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Play as Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the city while trying not to get killed by a Tyrant that won't die. The gameplay itself is almost identical to the original, but Bluepoint Games reworked the controls, making things much easier and more fitting to modern gameplay. To raise up an existing element and turn it into an icon was one of the best decisions Capcom could've made. While the setting may have been different, the game still held on to the core of what makes a Zelda game while introducing tropes we still love today. But I recently thought I could just push those vibes away, even…, I recently finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake and yet something still lingers in my mind. But Cloud has been suppressing an important part of his identity this entire time, and becomes trapped inside his own head, finally facing the consequences of emotional repression. Here are some of our favorites, listed from newest to oldest. You'll experience the same story, but with so many new added details. -Carli Velocci, Original release: Sept. 3, 1998, PlayStation. I have returned to a childhood obsession, Final Fantasy VII, with its horribly outdated graphics (my son assumed I was playing a Lego game) and randomized battle system, just as annoying and intrusive as ever. The original Metal Gear Solid was the benchmark for action stealth adventure titles and influenced action games for years to come. Experience the same core storyline with beautifully-enhanced graphics in this remake of the two original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories carries over a lot of elements from the very first Silent Hill — dad Harry Mason must go into Silent Hill to find his missing daughter Cheryl — but adds a whole lot of new content to reshape the story. The result is a perfect entry point for an entirely new generation of trainers. New release: March 6, 2020, Nintendo Switch. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. After Cloud and his squad…, Today on Highlight Reel we have Animal Crossing mysteries, Blade and Sorcery glitches, Bannerlord NPCs trying their…, Final Fantasy VII Remake bears a heavy weight on its shoulders, needing to recreate a beloved classic in a way that…, I recently hit an emotional low point with Final Fantasy VII Remake. It seemed to do everything right. He was in the original game, but Capcom decided to make him a more lingering, stalking presence. In an earnings call today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Teams now has 115 million daily active users. No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Sephiroth reckons that the best way to heal the wounds of genocide, is with more genocide, and plans to exterminate mankind by summoning a meteor, putting a permanent end to the path of environmental destruction. The fact that its digital sales were so high was also not shocking. Of course, in Final Fantasy VII, a magical solution presents itself. Still, the project was so good that Valve gave its blessing to turn it into a commercial release. While some of the remakes in the Pokémon series (Pokémon: Let's go, Pikachu! It was a unique take on the Silent Hill brand and cast the first game in a whole new light. It puts them in the significantly improved Metal Gear Solid 2 engine, along with some additional tweaks by master GameCube developers Silicon Knights. The whole series is just as tough, fun, and exciting with updated music, sound effects, visuals, and voice-overs. enticed these players without overwhelming them by going back to the series' earliest days, combining the new Pokémon catching mechanics developed for the mobile game and the plot of Pokémon Yellow. Why not check out Let's Go, Eevee! -Carli Velocci. Learn more. I have returned to a childhood obsession. When Toys For Bob decided that the series needed to be introduced to the current generation, long-time fans of the series lost their minds, and for a good reason. -Samuel Tolbert. Saving is easier, characters look better, and other improvements make this feel like a game developed in 2019. Mako, the game’s magical metaphor for fossil fuel, is the glowy-green substance that provides power, and helps enforce the brutal class hierarchy laid out in the physical structure of the city of Midgar. I used to think this was not true of me, until I found myself…, Yesterday, I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake. Gameplay enhancements, like first-person aiming from MGS2 and better environmental interaction, round out the package and really make this the best way to experience the thrilling story of Metal Gear Solid. This wasn't Capcom's first Resident Evil remake — that honor goes to Resident Evil 1 all the way back in 2002 — but, in many ways, it's become the gold standard on how we gauge modern game remakes. It kept the core storyline, which was the best part of the Mystery Dungeon series, as well as the core game mechanics while adding new features to streamline gaming. Of course, in Final Fantasy VII, a magical solution presents itself. Shattered Memories was overlooked by audiences when it was released in 2009. Black Mesa is a full remake of the original Half-Life featuring significantly enhanced graphics, an actual physics engine, better character models and animations, and redesigned levels that put the story and the scenes first. I know the new elements of this game may end up being polarizing, to say the least, but even if you dislike two percent of the new stuff, you'll appreciate the effort and detail that has been poured into this mythical product. Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver, introduced us to the Kanto and Johto regions, along with over 250 Pokémon. New release: Jan. 25, 2019, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Nemesis was horrifying in 1999 — imagine how he must be in 2020. That made Final Fantasy VII Remake one of the most anticipated game releases of all time.

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