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FIFA 99 (aka FIFA '99: European League Soccer), a really nice sports game sold in 1998 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again!

Continuing the series' tradition of excellence, FIFA '99 boots one into the net with another fine day on the N64 pitch. To pass through press R1. and (he responsiveness of passing, shooting, tackling, dribbling, and in-the-air action. Thus, it won't take players long to realise the consequences of any hasty decision to part with FIFA 64-directed cash. The increasing number of websites dedicated to the game and a larger number of leagues (the Malaysian league was removed, and on its stead came two new leagues: the Belgian First Division and the Portuguese Primeira Liga; this came to be a problem when the owners of the rights to the Primeira Liga tried to pull the game from the shelves locally). Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 4 sep 2018 om 00:30. FIFA 99 Player Ratings FIFA Ultimate Team Squad by futheaduser-166607 - join the discussion or make a squad of your own! This is where this game really shines. To head the ball into your teammates chest, press square and to do so to their feet press X.

Er zijn 12 nationale kampioenschappen in de editie: Duits, Engels, Belgisch, Braziliaans, Schots, Spaans, Amerikaans, Frans, Italiaans, Nederlands, Portugees en Zweeds. The games still perfectly playable, but c'mon the N64s capable of much slicker speed. I'll take this one over ISS Pro 98 anytime. And finally, what's new? FIFA looks sharp, coo, sporting a sweet new player model, cool new animations, and a quick, clean frame rate. Finally, Custom Cup lets you build your own tournament and choose teams. Speaking of which, fantastic manoeuvres such as step-over nutmegs and bicycle kicks can be learned within minutes, and all this by combining just a couple of buttons. Over 240 teams from 12 territories (including the United States). This is a great game. If you hold L2 or R2 and press square you will do a rainbow kick or a flick-over respectively. To do a header on goal just press Circle. The game was a bestseller in the UK, replacing Tomb Raider III. This is a great deffault option but when you are ready for more involved games or seasons, you will want to try out other options. When I first played this game as a kid, I generally picked teams based on the first two – not exactly the worst way to pick a team considering at the time FIFA was mostly about running around and shooting. Now that the World Cup's just a memory, the leading soccer game has turned its attention to the gritty action of club soccer. Even if you've already sprung for FIFA '98 or World Cup '98, it's time to bust out that wallet again. We've seen FIFAs come and go, but finally there is one to stay. Season mode has four different primary options (League, Cup, Custom League, and Custom Cup) leading to 15 different league and cup competitions. Yes, there are even advanced moves for plenty of game depth.

It's still easy to get away with slide-tackles but strangely, it makes the game more intense. Greater control in the air; bicycle kicks, volleys, better headers (although it's so subtle you only notice it if you've played a lot of console soccer). Why the hell did the ball fly off the pitch when you tried to retrieve it from close to the sideline?

For FIFA 99 on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough, 2 cheat codes and secrets, 5 reviews, and 18 critic reviews. FIFA '99 delivers 250 club teams from countries like England, the U.S.. Brazil, Italy, France, and more, which means top teams like Manchester United, … Also through In-Game Management (IGM) you can change these selections to try different things during the game. Look on the bright side: you'll probably get around 15 for World Cup 98 at your local swap shop. All the above niggles have been addressed to varying degrees and. On defense, you can switch players with X, tackle with circle, and Slide Tackle with square. It may be only a few months since World Cup 98 was released, but the developers have been beavering away on FIFA 99 since the end of last year. Acceptable in the less useable viewpoints but annoying when using the preferred Tele Cam. Het speltype futsal verdwijnt uit het spel. Training allows you to choose some drills to help build your teams skills. With four years until the next World Cup, FIFA '99 focuses on the fierceness and excitement of club soccer, offering such prominent teams as Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and more than 237 others.The only bummer is that EA didn't land the MLS license, but most hardcore American soccer fens devote themselves to European soccer anyway. Thus, even the tamest of tricklers are frequently spilled and an outstretched palm that makes contact doesn't necessarily mean a save. The game focuses on club play offering top teams like Manchester United and Bayern Munich from leagues in England, Italy Brazil, and much more. That aspect is a blast (other sports games should take notice).

The subsequent travelling of the ball over and sometimes even through his head means that, finally, you find it in your heart never to forgive the programmers for basing their goalkeepers on The Invisible Man. Graphically, it is a major improvement over FIFA '98, with the inclusion of basic facial animations and different players' heights as well as certain other cosmetic features such as improved kits and emblems, although they are unlicensed. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Gamers may also create their own custom cups and leagues and select the teams they wish to participate.

Still, aiming passes with the analog stick isn't as on the money as it should be. Er is een veertigtal nationale teams aanwezig in het spel. [18] At the 1999 Milia festival in Cannes, it took home a "Gold" prize for revenues above €50 million in the European Union during 1998. In fact, it's now very much like Konami's classic, only with proper license stuff. As well as a whole host of new moves, there are now interruptible animations, so you no longer have to wait for your players to complete their animation cycles before attempting a new action. With all that headed for the pitch.

The new moves (like the jukes) are actually quite useful, and the Al (on Professional level and above) is excellent.

While some soccer fans will be disappointed by the absence of the MLS teams, the world's top talent shows up, and FIFA '99 also packs in sweet features like the European Dream League, customizable cups and leagues, national teams, and excellent in-depth strategy options. If you press circle when your player is near the ball, you can do a check and steal the ball. The Goalie can be tricky. What would be a great soccer game without the ability to use your head?

Urn, well, you know--it might be. To jump a slide tackle press L1. First, this is the third FIFA game this year so how can EA Sports possibly have done anything different? The options button allows you to move to three subsections: match options allow you to change the time length for the half, the clock, and weather options (you gotta love those snow games); Gameplay options allow you to set difficulty level and choose which optional calls will be available to the referees. The result is a faster, smoother and even more playable game than before. If you bought WC 98 a few months ago, you'll probably feel a bit narked at having to shell out another 40 quid for what is in many ways an upgrade, and who can blame you? If you hold the L2 or R2 buttons and use the directional buttons, you can fake different moves. The hundreds of motion-captured moves meant the players' actions might have been more realistic, but uninterruptible animations meant you didn't always feel in total control. The basic moves are as would be expected. But the best news is FIFAs smart A.I., which delivers phenomenally fun, realistic gameplay. overall. The same holds with the addition of R1 will do a step-over nutmeg or Double Step-over. The main problem is that when you tap the shoot button, the player takes a couple of seconds to react. Now that the World Cup's just a memory, the leading soccer game has turned its attention to the gritty action of club soccer. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. [17] In February 1999, FIFA 99's PlayStation version received a "Platinum" sales award from the Verband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland (VUD),[18] indicating sales of at least 200,000 units across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Overall, FIFA 99 is a lot tougher and more realistic than its predecessors. Like many EA sports games, there is a quick start option that gets you right into a basic game. The frame-rate is finally solid (unless you've got a RAM Pak, in which case I recommend you steer clear of the choppy "Super High" resolution mode), and the many new moves you can execute are not only useful, but fun. Moving the ball back-even when you're deep in the zone-often draws away coverage and opens gaps. Plow through tackles by tapping L1 to lift the ball past the defender. This is by far the deepest and most entertaining FIFA yet. EA also reports that it's focused on tuning up the A.l. Thanks to some sort of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" sponsorship deal, the goalkeepers are forced into smearing the contents of several large tubs onto their gloves. When compared to the intuitive, ultraslick playability of ISS '98, FIFA falls just slightly short.

The movements look fluid and realistic, and add a load of defensive and offensive abilities for your player. Perhaps a little divine intervention could put paid to that, but FIFA '99 (the fourth in the series) is a beautifully crafted game, which like its predecessor will appeal to novices and experts alike. It was also the first game to feature a block containing teams which did not pertain to any of the main leagues (back then, it was known as "Rest of Europe" since all teams were European, the vast majority of them featured either in the 1998–99 season of the Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Cup or Champions League). In 1998, EA tried to pull a fast one on us with World Cup 98, a nearly identical game to Road to World Cup 98.1 lost faith in the FIFA series because of WC 98, so I wasn't really looking forv/ard to FIFA 99.

As regular readers will be aware, the last game scored a massive 93% back in issue 14, and although not quite in the same league as Konami's seminal ISS '98, injected new life into a heavy-legged series that had become an industry joke. In the game, when on team management mode, you could only see the player’s number, name, position and the first four ratings. With over 220 teams to choose from and a wealth of comprehensive options including a European Dream League and cups (pre-set and custom) to wade through, FIFA '99 delivers in a way in which we've come to expect. Smarter Al puts your teammates in better positions to make through passes, and using them for fast breaks is great fun. According to the FIFA 99 manual, the Federation Internationale de Football Association was founded on May 21, 1904. Love 'em or hate 'em, EA's relentless marketing machine churns out at least one FIFA game every year, but as World Cup '98 proved, the good times are back and the 'curse of FIFA' has been well and truly banished to the sidelines.

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