ff7 remake chapter 18 hard mode guide

Post-Game/Combat Sim Tips, Trophy Cleanup and Hard Mode Prep (Expect Spoilers). Not true… you can also miss 2 in chapter 9. There isn’t one I’m afraid! While playing in Hard Mode: It isn't all doom and gloom though as there are certain Manuscripts that will only be available to you when completing the game on hard mode. This finishes controlled in under 2mins and automatically in 2.5 to 4mins. I hate everything equally. Since you say that “For hard it’s good to pick a weapon that has the upgrades “Reprieve” (makes you survive a deathblow with 1HP) and “Healing Spells MP Cost Reduction 20%” (you have more heals because they cost less).” wouldn’t Aerith’s best weapon be the Silver Staff instead of the Reinforced Staff? They should also stack with the EXP and AP boost Materia for even faster growth. You can buy as many as you want (same for MP Up and Revival Materia). You can also go for Silver Staff if you prefer. I used whichever ones had Reprieve or 20% Cure as they were more important. Always smash crates! Cloud = Chain Bangle > Tifa/Barret = Cog Bangle > Aerith = Rune Armlet. I used the Reinforced Staff. It’s not very useful for bosses though, since they have such a large HP pool anyway. How the hell you can have 2 magnify materia? So this makes it really fast and easy. Keep your HP up and do not use your limits or summons - save them for phase four. In phase four Sephiroth will use “Heartless Angel”, reducing characters in a large area down to 1 HP. Switch to another character and attack Sephiroth to capitalize during this attack, or just dodge repeatedly to avoid it. Obtain the manuscripts. Not sure why you’re doing this such a complicated way. This is, of course, assuming Tifa shows up at all; one character should join during phase two, and a third at the start of phase three. These abilities outweigh the small difference in attack values. After completing the game and watching the credits, you'll load to your Main Menu where the game will explain some of the new features available to you. On two characters, this means you can run in and immediately use their abilities. Weapon (Tifa: Sonic Strikers / Barret: Light Machine Gun): Elemental – [Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind], 2x HP Up, 2x MP Up After defeating Bahamut you’ll again have to defeat the three lesser Whispers - attack a Whisper until its HP bar is empty, then keep attacking the same Whisper to damage the now-Staggered Whisper Harbinger. You can access this by going to the Main Menu and selecting System > Chapter Select. Use “Counterstance” or Punisher mode against “Telluric Fury”, and dodge the downslash of “Aeolian Onslaught”. The next best ability is a 20% MP reduction for Cure spells. After my first playthrough I had only needed 1-2 manuscripts per character tops, which were obtained through boss fights along the way. Just one thing, where did you get 2nd elemental materia? It sometimes feels like it’s better to use other weapons for some of them, like Aerith. What I meant to say was ‘the lack of overall stats compared to other weapons is offset by having BOTH Reprieve and Cure Reduction 20%”! You can then plan accordingly and change the element linked to Elemental Materia to give your attacks an edge. So Sonic Strikers over Purple Pain because MP Reduction>Reprieve? If not, consult our Final Fantasy VII Remake Boss Guide & Final Fantasy VII Remake Enemy Weaknesses Guide, because on your second run, you know which enemies and bosses are coming up and what their elemental weakness is. Your email address will not be published. Hi there, could you please explain how you have Aerith’s Guard Stick with 6 materia equipped but I somehow only have 5 slots? What this means is that the Cure spell is going to become your best friend since you can’t use items to heal. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. To use the new Chapter Selection feature: All of the progress you’ve made beforehand, like your experience level and unlocked equipment and materia, will carry over to the chapters you load. There are also several manuscripts that you can only obtain in Hard Mode. The only real difference between Normal difficulty and Hard difficulty here is the damage Sephiroth deals, and the fact he’ll be less shy about using spells - usually Firaga and Blizzaga. Copyright © TechRaptor LLC 2013-2020 I managed to beat it anyway. On Hard, defeating bosses and completing side quests where you defeat stronger versions of enemies will reward you with manuscripts which give you SP. For more information, see our ethics policy. Here’s what you for beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Don’t worry if you beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake without completing every side quest, finishing every VR missions, or collecting all of the various manuscripts hidden in each chapter. It’s expensive MP-wise though, so don’t use it too liberally. Check Out The Weapon Upgrade Guide Here! TechRaptor is your source for high quality gaming news, reviews, and articles. Ahh just seen your materia guide and that shows both. It’s often best to run and save your MP than get involved in a needless scrap. As for general strategy, particularly on bosses and tougher enemies, you should be looking to Stagger them as quickly as possible with the ‘Focus’ abilities (Focused Thrust/Focused Strike/Focused Shot), particularly when they’re on ‘Pressure’ status. You could max them all out by replaying the combat simulator or colosseum on Classic but that would take many boring hours of grinding. Chapter 18 - Destiny's Crossroads. Chapter 18 Vending Machine. Put it on either Cloud or Aerith. In the first, short, phase you’ll face Sephiroth with just Cloud: Telluric Fury: Sephiroth charges forward and performs a series of sword slashes. The Barrier Materia is extremely useful against the harder bosses. Do you replace one of Tifa and Barret with Aerith’s loadout? When Sephiroth becomes “Pressured”, hit him with “Focused Strike” until he’s Staggered, then try to dish out as much damage as possible. The best ability by far is Reprieve, which means your character will be left with 1HP from an attack that would have killed them. There are a few across the board changes that also unlock after completing the game that will make going back and working on clearing all objectives easier. This is a guide to beating the Boss Sephiroth in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). There’s only 2 Elemental Materia. Magnify-Healing is the single most important Materia combination in the game. Enemy Skill can be a good way to recover MP, especially when combined with HP or MP-Absorb. deadly dodge+ absorb is fine. Also Aerith’s Soul Drain ability, whilst it might not gain a lot of MP, again every bit helps. It does not take that long. Yes, or I just have the exact same on both Barret and Tifa, except I give Barret First Strike (Maximum Fury is great) and Cloud takes Magnify-Healing. Takes about 5 minutes each time. If you’re dangerously low on MP and still have a boss to come, use the Pray Materia. Basically whoever is the most useful for an upcoming fight should get the best loadout you can put together. Aerith should always be your dedicated healer when she’s with you, but if not then ALWAYS prioritize healing over anything else. I understand it’s a lot of materia slots; however, this has allowed me the ability to use the magic often (and sometimes it paid for itself). Thanks! Fire + Elemental on Cloud and Lightning + Elemental on Tifa will both help out against Sephiroth, and once again if you have Gotterdammerung, use it. I’m curious how exactly your recommended loadout changes when you have Cloud, Barret and Tifa in the party, such as the beginning and end of the game, as there are only two Elemental materia (I think?) While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR. Thanks! The reason being that you’ll want a dedicated healer in a group of 3. Select Classic difficulty, the AI will beat it for you. Minor damage, individually, heavy damage overall. Hell’s Gate: Sephiroth jumps into the air and stabs the ground with his sword, shooting out lines of energy from the site of impact. Using Pray could be a good healing method. Hard difficulty is unlocked after you complete the game once on any difficulty. Console Gaming Content No MP cost, if possible save ATB when easy to beat enemies are weak, use as much Pray as you can with anyone who has it for a few hp boosts, then finish the enemy with a hit or two left. Yes, just give Aerith’s loadout to Barret or Tifa in this case. Any tips for that one? The Steadfast Block Materia not only reduces damage from enemies significantly but every block charges your ATB fast too. Had this happen on Ch. Ice Infusion: Similar to the “Lightning Infusion” round, still fond of blade beams and “Hell’s Gate”. These are as follows: Fire Infusion: When using this ability Sephiroth will use Firaga and “Firewall”, the latter of which creates a wall of persistent fire, dealing damage to anybody within. In this piece we'll go over what you can do not only with the newly unlocked Hard Mode but with additional endgame content. I only seem to have 1. Manage Cookies / Privacy Policy, Write for TechRaptor Can somebody answer my question? Enemies in this mode will also scale with your level. This isn't just a step up in difficulty alone as new mechanics are introduced with it. Weapon (Reinforced Staff): 2x Magic Up, 2x HP Up, 2x MP Up If you go to the Title Screen or turn your PS4 off now the game won't remember that you finished it. If you choose Hard Mode, you will no longer be able to use items, and resting only restores HP. Although you can make some adjustments to suit your playstyle, the following is the best loadout for 90% of situations: Cloud: There’s a decent chance they will contain Mako shards which replenish your MP.

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