee. A slight ridge is sometimes seen commencing about the middle of the intertrochanteric crest, and reaching vertically downward for about 5 cm.

: Taschenlehrbuch Anatomie, Georg Thieme Verlag, 1.

In all, 23 individual muscles either originate from or insert onto the femur. Bei X-Beinen ist es verkleinert, bei O-Beinen vergrößert. Dislocations of the hip could require surgery depending on how severe the dislocation is. Sie bilden zusammen mit dem Schienbein (Tibia) das Kniegelenk. The femur is also the place of attachment for many muscles and ligaments. Their opposed surfaces are small, rough, and concave, and form the walls of the intercondyloid fossa. The trochanteric fossa is a deep depression bounded posteriorly by the intertrochanteric crest on medial surface of the greater trochanter. Das Femur ist der stärkste und längste Knochen des Körpers.

[5], The body of the femur (or shaft) is long, slender and almost cylindrical in form. Besonders häufig treten solche Frakturen im Bereich des Schenkelhalses auf (Schenkelhalsfraktur) – vor allem bei älteren Menschen.

These three bordes separates the shaft into three surfaces: One anterior, one medial and one lateral. Due to the vast musculature of the thigh the shaft can not be palpated.

Er steht in gelenkiger Verbindung sowohl mit dem Becken als auch dem Schienbein. In the infant it is about 150 degrees and in old age reduced to 120 degrees on average. When present, it is oblong, rounded, or conical in shape and sometimes continuous with the gluteal ridge. The collum forms an angle with the shaft in about 130 degrees.

This depends on the type of measurement taken to calculate strength. The femur provides the ability for articulation and leverage for the leg. The femur is the largest and strongest bone in the body responsible for transmitting force from the tibia to the hip joint. The highest point of the greater trochanter is located higher than the collum and reaches the midpoint of the hip joint.

Bone Res. Das bedeutet er besteht aus einem harten Mantel (Compakta) und einem weichen mit Blutzellen gefüllten Hohlraum (Spongiosa). The greater trochanter can easily be felt. [7], The lower extremity of the femur (or distal extremity) is larger than the upper extremity. Wie wahrscheinlich ist es, dass Sie NetDoktor.de einem Freund oder Kollegen empfehlen? [3], The upper or proximal extremity (close to the torso) contains the head, neck, the two trochanters and adjacent structures. Management and radiographic outcomes of femoral head fractures. In a small anatomical study it was shown that the epiphyseal line passes directly through the quadrate tubercle. Wir erstellen ausführliche Specials zu Themen wie Sport, Ernährung, Diabetes oder Übergewicht. An abnormal increase in the angle is known as coxa valga and an abnormal reduction is called coxa vara.

A human male adult femur is about 19 inches long and weighs a little more than 10 ounces.

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