film developing by mail

Film’s making a comeback, but the brick-and-mortar neighborhood lab is going extinct.

Here at Photo Hippo we are film processing experts. Download those from the links on this page.

frequently asked questions. •If you prefer to pay online rather than sending credit card information via the mail, please use the pay link above. Professional photographer and YouTube personality, Danni is an avid film photographer and writer from, Avid photographer and YouTube Personality. Over the years, we’ve seen the rise and fall of one-hour photo labs. NJ Film Lab is the place to go for authentic film processing.

We offer professional film processing and scanning services for C-41, B&W, E-6 and ECN-2 Film… Professional Film Developing for 35mm, 110, 120, C-41 Color Negative, E-6 Slide, and True Black & White. We always return the film to you. BFL is a full service film lab based in Nashville, TN.

And unlike some others, we ALWAYS  return your film after processing. The words Film Processing and Film Developing are exactly the same thing. Click here to learn more about our history. Glossy or pearl finish, white borders or borderless, Print our mailing label to ship your film to us for FREE              (Note: Using an excessively large box for a couple rolls will incur a              shipping charge; we recommend a small bubble wrap mailer), Order Form with Prices for processing all film types. All film is uncut and sleeved, we no longer mount 35mm film in slide mounts. Larger resolution gives you more options. Place your online order today! We will keep it interesting and NEVER send you spam or sell your email address to others.

Starting at $6. We’re new to the online business, but we bring over 50 years of film processing experience with us. We offer 35mm, 120, & 110 color & B&W film services.

Simply post your films to our lab and have them back in a few days. They both refer to the chemical process of changing your exposed film into visual images. My go-to Photo Lab for professional film developing. All prints, enlargements, proof sheets and scans to CD or DVD are ordered and priced separately on the order form. • We suggest using a padded 6x9 envelope to package your film to us. If all of your rolls are blank, we will call or email you to see if you want to pay the additional $7.50 to have the blank rolls returned to you, or if you want us to dispose of them and only charge you the blank roll processing fees described here. More about The Darkroom. Photos Gifts starting at $12 Order Gifts . We process 35mm, 110, 126, APS, 120/220 film, and disposable             cameras.

As a member you will receive periodic emails with discount coupons, great offers, and educational information that may improve your photography and digital imaging skills. We will process it the day we receive it and return it to you by USPS 1st Class Mail. Mail in order form instructions and notes: •Use Postage Paid Mailing Label link above to generate mailing label. Read our FAQs.Basic PricesColor or B&W Film Processing: 35mm is $ 6.49 and 120 Film is $8.49 per roll          (this does NOT include prints or scans, order those separately)4x6 color prints (choice of glossy or matte) ............................ $ 0.45 eachScans range from $7.95 to $24.95 per roll depending on the resolution.Ship your film to Fromex for FREE. Please click here to contact us. Color Film, B&W Film, and E-6 Slide Film Processing.

See the Fromex Complete Price & Services Guide. Current 35mm rolls of C-41 (color prints) or B&W film that are blank after processing will be charged  $4.00 per roll. Download the business reply mailing label. Please be sure to put your return address on the package. Fromex Photo & Digital in Signal Hill, California, is not responsible for any loss, damage, or delay caused by the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, or other carriers. We DO NOT process InfraRed film. 2699 E. 28th Street, Unit 405, Signal Hill, CA 90755-2270.

We DO Not process Triple Print film, Kodak Disc Film, or any 35mm film marked as Process ECN or ECN-2. Our award-winning photo lab has developed literally millions of rolls of film and we still love it! We’ll process your film, scan your negatives, and upload your images for download and posting.

Scan - Bigger Is Better Mail Order Film processing made easy. We reserve the right to change prices and terms anytime without notice. Put your film and completed order form in a  bubble wrap mailer, or small box, and ship it to us for FREE, when you download the mailing label below.

See our specialty Borders HERE. We welcome orders from our Canadian friends. ), and the increased cost of photo chemicals, we can no longer process them for free. Blank rolls of film will still incur a processing charge, Print our mailing label to ship your film to us for FREE             (Note: Using an excessively large box for a couple rolls will incur a shipping charge; we recommend a small bubble wrap mailer), FREE freight back to you on orders of $75 or more,   Order Form with Prices for processing all film types, Mailing Label for FREE shipping to Fromex. Old Kodak C-22 process color film is processed as Black & White. Michelle Bird is a Southern California based freelance photographer and writer, with a strong focus on music, editorial and portrait photography. Sign up with your email address in the box below. All Rights Reserved. Our mail order service is convenient if you are not able to make it to a Max Spielmann photo shop. Except for such replacement, the acceptance of film, negatives, slides or prints is without warranty or liability, and recovery for damages is excluded.   Read the Frequently Asked Questions. That’s why we’ve started a mail-order film service. We love cameras of all types, as well as the trippy, new films. Order from our film processing page today to get your films processed by post. If you cannot print the order forms or mailing labels, please email or write us and we will mail you some of each. Disposable camera developing by mail Get information and prices for developing, printing, and digitizing your disposable (single use) cameras.

If you are ordering prints, BE SURE to specify the print finish; if you are ordering scans, BE SURE to specify the files size and file type on the order form.

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